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You remember how well we did yesterday with Synchro Transducer? A fleeting, half smile passed across Gandalfs face. Well, gandalf said, perhaps you can make a play today. Gina jumped and clapped her hands. Miller nodded and smiled. If you two dont mind joining together, well set up a single margin account. Millers name, said Trimmer.

In the midst of his puzzling, a somewhat older, gray haired man with an intelligent look came over to the three. Hello, lars, he said. Are these people members? No, they are friends of mine. Ill vouch for them. Remember my lost wallet? These are the ones who returned. Turning to miller, he said, Excuse. Im roy gandalf, the office manager. Non-members are really not supposed to be allowed in or permitted to trade.

who shreds paper

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Professor Miller scrutinized the large displays, attempting to gain insight into the workings of the office. The earnings from his critical thinking textbook were still parked in a money market account, so oliver he had not yet had the opportunity to visit a stock broker and learn about the details of investing, electronic or otherwise. He knew quite a lot from reading the business section of the paper, but had not yet taken the plunge into the capital markets himself. He was beginning to think that this might be a good way to do that. Miller found it difficult to tell just what was going on because the display information changed so quickly. The tickers ran by so fast, and the symbols were so incomprehensible, that they meant nothing to him. The graphs seemed to indicate trends or historical activity of sales volumes or prices, but that, too, was difficult to make out.

who shreds paper

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Paper shredders by each desk looked full already. Miller checked his watch reflexively, just to be sure that the hour was still early. He was surprised at the level of activity. Hanging along the walls all around the room were at least a dozen giant screen monitors, some with stock tickers running, some with background information about companies, some with rapidly refreshing Internet newsgroup postings, some with email mattress messages, and some with active chat room conversations. Others showed bar graphs, line graphs, and grids of data, all in multicolors. Many of the men and women at the desks looked up at intervals to study one or more of the screens. Those talking on the phone wore wireless headsets that allowed them to pace around while looking from screen to screen. They spoke in urgent tones. Occasionally they would fly to a computer and begin typing furiously.

Here we are, said Trimmer. They got in and the car drove off. The office was a storefront in a strip mall. A sign on the door said, confidential Brokerage services. The windows were darkened with a very deep, reflective tint, preventing Gina and Professor Miller from seeing inside. Trimmer inserted a coded keycard into the electronic lock and the door opened. Inside, the entire store space was furnished as one large room. More than a dozen desks were occupied by men and women peering at computer screens, typing quickly, answering the phone, and printing off paper. The floor was littered with paperwork, much of it torn to shreds.

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who shreds paper

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Well, said Trimmer, even though today will not be as spectacular, we believe it beats letting our funds rot in a low-interest bank account. Why not let our money go dancing with kings and bring back a kings ransom? What youve got is a gold mine, miller said. Oh, no, my dear. Gold mines are too much assignment work. All that ore and dust and digging.

We prefer to use our minds to make money. A keyboard and a good idea are infinitely less work and infinitely more rewarding than a mere gold mine. After breakfast, they all walked toward the front of the hotel. Trimmer made a quick call on resume his cell phone. Were ready, he said. Turning to miller, he noted, my driver will pick. They stepped out the front doors of the hotel just as a white stretch limo trimmed in gold pulled.

And I hope we might do something today, too. I should caution you, however, that today there is only a relatively small play in hand. Tomorrow looks much better. But we should still be able to turn a good account. Im still waiting for the final word on the company, but we are looking at a nice increase.

How much, do you think? Double your money, likely. Gina almost dropped her mouth open. A single transaction can have dramatic results. After all, he said matter-of-factly, your two thousand dollars yesterday turned into six thousand dollars each in one transaction. Twelve for two is not bad. That was one transaction? But she believed. Miller said nothing, but his eyes showed he had heard.

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Even at breakfast, he could eat an opening salvo of appetizers while his custom omelet was cooking, load the cereal with fruit, and alternate between bacon, sausage, and ham. If he works as hard at any job, Amy thought, hell be a great success. As the three ate, trimmer checked his watch once or twice, as if concerned the with the time, but he nevertheless maintained his jovial, talkative personality. This is a wonderful town, isnt it? Endless food, evernote endless entertainment, endless opportunity. And endless money, too, it seems, said Miller. We did well yesterday, didnt we?

who shreds paper

Any salad bar required a minimum of three trips. Buffets, on the other hand, usually required at least four or five, sometimes with two plates per trip. Amy had more than once accused Matt of having a hollow leg as he returned yet one more time, wanting to sample everything and then return for heavier layers of favored items. She would sit there with her modest selections as he came and went. One evening, at a particularly nice smorgasbord, she had surreptitiously observed his forays. First trip sampler, second trip main courses, third trip more main courses, fourth trip soup, fifth trip cheese and salad, sixth trip fruit and dessert, seventh trip favorite tidbits. There was autobiographies ice tea to open, cola to add on, and coffee to close (decaf in this case). He was a gastronomical artist.

grabbing what would be a quick bite of this and that, all the time feeling a nervous urgency. None of them took the time to wait for a custom omelet or crepe, but instead they took everything ready to eat. Only gina was willing to spend an extra few moments at the carvery to get a slice of ham. The trio seemed to think of eating merely as a means to an end, a required ritual to be performed at a prescribed pace before they went on to more important business. Behavior like this would have broken Matts heart. Had Matt and Amy been where miller and Gina were, facing the half-dozen islands of food spread across the room, there would have been none of this bird-like nibbling. There would have been a symphony of pleasure, a whole season of episodes of consumption, a glorious, strolling indulgence of gustatory passion. Matt had always thought those menus that offer a one-trip salad bar put the restaurant on the edge of legality, making it guilty of cruelty to the customer.

In fact, he had already gotten in line and motioned them to join him. Our work in the market is timed precisely and will not wait for us if were late, trimmer explained. This is the next-to-the-last trading day of the week and we will do the trade near market close. There is no room for error, so we want to be sure we dont get held up here. Good idea, professor Miller said. You probably frown if one of your students comes in late, trimmer continued, but here late means no trade and hence, no profit. My employers are dark considerably less understanding than you might. I would get an f, if you get my drift.

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I luv makin paper-always doin it at uni (im doin textiles im not just some random who makes my own paper during lectures! Lol) 1/take your paper(plain/newspaper-which i luv cos it goes ded pale grey and has a nice finish) u want to use 2/shred it 3/cut the shreds in to smaller pieces. Approx 1 inch long 4/roughly pulp in blender/food mixer 5/little by little blend/whizz again this time with more water-til fine pulp is achieved 6/put pulp in washing up bowl full with water (plenty of) 7/get a wire mesh net thing. Only has to be about A5 size (u can get it in art/craft shops or in uni we hav special mesh that gets used in car t i use regular mesh at home and its the ternativel y paperless rob some from a car door!) 8/get. Ur paper layer will stay put as long as uve squeezed enuff water out 13/ build up layers. U can make it dead fine or really heavy 14/leave to dry-when dry peel off jay cloth and hey presto a piece of handmade paper! The million Dollar Girl: a novel: Chapter.: Virtual, salt, the million Dollar Girl, a novel. Robert Harris, version Date: October 11, 2008,. Trimmer was already waiting for Professor Miller and Gina the next morning when they arrived outside the casino buffet.

who shreds paper
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  4. Went from China to India in quest of Buddhist scriptures. There were tough-soled combat boots, shreds of camouflage trousers and shirt, bits of a completely inappropriate seersucker jacket, a leather belt with brass buckle and sheath knife still looped onto the belt. People leap through screens and turn into shreds of paper, while smoke, light and glass mingle in seemingly impossible combinations. Fabric or scrap paper bunting is adorable, but stringing up marshmallow peeps give your window or mantle extra sparkle and fun — and an Easter craft with no sewing required!

  5. strengths: Half Man, half Machine, all Art weaknesses: Paper can be ripped to, shreds, featured fact: Both ninja cyborgs and true art can be defined as much by whats. Picking up the shattered shreds of a sacred forest: Kupe forest, cameroon. One of the many tips of mount Kupe on a bright day. 2: paperback: alkaline paper ) — isbn: (v.

  6. The floor was littered with paperwork, much of it torn to shreds. Paper shredders by each desk looked full already. Bcs director Bill Hancock wrote an editorial in usa today defending the bcs. We rip everything he wrote to shreds.

  7. I only use the shreds where food is not grown, just to be safe. I do vermicomposting (composting food scraps using worms) in my garage and the paper shreds are.do. I luv makin paper -always doin it at uni (im doin textiles im not just some random who makes my own paper during lectures! Lol) 1/take your paper.

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