Beef jerky business plan

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Our market lambs will be crosses from Bluefaced leicester, border leicester and then finished with a dorper Ram. Our breeding strategy centers around sheep that do well in high rainfall areas and sheep that can gain weight easily on pasture grass (grazing in good weather and fed grass hay cut from the same field during inclement weather in a sheltered area). We do not feed our sheep grain. Autumn Hills woollens sheep., jeffry seldomridge and Patricia keeley, 685 boistfort road, curtis wa 98538. Baron Farms raises grass fed beef, pasture raised Pork, and pasture raised Chicken on lush pastures in the yakima valley. Beef is offered by the 1/8th, 1/4, half and whole packages.

We supplement their foraging with non-gmo certified organic feed. Our chickens have been bred to grow more slowly than industrial breeds. The more natural growing period results in superior, old-fashion tasting chicken with a deep, rich flavor our grandparents would recognize. Purchase whole chickens delivered monthly through our Chicken csa program to portland, Olympia, tacoma and seattle. Our pork is sold by the half or whole. You can buy a whole grass fed lamb, they are ready in november. Check online out our website for more details or contact us to place an order or ask questions. August Farm, liza judge, marianne copene, 11545 Independence road, rochester wa 98579. Autumn Hills woollens and Sheep. Raises sheep for wool and for market lamb production. We raise merino and Bluefaced leicester for wool.

beef jerky business plan

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Our priority is to provide our livestock with the highest animal welfare and supply our community with the highest quality meat. We raise free-range chickens, whey-fed pigs, grass fed lamb and specialty cut flowers. All of our animals graze on pasture and are fed local and/or certified organic feed. They are raised outside in a safe, comfortable environment that honors their natural instincts. They are slaughtered on farm to reduce the stress of transport and are sold directly to our customers. Pasture raised Chicken is Better hippie for the Environment and Better for you. Our chickens are raised seasonally, outdoors, on pasture, where they can flap their wings, take dust baths and eat crickets, worms and grass.

beef jerky business plan

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This great service saves you on shipping costs (only 25 per delivery saves the environment with one combined trip, and you get our delicious, grass fed beef conveniently delivered to you. What could be better than that? American Alps Ranch, rick and Brenda palmer, po box 339, marblemount wa 98267. August Farm is a small-scale, pasture based, diversified livestock and flower farm. We are located in Independence valley, a vibrant farming community, 30 miles south of Olympia, washington. Our mission is to produce healthy, organic, humanely raised, pastured meat. We strive to preserve heritage breeds, be stewards of the land, and reinvigorate our local economy.

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beef jerky business plan

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Our Angus cattle graze freely on lush pastures in the fresh air and sunshine. This is good for our cattle, good for the environment and good for you. We use mig (Management Intensive grazing) to ensure the very best grass for our cattle and the long-term sustainability of our pastures. At the peak of their flavor, our cattle are harvested by the igfc, a local usda inspected and Certified Farmers co-op which comes to our ranch, reducing stress on the animals. Each one of our animals is individually inspected and certified by the on-site usda inspector, guaranteeing our customers a healthy product.

We strictly follow all the requirements for Organic though we are not certified. And the grass fed flavor of our beef is delicious! We heartily support the buy local, eat Local philosophy. For this reason, we offer local delivery to our customers in the greater seattle and Bellingham, kinkos washington areas. Once a month we load our truck here at the ranch with our healthy and nutritious grass fed beef and make deliveries to pre-arranged central locations down the Hwy 20, i-5 405 corridors from Bellingham to seattle.

This sustainable practice creates healthy forage without the use of pesticides or herbicides as the grass out-competes weed growth. Additionally, we empty and scrub their water troughs to provide the cleanest and healthiest drinking water for our cattle. This is done every time we move them to their next grazing section. We grow and harvest all of our own haylage for winter feeding, assuring content and quality! Humanely raised in a beautiful environment and being humanely harvested are important both to us and to you.

Upon harvest, our beef is dry aged 17-21 days creating a full-flavored, premium aged product. It is orderable by the quarter, half or whole in the fall and sometimes in the spring as well. Amazing Grace highlands, mark and Debbie klein, Arlington,. (425) (Mark (425) (Debbie) E-mail: American Alps Ranch is proud to offer you our all natural grass fed, grass finished Lowline Angus beef. We raise our cattle on our beautiful ranch in the skagit river Valley of Washington state. We are a small, family-owned ranch. No hormones, steroids, grains or antibiotics are ever used on our animals. They eat grass—the food nature intended—and drink pure water straight off the north Cascade mountains.

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Akyla farms, carol kevin Osterman, 24498 Polte road, sedro woolley wa 98284. Website: m Amazing Grace highlands beef for the discriminating beef connoisseur! No chemicals at all! Organic practices are best strictly followed, but we are not certified organic* At Amazing Grace highlands we raise only Scottish Highland cattle, currently 40 head and way growing. Noted for their lean, nutritious meat that tastes like beef used to taste, our cattle are grass fed and grass finished. This is how nature intended cattle to eat. Our lush Stillaguamish Valley pastures are grazed using intensive grazing management practices whereby the cattle are given enough grass for 2 or 3 days and then moved to an adjacent section. We repeat this process for 20-30 days, thus allowing the grass to recover before re-grazing.

beef jerky business plan

Please visit our website for more information about. Acres in zion, Eric Robb, Enumclaw,. Website: m, akyla farms offers pastured chicken, pastured pork and farm fresh eggs from our small laying flock. At akyla farms pastures are the cornerstone of the farm and we enjoy seeing and hearing our animals happy and healthy, eating what mother nature intended them to eat. The online meat chickens are housed in bottomless pens that are dragged to a fresh piece of pasture everyday following a small cow herd. In the brush, the pigs enjoy rooting in the dirt and clearing the land behind an electrified netting and are moved to a new location before they run out of green vegetation. Chickens, ducks and geese make-up the laying flock and are allowed to roam in the yard and wooded areas as they wish. Please visit our website for more information and let us know if you would like to visit one of our farm locations to hear the animals munching away or to pick up eggs.

wa 98220. Acres in zion in Enumclaw, washington raises natural grass fed and grass finished beef; primarily Angus and Herefords. You can rest assured we do not use antibiotics or growth hormones in our animals. They graze on the lush pastures along the newaukum Creek near Enumclaw, and in winter are fed quality hay from a local certified organic farm. The animals are processed locally and cut and wrapped to your specifications. We may be reached by phone or by email.

Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to oliver buy their products: Acme farm raises grass-fed, antibiotic-, chemical-, and grain-free lamb. We follow organic practices on our farm. Our uncommon sheep are a hardy, ancient breed, considered to be a genetic resource for now and the future. They are a small, hardy, hair sheep breed that carries their fat around their internal organs, which means a low-fat, fine textured and mild flavored meat. All processing is usda inspected. We usually have ground lamb, chops, legs-of-lamb, shanks, and two types of sausage, spicy Italian and breakfast, available. You may special order whole lamb or other cuts or varietal portions to be reserved at the next harvest.

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Home » beef Jerky recipes, dozens of beef Jerky and deer Jerky recipes that are easy to make and taste great! Attention hunters: beef Jerky recipes can also be made with Venison! So pick any recipe and make this years harvest into a bunch of jerky! Wills Top 3 Recipes, dragon Fire jerky, rig Hand Jerky, dos Pepper Jerky. Lindas (my wife) Top 3 Recipes. Chili lime jerky, sweet heat essay Sriracha jerky, habanero tabasco jerky. The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet.

beef jerky business plan
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  3. They graze on the lush pastures along the newaukum Creek near Enumclaw, and in winter are fed quality hay from a local certified organic farm.

  4. Beef Jerky snacks from Bullseye meats 2018. Homemade beef Jerky recipes! Dozens of the best Spicy, sweet, tangy, primarily Angus and Herefords. You can rest assured we do not use antibiotics or growth hormones in our animals.

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