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Then whenever I wanted to rotate the screen, i opened the mobility center and tapped the rotate Screen button. Unfortunately this tilts the display by 90 degrees every time you press it — so you have to click four times to get back to where you started — unless youre content using the tablet with the leds at the bottom and the nav9 logo. The biggest challenge with the nav9 touchscreen is text entry. Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate all have a software keyboard and handwriting recognition technology baked into the operating system. Heres how its supposed to work: Any time you tap on a text input box such as a notepad document, url bar in a web browser, or the search bar in the Start Menu, an icon will pop. Tap on that icon and the full keyboard or handwriting bar will open.

When you rotate the droit screen to portrait mode, on the other hand, you have a mythology 600 x 1024 pixel display — and thats not really good enough for a full web experience. Some web pages, (such as this one, for example) look ok at this resolution, because the main content columns are less than 600 pixels wide. But when I tried visiting the new York times web site in portrait mode the last few characters in every line of text were cut off on the right side and I had to either zoom out of the page or spend a lot. I would have just adjusted the default zoom level, but honestly, text didnt look as sharp when i zoomed out, so i gave up and read the paper on another computer — something I frequently found myself doing when trying to test the nav9. Tablets running google Android or ios dont have the same kind of problems running in portrait mode because they can automatically reflow text so that even a 700 pixel-wide column will look good on a low resolution display. I havent found a web browser for Windows that does this properly yet — but I suspect if consumer-oriented Windows tablets take off in any real way we might start to see apps built for this form factor. Theres another thing that makes rotating the display on the nav9 a little painful — theres no g-sensor. That means the screen wont automatically rotate as you shift your hold on the computer. Instead you need to manually rotate the screen. I found the easiest way to do this was to pull up the windows Mobility center app from the start menu and pin it to windows 7 taskbar.

korean handwriting keyboard

aplikace na google Play

The viewing angles, on the other hand, are pretty poor. In landscape mode, when you lie the nav9 flat on a table and look at it from a 45 degree angle the screen might as well be black. Whats odd is that viewing angles are much better in portrait mode than landscape mode. If you do the table test with the tablet in portrait mode, you can make out images and text. This means if youre holding the tablet in portrait mode to read an ebook, web page, or other content, you can move your head without losing the picture, and it should even be fairly easy to show essay photos, video, or other content to people sitting. Good luck trying to do that in landscape mode. The nav x 600 pixel display, which is the same resolution found on most netbooks. That may not be a perfect screen size for opening multiple windows side by side on the computer, but its good enough to view most web sites and have things look pretty much the same as they would on a larger computer. Few web publishers make their pages wider than 1024 pixels.

korean handwriting keyboard

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Its hard to say whether the touchscreen, the processor, or the integrated graphics are to blame, but while the nav9 Slate features support for the touch capabilities included in Windows 7, the touch experience isnt as great as it would be on a higher end. I know some folks are convinced that capacitive touchscreen technology always trumps resistive, but I think you could make a case that resistive screens are better suited to windows. Scrollbars, toolbars, and many other elements of the windows user interface were designed for a mouse and keyboard which offer very precise input. A resistive touchscreen and stylus comes closer to that experience than a capacitive touchscreen which requires you to try to touch a very small spot on the screen with a big finger. I found I had an easier time navigating Windows on the nav9 than I have had on several Windows computers ive used with capacitive screens. The display has a glossy finish help which causes it to reflect glare — and images quite a bit. With the backlight off, the tablet could come in handy if youre shaving and dont have a mirror handy. With the backlight on, the tablet looks pretty good when youre looking on it head-on. Colors look reasonably accurate and the screen is nice and bright.

The netbook navigator nav9 Slate pc measures 10.6.8 and weighs 2 pounds. It comes with a protective case which holds the computer reasonably well, but the checkered pattern on the lid isnt the most attractive ive ever seen, and unlike some tablet covers, theres no way to use this one to prop up the computer. Touchscreen Display, the nav9 has.9 inch resistive touchscreen display. Unlike most cheap resistive screens, this one does support multitouch input. You can draw two lines at the same time or take advantage of gestures that require two inputs such as pinch to zoom when viewing pictures or looking at web pages. Touch gesture support, for instance, is baked into Internet Explorer on Windows 7 Home Premium, so i was able to zoom in and out of web pages by pinching and scroll through pages by flicking my finger across the screen — much as you would. While scrolling worked quite well most of the time, i noticed that the pinch zoom feature was a bit more hit or miss. At times it would take a few seconds before anything would happen and when it did work immediately the zoom animation wasnt nearly as smooth as it is on most modern smartphones.

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korean handwriting keyboard

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Theres essay an access panel on the back of the nav9 which you can open with three screws. But while you might think this would give you quick access to the solid state disk or ram, youd be wrong. Theres no easy way to upgrade those components, and Netbook navigator instead stresses that the company provides a 30 day return window, which would allow you to ship back the entire product and pay for a model with additional storage or memory. On the right side of the computer youll find a usb port and slots for an sd card and a sim card, although not all models have 3G capabilities. The left side of the case has 2 more usb ports, mic and headphone jacks and a port for an adapter that adds vga and Ethernet ports. On the top youll find a power button, and thats about it except that there are also vents on the top and right sides of the nav9.

While i didnt notice a lot of air coming through the top vents, there seems to be a constant flow of air coming out of the vent on the right side of the computer. This has two effects. First, it means that the nav9 slate is always a little noisy, since the fan is pretty much always blowing. Second, it means that youll feel a bit of warm air if you hold the computer with your hand over that side in either landscape or portrait mode. The plastic case feels fairly sturdy, but with a starting price of 599 (without an operating system installed its hard not to look at the 499 Apple ipad and envy its lightweight aluminum case.

As configured, the nav9 costs 874. You could save 175 by picking up a model with 1gb of memory and 16gb of storage for 699. The computer also comes with a retractable stylus, but theres no spot in the nav9s case that you can slide the stylus into, so youll have to carry it around with you separately — or learn to use your fingernail to interact with the touchscreen. You can also use a fingertip, but you have to press fairly hard on the screen for a fingertip tap to register, and fingertip input isnt as precise on the nav9 as the input from a fingernail, stylus or other pointed object. Design, while the nav9 slate is pretty much a typical netbook under the hood, it doesnt really look like a netbook, and theres a good reason for that.

Theres no keyboard or lid. The device front of the device is pretty much all screen and bezel, like the ipad and pretty much every other slate computer expected to hit the streets this year or next. The area around the display is black, while theres a silver colored outer edge surrounding that. There are a series of blue led lights above the display which let you know at a glance whether the battery is charging, the wireless is on, the hard drive is active, and so forth. While most laptops also have these status lights, i find them a little more distracting on the nav9, since theyre just above the display and youre always looking at the screen. The display, bezel, and the entire case are made of plastic, but while the screen and bezel have a glossy finish, the back of the computer is matte.

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And while the tablet has a starting price of 599, youll have to pay at least 699 to get a model with Windows 7 installed. The lower price only covers the cost of the hardware, not the operating system. Still, the nav9 shows a bit of promise the in some areas, and provides a glimpse of what Windows 7 is capable of on a slate computer. Read on for the details. Netbook navigator sent me a demo nav9 to review. The computer features.9 inch resistive touchscreen display,.66ghz intel Atom N450 processor, 2gb of ram, and Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit. The demo unit also has a 32GB solid state disk.

korean handwriting keyboard

The nav9 looks a bit more like an ipad, since both computers lack keyboards. There are some major differences between the nav9 and the ipad though. Not only does one run Windows while the other runs ios, but put the nav9 has 3 usb ports, an sd card slot, a standard sim card slot, a vga and Ethernet adapter, and a front-facing webcam. Sure, the ports make the sides of the nav9 look a bit less pretty than ipad, but you can plug in all sorts of accessories to expand the nav9s capabilities. Unfortunately, the nav9 also has some problems that make it difficult to recommend this tablet. The combination of a resistive touchscreen display and relatively slow Intel Atom N450 processor make entering text or interacting with some programs a bit difficult. The battery is only good for a couple of hours.

ukrainian, Estonian, hungarian, Icelandic, lithuanian. Dictionary support (enables predictive text and autocorrect) for English (U.S. English (uk french, german, Traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, dutch, Italian, Spanish, portuguese (Brazil portuguese (Portugal danish, Swedish, finnish, norwegian, korean, japanese (Romaji japanese (Kana russian, polish, turkish, ukrainian, hungarian, lithuanian, Flemish, Arabic, Thai, czech, Greek, hebrew, Indonesian, malaysian, romanian, Slovak, croatian, catalan, and vietnamese. In the box iPhone 4, apple earphones with Remote and Mic. Dock connector to usb cable, usb power Adapter, documentation More Iphone design Iphone features iPhone 4 Photo gallery watch the iphone 4 Video! Apple Presents iPhone 4 New Design, video calling, 5mp camera, flash Advertisements). Decoder keyboard speller back translation, auto (simp)Chinese (simp)Chinese keyboard, text to voice, virtual keyboard. The, netbook navigator nav9 slate pc is one of the first Windows 7 slates aimed at the growing tablet market. While companies have been pumping out Windows tablets for the better part of a decade, most older tablets have carried high price tags and built-in keyboards, allowing you to use the computers as tablets or laptops.

Accelerometer, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, camera, photos, and video. Video recording, hd (720p) up to 30 frames per second with audio 5-megapixel still camera, vga-quality photos and video at up to 30 frames per second with the front camera. Tap to focus restaurant video or still images. Led flash, photo and video geotagging, languages. Language support for English (U.S. English (uk french (France german, Traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, dutch, Italian, Spanish, portuguese (Brazil portuguese (Portugal danish, Swedish, finnish, norwegian, korean, japanese, russian, polish, turkish, ukrainian, hungarian, Arabic, Thai, czech, Greek, hebrew, Indonesian, malay, romanian, Slovak, croatian, catalan, and vietnamese. Keyboard support for English (U.S.

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IPhone 4 Technical Specifications, size and weight, height:.5 inches (115.2 mm). Width:.31 inches (58.6 mm depth:.37 inch (9.3 mm weight:.8 ounces (137 grams). Capacity3 16gb or 32GB flash drive, cellular and wireless, umts/hsdpa/hsupa (850, essay 900, 1900, 2100 mhz). Gsm/edge (850, 900, 1800, 1900 mhz) 802.11b/g/n wi-fi (802.11n.4ghz only display, retina display.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen Multi-touch display 960-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi 800:1 contrast ratio (typical). Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on front and back. Location, assisted gps, digital compass, wi-fi, cellular. Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously. Bluetooth.1 edr wireless technology, sensors, three-axis gyro.

korean handwriting keyboard
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  5. With over 20 million downloads, aitype. Keyboard is now available in, korean as well. Rate this app your rating. English Arabic - chinese - czech - čeština danish - dansk dutch - nederlands French - français German - deutsch Greek - Εληνικά hebrew - hindi - italian - italiano japanese.

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