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Our markets present a rural glimpse and fill us with a feeling that we belong to India whose soul lies in villages. It is really very pleasant to move in a market, particularly in the evening. I always welcome those moments when i visit the market for this purpose or that. It is a place where one can see the life in so many colours. One can get valuable experiences too by visiting market and buying different commodities. This just in from the Brigade secretary. All fbu members, election for yorkshire and humberside ec member. Firstly let me apologise for such a long winded message, but within hours of the announcement that wyfbu are recommending Brother Steve howley for Yorkshire and Humberside regional ec member, someone who never had the courage to reveal their true identity, was castingdisparaging comments about.

On the biography occasion of festivals like diwali, dussehra and Holi the situation becomes worse. It seems all the population of the country is on the road. There is great hustle and bustle. In between the cars and motorcycles, we see those carrying different articles for sale. They create great problems as sometimes they bring the traffic at a halt resulting in loud horns from the car-drivers. The market is really a very noisy place. One can meet all sorts of people there. There is joy and laughter on all sides. Friends welcome one another and enjoy fast foods. Some people are seen discussing politics in the light of their business. Our markets are quite different from the markets of the western advanced countries.

about diwali festival essay

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Everyone seems to be in hurry. There are jewellery shops which shine brightly in the light. Cloth shops and ready-made garment shops do great business during a festival. The hotels and restaurants are also crowded with people. Some people hippie are seen with plates of 'chat' others are seen enjoying cold drinks. There is flavour of all kinds in the surrounding area. It is very difficult to drive a car in a market place. What to talk of a car or a motorcycle sometimes it becomes difficult even to walk.

about diwali festival essay

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They come loaded with the produce of the season such as cotton, grain, oil seeds, vegetables, etc. Whenever i visit a market I find the hawkers shouting loudly to sell their goods. They try to attract the people by several names. Generally they sing songs in praise of their goods. They face hard competition because there are several hawkers selling the same article. As the prices of the items are not fixed, the hawkers as well as the buyers do bargain. I watch these people who feel greatly satisfied after purchasing a thing at a minimum price from the hawkers. The market is at peak in the evening. There is not a single shop where a big crowd is not seen.

It is a centre of attraction for both buyers and sellers. There is no other place in the area having so much brisk business as the market. I always find a big crowd there. There are several shops, all decorated beautifully. Big shops look more attractive. Businessmen come here from far and wide for purchasing or selling their products. The market is always crowded with carts, horses, donkeys and camels.

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about diwali festival essay

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The overwhelming way with which the people out there in Kolkata welcome goddess Durga is really heart-warming. Durga puja: The colorful joyous Celebration! Its a time again quality to get colored and lost in the devotional zeal of Durga puja celebration that is marked as one of the most awaited and biggest festival celebrations of the bengalis and for the people belonging to the state of Assam. However Durga puja is also celebrated with much gaiety and grandeur in the state of Odisha, tripura, jharkhand, bihar, Uttar Pradesh, maharashtra and Gujarat as well. The festival represents the great victory of goddess Durga over the buffalo demon named Mahishasura.

It is a six days long festival observed as Mahalaya, shashthi, maha saptami, maha Ashtami, maha nabami and Vijayadashami. The worship of goddess Durga for the six days of celebration takes place on a magnificent scale among the people belonging to the state of West Bengal or other eastern part of the country. The huge and artistic pandals, magnificient idols of goddess Durga, people dancing on the beats of Dhaki (drum) and evenings surrounded with the divine tunes of Goddess Durga aarti are the unforgettable features of every durga puja celebration. Moreover having a portion of delicious bhog, artistic views of pandals, colorful fireworks and mouthwatering food delights at various food corners held at every nook and corner let the entire city drowned in the colors of joyous Durga puja celebration! A market place is a very busy place where people go to buy articles of their needs.

It is particularly celebrated in the state of West Bengal in Kolkata in the honour of celebrating the unfathomable power of Goddess Durga. This festival is celebrated during the span of whole period of navaratri for a time span of 10 days. From the sixth day of navaratri till the ninth day the huge pandaals of the goddess Durga are open for the visitors. The tenth day of the navaratri is called as Dashami and on this day the idols of the goddess Durga are immerged into water and this process is called as Visarjan. This year in 2018, dashami is falling on 30th September. Navratri recipes, during the navratri fest, people from major parts of North, south and central India observe fast of all nine days.

A number of people choose to fast only first and ninth day of the navratri. Ritual fast is a way of devotion and to pay gratitude to goddess Durga. As per Hindu tradition. View More, durga puja in Kolkata, as per Hindu mythology, goddess Durga, who is also referred to as an embodiment of Shakti or a symbol of feminine strength, emerged as a collective energy to fight the devil Mahishasura, who had been blessed not. Goddess Durga is believed to be a self-sufficient reservoir of energy. The people of Kolkata highly revere goddess Durga for her unfathomable power and the festival of Durga puja is observed with utmost grandeur and gigantic ceremonies. If you are visiting Kolkata during Durga puja then it is for sure that you are going to witness one of the best celebratory moments in the most gigantic way in your life. The preparations before the celebration are not less enticing than the celebration itself. A week or so before the celebration, the whole of the city starts getting masked with a touch of excitement and eagerness.

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The rajasthan tour spots are really very interesting to see. Baisakhi festival falls on April 14th and marks thank the help beginning of the solar year. People of North India, particularly punjab thank god for good harvest. Visit to gurudwaras, vaisakhi processions and traditional performances are the highlights of the day. Baisakhi has special significance for sikhs as on this day in 1699, their tenth Guru gobind Singh ji organized the order of the Khalsa. Basic Beliefs of sikhism, formed in the 15th century, sikhism is a monotheistic faith. Guru nanak devji was the first preacher of this faith followed by nine other sikh gurus. Durga puja - durga puja celebration in India. Durga puja is one of the religious festivals of India which is celebrated throughout the country with great zeal and fervour.

about diwali festival essay

There are also more to see, but due to shortage of time we couldn't complete rest. We completed these spots in one night two days. Finally we returned back to jodhpur and on the same day we went to Udaipur (254 km by nh 65). In Udaipur we visited. City palace, lake pichola, fateh Sagar report lake and, jag Mandir. Fateh Sagar lake attracted me much. If you can spare three days and two night for Udaipur then it can be covered fully. We returned to jodhpur and came back to durgapur. Overall conclusion is that this winter vacation was the best winter vacations we ever enjoyed in past.

hour to reach to jaisalmer (285 km). TheInteresting visiting spots are kuldhara Abandoned Village, bada bagh, jaisalmer Fort, khaba fort, patwon-ki-haveli, salim Singh-ki haveli. It takes usually 2 nights and 3 days for jaisalmer to cover all spots. After that we came back to jodhpur and took a night rest at Jodhpur. After that we went to jaipur. The main attractions of jaipur were. Hawa mahal, Amer Fort, city palace, jantar Mantar jai mahal and Nahargarh Fort.

Rajasthan experiences cold climatic condition during winter season similar to other states of India. Blessed with natural beauty and enriched history rajasthan has been popular destination to attract every third foreign tourists for it's palaces, historical forts and culture. The palaces of jaipur, lakes of Udaipur, and desert forts of Jodhpur, bikaner jaisalmer are among the most preferred destination of many tourists. Mehrangarh essay Fort (Click to see the images of Mehrangarh fort) in Jodhpur usually regarded as the best fort in Rajasthan, is a must watch fort. We made jodhpur as centre to cover Udaipur, jaipur, and jaisalmer. We decided it from very beginning with the help. In jaipur we visited Jaswant Thada, umaid Bhawan Palace, and the gardens at the older capital of Mandore.

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Out of many vacations, winter vacations has its own delight and enthusiasm. Winter season is blessed with very cool weather conditions. This winter vacation forced me to select best vacation destination of India. I told my papa about my desire. He agreed and he discussed with his friend's 'family vacation ideas'. After that we ultimately good selected best vacation destination as Rajasthan this time. It is because we've visited other vital locations of India but never tasted the magical look of royal State of Rajasthan.

about diwali festival essay
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  1. Essay on The game i like best Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. Durga puja - this page provides complete information about. Durga puja is the greatest festival of the bengalis and is dedicated.

  2. A market place is a very busy place where people go to buy articles of their needs. It is a centre of attraction for both buyers and sellers. There is no other place in the area having so much brisk.

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  5. A new website examining 100 years of fire service history has been launched today (9 April) as part of plans to mark the centenary of the fire Brigades Union (FBU). Thanks for commenting Shail Rashyap we also need yore suggests on to make essay mere helpful and meaningful. Baisakhi festival falls on April 14th and marks the beginning of the solar year.

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