The most beautiful handwriting in the world

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Other materials used for calligraphy include ballpoint pens as well as felt tip pens but since they produce only thin lines, they do not create fluid, angled lines and variations in strokes. Writing also employed the use of inks. Water based inks are preferred since they are not as viscous as oil-based inks. In the west, sacred Western Calligraphy contained unique features as apparent with the illuminated manuscripts. There is an obvious need for ornamentation and letters, especially first letters of each chapter would tend to carry a more artistic flair. Nevertheless, strict rules applied when it came to western Calligraphy. There is a geometry followed and the rhythm of the text had to be observed. The characters also had specific forms and stroke orders to create consistent results.

Handwriting fonts such as that of several cursive and script letter fonts have become very popular in the 19th century onwards to the middle of the 20th century. It has become an important tool since a lot of people, especially from, advertising who wanted fonts that are affordable personal and close to known forms especially if they did not have any lettering specialists. The history of handwriting is extensive and the handwriting fonts are not just limited to cursive or script fonts. Many other fonts have been based on handwriting and thus, can all be attributed as part of the handwriting influence. Other fonts have emerged such as of transitional and modern as well as sans serif fonts as a reaction against more humanist styles connected to handwriting. Western Calligraphy, the pen is an important tool for any calligrapher. The pen can be round nibbed or flat-balled. Another important tool would be the brush. If you would compare many fonts of today that are calligraphic, cursive or script, they resemble some qualities of being written either by pen or brush. These are characteristics that define handwritten fonts.

the most beautiful handwriting in the world

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The letters here, from the Smithsonians Archives of American Art, show that an artist might put pen to paper just as he or she would apply a line to a drawing. For each artist, a leading authority interprets how the pressure of line and sense of rhythm speak to that artist's signature style. And questions of biography arise: does the handwriting confirm assumptions about the artist, or does it suggest a new understanding? Ju jingyi, member of the Shanghai-based young idol group snh48, has recently been rated by the japanese media as the most beautiful Chinese woman in 4,000 years. Ju, who posed as a model in a chinese national football team photo shoot, has been the most searched for name on a number of portal websites in Japan for a week. Handwriting, penmanship, or calligraphy: they all have different meanings, and they all pertain to specific aspects of writing. Nevertheless, it was an artistic, personal and quintessential method to translate ideas to a semi-permanent format such as paper or parchment, and be homework used for different ways, but more importantly, to serve as a communication tool, or historical document.

the most beautiful handwriting in the world

The Art of Handwriting

There are some birds that are considered weird because of their facial features or because of the way their feathers are throughout their bodies, but some birds are considered weird because of their coloring, which to some bird watchers can be more beautiful than weird. Written by, add harmony Stalter, copyrighted. Writing a letter in ones own hand can be an artistic act. The bold flairs of calligraphic script shout for attention, while elegant flourishes of cursive sashay across the page. Free-spirited scribbled letters trip over each other, and distinctive dashes help direct traffic. Some crossed ts and dotted is stand alert, and others slump or sway into their neighbors. Every message brims with the personality of the writer at the moment of interplay between hand, eye, mind, pen, and paper.

They have an odor to them that smells similar to manure, which gives them their nickname of stinkbird. Living within southwest India and Sri lanka, these birds are nocturnal creatures. It lives in a dense tropical forest. The color of the plumage depends on the whether it is male or female. The females are reddish with white spots lightly scattered throughout the body. The males are grey and have a denser splatter of white spots. Link, video, these birds are just some of the weirder birds out in the wild. But, there are many more out there and if you are a bird watcher you may be able to spot some on the way to work.

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the most beautiful handwriting in the world

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Helmeted Hornbill, this particular bird is found in the malay peninsula, borneo, and Sumatra region. The feathers of this bird are mainly black. The only other color feathers are white and they are located on the belly and tail of the bird. They generally have a bare and wrinkled throat patch that is red in the males and blue in the females. The head of this bird makes up for ten percent of the.9.8 pounds of the weight. Hoopoe, this bird can be found in Afro-eurasia.

It is mostly recognized because of its distinct crown of feathers. This light weight bird, weighing.6.1., has a bill that can remain open as they are probing the ground searching for food. Its wingspan is broad and rounded, much like the wings of a butterfly, which allows it to have one of the more stronger flight take offs than any other bird. Hoatzin, found mainly throughout writer the swamps of the Amazon rainforest and Orinoco delta of south America, these pheasant assignment sized, brown feathered birds have lighter colored under feathers with blue faces, maroon colored eyes and spiky feathers crowning its head. These birds have a long neck with very small heads. There chicks are born with claws on two of their wings appendages.

Thats one of the things he likes best about his field. In most sciences, to find things that havent been done yet, you have to really go far, he says. In computer science, every year there are new things to do that you couldnt do before. What if this project really does lead to a renewed sense of common historical purpose among Christians and Muslims? That would be wonderful, said Howe.

With a world full of flight taking creatures there are bound to be some that are out of the ordinary. There are birds that are deemed beautiful by avid bird watchers, because of the way they take flight or their plumage and then there are birds we catch and raise in captivity that can be deemed just as beautiful. From parakeets to cockatoos and even macaws these birds are all raised in captivity and beautiful. There are also birds that can be deemed as the weirder bunch of birds. Resplendent quetzal, this bird is found in the mexico and western Panama regions. This bird is only fourteen inches long and an added twenty five inches for the tail when they are male. They only weigh about seven ounces. They have what looks to be a puff ball on their heads and they come in a variety of colors.

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If we arent limited to those kinds of materials, but rather look at the writings of Christians who were living in the muslim world, says Penn, we find a huge diversity of Christian reactions to Islam, ranging from overtly antagonistic to downright friendly. His work paper on Syriac manuscripts is showing that for centuries Christianity and Islam overlapped a lot more than we initially thought—Christians were going to mosques and Muslims were going to church, they shared each others festivals and holy objects. Howe is gratified that he found a collaborator who has led him in unexpected directions. Like all basic research, your work may be applied to something you never imagined, he says. Knowing that there is a useful application that can support the work of other scholars, thats important. Howes letter shape descriptor and comparison framework that looks for variations in the style in which individual letters are formed is in part being made possible by advances in computing power. Every year shakespeare new applications become possible that werent possible before because they would have taken too long, says Howe. Some of the algorithms I come up with wouldnt have been feasible 10 or 20 years ago.

the most beautiful handwriting in the world

When Islam Was a young Religion. The fruits of this research could have important implications for understanding how Christians and Muslims regarded each other when Islam was still a young religion. Most of what we know about early Christian/Muslim interactions comes from Latin and Greek texts. As a result, penn argues, we have a distorted view of how followers of the two faiths first responded to one another. Syriac-speaking Christians lived among Muslims as the new religion started to spread, says Penn. Their perspectives differed from those of Christians in modern day istanbul, for instance, where many of the Greek texts emanated and where they had been writing fending off Muslim invaders for centuries. Similarly, latin texts often reflect the perspectives of Crusaders at war with the muslim world.

an individual transformed sample and the ideal are indications of the scribe's characteristic writing style. Penn and Howe found each other through a mutual friend. Some of Howes previous work involving george washingtons letters had sensitized him to issues involved in using computers to examine handwritten documents. Howe invited Penn for dinner and they soon realized that if they could apply howes interest in character recognition to exploring the idiosyncrasies of the handwriting in Syriac manuscripts they could begin to offer up clues with which to date them with considerable accuracy. Howe is approaching this project using principles that go back to his dissertation research on image retrieval in which a computer learns, for instance, what a bicycle looks like and then looks for bicycles in thousands or even millions of other images. It is a programming challenge that involves machine learning. The best way to learn what a bicycle looks like is to give the computer thousands of examples of bicycles, rather than saying it is two circles connected by some rods, said Howe. When it comes to handwriting recognition he wants to be able to teach a computer how scribes were forming marks on the page during different time periods by giving examples and letting the computer figure out how they differ.

2Although an estimated 10,000 Syriac manuscripts have been preserved, fewer than 200 scholars can read the language. One of them is Michael Penn, associate professor of religion at mount Holyoke college. A big obstacle to delving into this slice of world literature, he explains, is that most manuscripts are undated, giving us little idea when they were penned or by whom. This is vital information to any historian trying to navigate these documents. Without some help from machines, most of these writings would remain inaccessible for decades or even centuries to come. Alaph Congealing, this illustrates one step in resume the processing sequence for deciphering handwritten words that Smith computer scientists have developed. The top row contains samples of the letter alaph taken from different manuscripts. When the letters are stacked up and computed to the average, the result is the fuzzy image on the right. However, once a mathematical transformation is applied to each sample, the letters are brought into better alignment.

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An estimated 10,000 ancient Syriac manuscripts have been preserved but fewer than 200 scholars can actually read the language today. A smith professor and his mount Holyoke colleague are hoping to change all that through the powers of computer science. By eric Goldscheider / Published July 7, 2011. When Smith professor Nicholas Howes interests migrated toward deciphering the handwritten words and improvisational scrawls throughout myriad historical documents, the associate professor of computer science didnt know that his work might some day contribute to improving Muslim-Christian relations. So it goes in our interconnected world. The power of computing is being applied to scholarship in surprising ways that make complete sense once you understand the underlying logic. Im a technical guy; i essay am interested in this because there are interesting technical challenges to be solved, says Howe. He is talking about his quest to plumb the handwriting of scribes who copiously and laboriously wrote in Syriac, the language of Middle eastern Christians in the millennium between.

the most beautiful handwriting in the world
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  6. Because telling you simply that they don t is not doing justice to how bad their handwriting.I asked her about her handwriting because she has such beautiful handwriting. With a world full of flight taking creatures there are bound to be some that are out of the ordinary. There are birds that are deemed beautiful by avid bird.

  7. Even if you think you have the most beautiful handwriting in the world, still do not send a hand written letter of complaint. Handwriting, penmanship, or calligraphy: they all have different meanings, and they all pertain to specific aspects of writing. Handwriting and thus, can all be attributed as part of the handwriting influence.

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