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Bid evaluation Report the government almost finances all the stadiums. It is risky to lay the financial responsibility within one group. Politics According to nichol,. (2001) the political history of Russia have brought a lot of problems. Russia had/has also political conflicts. In the past, russia also threatened other countries with war. So for this event it is important to have a political stable climate.

These reactors are not all in good condition, and in the past it has been proven that the contamination after a online nuclear disaster is devastating (Chernobyl 1986). According to the article there are still plants that are a high risk. Besides that, according to norwegan and Russian environment. (-) in 1990 Russia contaminated some rivers and the sea with radioactive materials. The contamination probably shall not have an effect on the event, or project. But the fact that in the past there have been some issues with radio-active material stresses the risk that if something will go wrong with a nuclear reactor the effect will be devastating during the event, where a lot of people will be present. In Russia the air quality is also a risk during the event. (2011) stresses the fact that the air pollution is high, and that it increased 35 in 2010 and the following years it also will increase with. For the sportsmen and the spectators it is very unhealthy. Economy According to the fifa.

event management essay

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The organized crime is also an issue in Russia. According to walberg. (1998) the crime rate increased between make 19 with 48,6 percent. The data from the study of Walberg. (1998) is outdated, but he shows an increasing trend of organized crime. Figure 3: source. GovEnvironmental According to International Nuclear Safety center. (-) there are a lot of Russian Nuclear Power reactors.

event management essay

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Security As in more west European countries, within Russia short according to vogt,. (2001) the threat of a islamic terrorist is definitely present. According to vogt,. (2001) there is also a threat of political terrorism within Russia. Since 1995 there have been 23 major terrorist attacks in Russia. The fifa world Cup is a major target for terrorist groups. The 1972 Terrorist attack at the Olympic games in Munich is a good example for the impact of a terrorist attack on a event. According to sonneborn, l (2003) due to the fact of the killing of 12 people by Israeli terrorists, the games will not be remembered as the Olympics of peace and joy but as the Olympics of terror and murder.

(2002) the risks can also be identified by similar mega - events/projects such as Olympic games and fifa world Cup from the past and future. The risks are presented in a table. A combination of the risks of the stakeholders, the risks in the annex of the bid evaluation report and external risks will be presented in a table in appendix. Some of the risks will be detailed below. Russia haven't build that many stadiums in the past. From the 16 stadiums, 13 need to be built before the world Cup in 2018, according to the fifa. Bid evaluation Report, russia doesn't have the experience for building such large stadiums. According to the bidding report there must be 100.000 rooms within accommodations must ready for the 2018 world cup. The bidding report stated that the risk is medium, due to the fact the current facilities are outdated.

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event management essay

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Worldwide soccer organisations, the countries who help qualify for the world cup have a high interest in a smooth running of the event. Locally there will be also be large investments made by sponsors. Power: Low (The country want to play the tournament). Interest: High (There is a large amount of money involved locally in the event). Protest groups, according to the report of Amnesty International (2003) the human rights of the habitant of Russia are often violated.

In special the prisoners are unprotected in Russian prisons and children who suffer from a mental disability are treated cruelly. Protest groups often use a big event to reveal such irregularities. The last world championship in Africa was also used by Amnesty International to uncover the irregularities in the society. Power: High, interest: High, risk identification: According to loosemore et al (2005) the stakeholders need to help identify the important risks that they think can occur during the project. (2009) have created a list syllabus of risks of large-scale sporting events based on the perspective of the stakeholders of the fifa world Cup 20 World Figure skating Championship. As mentioned in the introduction (Cooper,.

(Businessweek, 2010) the ing group nv stated that the fifa world Cup had an positive effect on the economy of the netherlands between.25 and.50 percent. In 2006 the world Cup had an positive effect on the economy of Italy according to the abn amro. So the global economy has a large interest in the event. But there isn't much power, due to the fact they cannot influence the event itself. Power: Low (There are no direct relations between global economies and the event). Interest: High (Past events have showed the positive effect on the economy).

Sponsor, the fifa as an organisation has official partners that sponsor the fifa and a part of the event. They have a direct effect on the finances of the fifa. But the event in Russia need a main sponsor. It is not completely clear what the main sponsor of the event will be, but according to Bloomberg. (The moscow Times, 2010) the largest beer supplier of Russia is considering applying to become the main sponsor of the event. Power: High (The sponsors finance the project). Interest: High (The sponsors hope to benefit from the event).

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There also will be more facilities for sports available for the gpa country after the world Cup. Vladimir Putin has guaranteed that the government will support the event with finances. But it doesn't become completely clear what the other people from the government really want. Power: High (The finance comes completely from the government, so the power is high). Interest: High (When the event will be successful, the image of Russia will be better). International businesses, not only the host of the fifa world Cup can benefit of the event, but the event can also have an economical impact globally. In the countries that participate, the economy also can grow from the event. In 2010, according to pol,.

event management essay

Russian community/businesses, the hosting of a big event as the world Cup of fifa can have a positive effect on rights the prosperity of a community. In 2002 there have been a fifa world Cup in south Korea. (2005,.595) stated that "Sport tourism has received growing attention as a source of generating significant revenue and contributing major economic benefits to host cities, regions, and countries.". Power: Low (The community cannot make decisions, they only can block the event). Interest: High (The community can benefit of the incomes of the event). Russian government, the government of Russia have made large efforts to comply to all the requirements that are prescribed by the fifa. According to the harding,. (Guardian, 2010) the event will have the effect for the government to prove they are the first country from the soviet bloc that is capable to manage such a large event.

grid to see what the power and interest of the stakeholders are. This grid is visible in figure. Stakeholder analysis: The stakeholders are categorized in stakeholder groups because there are lots of individual stakeholders. The reason why the group is a stakeholder and what the amount of power and interest is of the stakeholder will be identified. The local and international media shall be present to report about the event that will take place. There will be external media that will report about the event in general (such as: newspapers, television news, websites). (2006,.55) stated that "fifa, from the 1980s on, is also an extremely dynamic business profiting from the sale of tv rights for the world Cup." so the fifa decides which stations will have the licence to broadcast soccer matches. Power: High (The media can influence all the stakeholders). Interest: High (The media is able to ruin a event).

Risk identification: what are the risks and opportunities for the project and event for Russia and the fifa in the beginning of the project, during the event and after the event has taken place. Risk analysis: what is the impact of the risks and opportunities for the whole project. Risk control: how can Russia and the fifa implement and monitor the measures that have been created for the risks and opportunities. By assessing the information that is accessible about the risks and opportunities of the upcoming project, the identification, analysis and control measures can be performed. 213) stated that how to learn future management lessons from past performance will enable us to improve systematically and continuously the management of projects. Therefore, information from similar past events (such as: Olympic games, and fifa world cups) will also be assessed according resume to the three stages from loosemore. Identification, figure 2: Stakeholder grid (source: m)According the theory of loosemore et al (2005 a stakeholder analysis is the first step to identify the stakeholders of a project. According to Crosby,. (1991) the purpose of this analysis is that within a project it becomes visible what the parties are which you need to consider when you make an important decision within a project.

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Introduction " saint-Petersburg/Zurich, The first milestone on the road to the 2018 fifa world Cupâ has been reached today in paperless saint-Petersburg when fifa jointly with the future local Organising Committee (LOC) and the football Union of Russia (FUR) signed the declaration of Appointment, officialising the. Russia is now one step further to host the fifa world cup in 2018. England, the netherlands and Belgium, and Portugal and Spain also were in the race for hosting the world Cup, but based on the bid evaluation Report of Russia from the fifa, russia succeeded to meet the requirements that the fifa had set. Even though the airport connections of Russia were seen as a high risk in the evaluation report and all the risks of England were rated as medium or low, fifa decided to make the decision to host the world cup 2018 in Russia. According to the telegraph (Mole,., 2010) Shuvalov stated that "Choosing Russia you have no risk at all - we are very stable and financially we have huge reserves." But is that completely true? Does a project of 3,82 billion dollar to construct and 641 million dollar to stage have no risk at all? Figure 1: Risk management process, risk managementto create a overview of the risk involving the project of the fifa world Cup 2018 in Russia according to loosemore et al (2005) there are three stages for the risk management process of a (mega) project:.

event management essay
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Identify and group these stakeholders, and explain their relationships with the festival and importance to the. Essay, holocaust ghettos research paper Conclusion on event management essay, essay about computer in english Writing assignment rubric 5th grade copy.

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