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A few date from the period before printing, but very few from the fourteenth century. That makes the 1307 Red Register at Lynn truly remarkable. It speaks of a confident leap-of-faith on behalf of the town government to make an important civic record on a material with such a short track-record in practice. Of course we know that Chinese and Islamic cultures used paper long before, but the first paper mills in Europe were not active before the 1270s (in Italy; where else?). Urban records were not mere shopping lists: they were the documents used by powerful ruling elites to protect the data which allowed them to carry out their day to day business in the knowledge that they were acting correctly and lawfully. Town documents were jealously guarded and treated with all the care and respect that a major business corporation would use to maintain and back-up its databases. That is one reason why medieval town records have such a good rate of survival.

In fact, consulting the endlessly-useful classic by michael Clanchy. From Memory to Written Record, i found that: The earliest records made in England on paper come most appropriately from now major seaports: a register from Kings Lynn beginning in 1307 and another from Lyme regis in 1309. The kings Lynn Red Register is then, the earliest surviving English paper book. I realise that, had I been paying attention, i would have noticed it even has its own blue plaque outside the town-hall, though it doesnt tell us why its important. Its a common (and fair) assumption that paper books have something to do with printing. Books are printed on paper. There are a few black-tulip exceptions, usually very early (a few copies of the gutenberg Bible and other incunables, including Caxtons, and of course a few copies of the wonderful Kelmscott Chaucer and other private press books; late revivals of vellum printing). Theres also a co-incidence of chronology: paper making, especially in England, takes off with the advent of printing. Conversely, we tend to think of medieval manuscripts as written on parchment or vellum. On reflection I can now think of several examples of English medieval manuscripts on paper, mostly urban or legal registers from the fifteenth century (theres even one here in faversham).

it's a paper town

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The register is a collection of town documents thank written up in this book from the year 1307. After turning some of its leaves and admiring the handwriting I put the register back in its archive box and made a brief note: paper book; 1307;?early and moved. In the early fourteenth century Englands writers habitually wrote, as we all know, with quill pens on sheets of parchment or vellum. And thats true of writers in a variety of fields: in the church, the law courts, or in royal and local government. Here in Lynn, in 1307 we find a medieval writer (or probably writers) writing on quires of paper with the clear intention of binding them up as a book. The paper could not, of course, have been English: the first recorded English paper mill dates from only the 1490s, when a hertford paper maker supplied paper to the printer William Caxton. It was only after I returned home to faversham (which coincidentally has a pretty mean collection of medieval charters) that I realised just how early the lynn paper book was.

it's a paper town

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Craftberry bush, thursday, ella Claire Inspired improve and, liz marie blog, friday. City farmhouse and, finding Silver Pennies, sharing this post at, metamorphosis Monday, wow Us Wednesday, sunday showcase. A few days ago i visited the ancient town of Kings Lynn. It was a memorable trip, not least for being booked-ended by glimpses of the great medieval cathedrals of Peterborough (underrated, i think) and Ely (the much-loved Ship of the fens). Lynn, once one of the busiest sea-ports in Europe, had an eerie autumnal quietness; low clouds hung over the fenland approaches and the tide was disquietingly high in the ouse estuary. I spent some time in the borough archives, still housed in the town Hall (access via the Old gaol house). The medieval town archives of Lynn are breathtaking and include one of the finest collections of town charters in the country. But for me, the highlight was an initially unprepossessing paper book now blessed with the name of The red Register after its later binding.

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it's a paper town

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Using two strands of embroidery thread, tie two pages of folded paper studies together where you folded them in half. Knot well, and if desired, add a small dab of Mod Podge or other glue on the knot to keep it from becoming undone. Glue the edges of the folded book pages together, making a complete fan circle once all edges are glued. I used Mod Podge but you could also use a hot glue gun. Add a small button or other decorative element to the center of the paper fan.

I used Mod Podge to glue the button to the center of the paper fan circle. Press down firmly to secure, but not too hard. You dont want to smash the folded paper. Attach the paper fan circles to a piece of vintage lace, seam binding, or even resume twine. You can use a hot glue gun to secure the paper fans, or use embroidery thread to carefully sew them in place. This paper fan garland was so easy to make and didnt take much time.

Most are easy to make and add whimsical charm to any room. Ive made a few so far but this is the first one i actually documented so i could share the tutorial. Whats great about this paper fan garland is that you can use a variety of paper so youll always be able to make one in just the right color. I strung this book page paper fan garland across the mirror that rests atop my dining buffet. I used remaining book pages from the silver Chalice (Id used its pages for some decoupage projects) since i knew the pages would blend well with my early fall decor.

 The paper fan garland was pretty easy to make and didnt take much time. Here are the instructions, first, gather your supplies. Book pages (or other decorative paper small buttons for the centers, mod Podge, scissors, embroidery thread, and a needle is what youll need. Cut your book pages to size. The wider the page, the larger the paper fan. Fold your book pages (or other paper) accordion style, making sure folds are even in size. Cut off any excess if necessary. Fold the accordion-style pages in half.

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Delevingne delivers sufficient dynamics to carry the early going with her character's well-wrought sense of payback and mystery, but she remains largely offscreen most of the way. Sage thus takes up some slack on the female side by giving some shadings, if not depth, to a standard-issue prettiest-girl-in-school character. Smith plays it very deadpan as Radar, while Abrams' ben is hard to take until the prospect of Sage in his life forces him to start acting like an actual human being. Read more seaworld Scene cut From John Green's 'paper Towns' film An often abrasive electronic score by ryan Lott is accompanied by an unexciting selection of songs on the soundtrack. Production: Fox 2000 Pictures, temple hill Cast: Nat Wolff, cara delevingne, halston Sage, austin Abrams, justice Smith, jaz sinclair, cara buono director: jake schreier Screenwriters: Scott neustadter, michael. Weber, based on the book by john Green Producers: Wyck godfrey, marty bowen Executive producers: John Green, Isaack Klausner, nan Morales, Scott neustadter, michael. Weber Director of photography: david Lanzenberg Costume writing designer: Mary Claire hannan Editors:Jacob Craycroft, jennifer Lame music: ryan Lott Casting: Ronna Kress Rated pg-13, 108 minutes. I dont know about you but Im so happy garlands and buntings are back in fashion!

it's a paper town

Woody, guthrie and, walt, whitman, while others require repeated visits to a boarded-up building that director jake schreier ( Robert frank ) tries but fails to build into spooky suspense sequences. Despite travel pretty flimsy evidence, q manages to convince his pals that they should drop everything and join him on a drive all the way to new York state, where he is certain Margo's hiding in a true "paper town" (a term for nonexistent communities created. So ben, lacey, radar and Angela all agree to pile into a minivan for the trek — provided Q guarantees their return by prom night. Read more 'paper Towns' Clip: Cara delevingne coerces Nat Wolff Into "having Fun" (Video) For entirely accidental reasons, paper Towns will receive an enormous amount of unintended notoriety based on an incidental sequence that touches upon some major ongoing news. At a gas station pit stop somewhere in the south, radar, who is black, decides he needs a new shirt and picks one. It isn't until they're all back in the van, however, that he unfolds the t-shirt to discover the confederate flag splashed across it along with the phrase, "Heritage not Hate." he laughs about it and merely turns it inside-out before putting it on by the. In its considered, neatly packaged way, the film occupies a safe and solid middle-class middle ground in teen storyland between crass gross-out comedies and mawkish romance on one side and edgy, exploratory indie fare on the other. The affable sincerity of the cast helps, led by the likably open performance by wolff, whose quentin becomes visibly aware of how much growing he's still got.

observes, to which Q reacts. But she tartly adds that Q's comfort zone is very small compared with her own and that he will need to take much greater risks if he wants to get something out of life and, by implication, from her. And then she disappears. She doesn't show up at school for days, she's left home. No one knows what to think. While q and his borderline-nerdy buds Ben (. Austin, abrams ) and Radar justice, smith ) count the days until graduation and mull over prom plans — the particularly obnoxious Ben fantasizes about taking blond bombshell Lacey (. Halston Sage who's just split with her boyfriend, while radar plans to lose his virginity that night to his girlfriend, Angela (. Jaz sinclair ) — q fixates on the idea that Margo has left hidden clues about her whereabouts that he begins piecing together and sharing with his patient but skeptical friends. Some apparent tips involve references to such old standby counterculture heroes.

Weber from the restaurant winner of an Edgar Award for best young adult mystery novel of 2008, paper, towns hinges on the lifelong fascination the smart, semi-dweeby quentin (. Nat, wolff, who played the lead's best friend. Stars ) nurses for his across-the-street neighbor Margo (. Best friends and partner in crime as young kids, they've grown apart since margo became hot and popular, so it comes as a jolting surprise to q, as he's known, when Margo shows up in his bedroom late one night shortly before the end. She won't specify the reasons but break down his wimpy resistance merely by saying, "Basically, this is going to be the best night of your life.". Read more 'paper Towns Ansel Elgort Advises Nat Wolff on How to Treat devout John Green Fans. Margo's agenda is to extract revenge on her cheating boyfriend, which she does, with some reluctant help from q, in prankishly creative ways.

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Starring Nat Wolff and Cara delevingne, jake schreier's film is the first from the john Green stable since the smash "The fault in Our Stars.". Based on an earlier teen fave novel. The fault in Our Stars author, john, green, paper Towns is a mild coming-of-ager about dawning awareness and life lessons learned among a small group of Florida high school seniors. Part mystery story, part road movie and part pre-prom graduation romp, the film is most interesting as a perspective on adolescence in which all the girls are more mature, nervy and perceptive than any of the boys, who have some catching up to. This one won't rake in anywhere add near the 307 million. Stars generated internationally last summer, but Fox will still make a tidy sum with this modest entry that begins rolling out in foreign territories next week, ahead of the july 24 domestic bow. Adapted by, stars screenwriters, scott, neustadter and, michael.

it's a paper town
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  1. Wandering down the cobblestone streets and boating on the canals felt magical. paper source epitomizes the quality of product and service that attracts the sophisticated shoppers who live, work and play at The. One such paper town is Agloe (in New York State's Catskill mountains which is where the story's climax takes place. four months after an Eastern Cape factory started operating, it now manufactures Somyo in Ngcamgeni village between King William' s Town.

  2. Use book pages or scrap book paper to make a paper fan garland. It ' s easy to make and packs a visual punch in any room! to recycle paper, plastic, Glass and metal in cape town now that you know what to recycle, it s just a matter of knowing where to take. Taking in the beauty of Belgium's medieval town, bruges.

  3. attention, i would have noticed it even has its own blue plaque outside the town -hall, though it doesnt tell us why it s important. philosophical mood: it ' s a paper town with paper people, she observes, to which Q reacts with an incomprehension likely to be matched. making paper airplanes (oh oh paper airplanes) But i know it ' s too far to get back to where you are In a paper airplane Oh oh oh yeah.

  4. and old maps that provided some nice moments of lonely, shadowy atmosphere ruined only. Paper, town s inexplicable use of music. and yet it feels right.21 Rollie welch called, paper, towns Green' s best work up to that point.22 Michael Cart praised John Green. a bit concerned that this seems to involve creepy dolls and squeaky doors, but maybe it s just trailers doing what trailers need to do?

  5. It s part of our liability insurance they carry, said Rischitelli. Romance novelsbook recommendations, book reviews, books, books for teens, john Green, paper town, teen fiction. He s matched up a nerdy guy with a mysterious charismatic girl and produced a fantastic story that is funny, challenging, and great.

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