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Improbably, the past decade has seen the emergence of very sophisticated simulations of dinosaurs in their natural environments. These are designed for research and educational purposes and some are made widely available via television. They benefit to a very significant degree from the rapid innovation in computer-enhanced media. The simulations are far from trivial and depend increasingly on detailed insight into understanding the movement of muscles and limbs, and their relevance to systems of attack and defence. Especially instructive with respect to the remarkable bbc series on dinosaurs (figured below) is the introductory summary of how such simulations were developed. Should it be expected that an analogous library of simulations of basic multinational corporation business models would exist? Or would this be understood in terms of simply changing the parameters within a single simulation - thereby engendering different classes of business model? With those be in the current environment, how many are to be so distinguished?

In pursuing the comparison with dinosaurs, the question is fake whether there is an inherent foreshortening of dinosaur "years" and an effective lengthening of corporation "years". This might be explored in terms of reporting cycles, business cycles, management fashions, or some measure of mutation rate. Whilst it could be said that it took dinosaurs 160 million "years" to exhaust their environment and its capacity to support them, the question is how many decades history will consider that it took for multinational corporations to exhaust the planetary environment and its capacity. Biomimicry as a essay methodology implies a conscious effort at learning from nature, the case explored here may depend on mimicry inspired by the collective unconscious - some form of deep biocultural memory ( John Ralston saul, the Unconscious civilization, 1995). It may additionally be engendered by an associated form of conditioning and determinism in response to environmental opportunities understood systemically. Simulation and representation Multinational corporations have long been a focus of sophisticated modelling exercises, games, and simulations. These are seen as vital for reporting, strategic planning and training. Such simulations are less frequently used in presentations of the operations of a corporation to a wider audience. They may well be understood as embodying business secrets vital to competitive advantage. Curiously it might be said that the promotional videos of multinational corporations, typically disseminated as tv advertising, could well be understood as exercises in both "simulation" and "dissimulation".

dinosaur writing paper

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Whilst it is unclear from the fossil record what forms of "camouflage" were used by dinosaurs, it is extremely clear in the case of multinational corporations - now extended to " bluewashing " through the complicity of the un global Compact and " greenwashing thank ". Attributes enabling survival : dinosaurs : this is a matter of continuing study through interpretation of the fossil record multinational corporations : this is a matter of many commentaries regarding "business model" and "marketing strategy" collective behaviour contributing to survival : dinosaurs : this. Multinational corporations : this is a matter of many commentaries regarding cartel-like behaviour, bid rigging. Price-fixing rings, cross-ownership and interlocking directorates. Commentary also focuses on complicity of corporations with organized crime - presumably to be understood as another form of "multinational corporation". Survival and viability over time: dinosaurs : whilst the survival of dinosaurs in general is framed in terms of 160 million "years" (as noted above that for any particular genus or species could well be much shorter. More detailed studies offer insights into their viability over time. Multinational corporations : in systemic terms any comparison should highlight the viability of a corporate species, partially to be understood as a viable business model. Much is made of those individual corporations which have survived many "decades although the focus tends to be on how they have adapted evolved over that period.

dinosaur writing paper

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Any comparison then merits framing in terms of: variety, understood in terms of the cognitive preferences and constraints in the organization of any information: dinosaurs : paleontologists have identified over 500 distinct genera and more than 1,000 different species of non-avian dinosaurs. Multinational corporations : curiously the literature has not focused on identifying the variety of multinational corporations, and the number of such bodies remains unclear, despite a very early attempt at doing so ( Multinational Business Enterprises: a new category of international organizations, 1968). Provocatively, in the absence of any systematic distinction by "type it might be noted that major focus is variously given to the: Of potential relevance is the possibility that from a systemic perspective the distinction by type is effectively made in terms of revenue. Structure : dinosaurs : the recognition of 500 genera and 1,000 species suggests the variety of structure multinational corporations : it is significant that systemic studies of the varieties of structure appear to be lacking, in comparison with species active 160 million years ago. (Perhaps this will be a focus of "organizational paleontology" 160 million years in the future) environmental characteristics (or niches dinosaurs : the species occupied every possibly environmental niche. Of relevance is their adaptation to different climates multinational corporations : the "niche" might be understood in marketing terms as the business sector (indicated in some of the above listings the "environment" might be understood according oliver to interpretations of "business environment" or "business climate" survival. Recognition of a "predator-prey" relationship would be considered politically incorrect, although "targetting" and "going in for the kill" are common business metaphors - emphasized by strategies based on "bullet points as separately discussed ( Enhancing Sustainable development Strategies through avoidance of Military metaphors, 1998). The "predator-prey" dynamics would of course be readily recognized by those targetted by such marketing strategies. For public relations and image enhancement purposes, such dynamics would be reframed in terms of maintaining friendly customer relations.

As separately argued, there is indeed the possibility of a memetic singularity ( Emerging Memetic Singularity in the Global Knowledge society, 2009). Consistent with Homer-Dixon's argument is the challenge of "bigness first articulated by leopold Kohr ( The Breakdown of Nations, 1957; development without Aid, 1973; The overdeveloped Nations, 1977). As summarized by paul Kingsnorth ( This Economic Collapse is a 'crisis of Bigness', the guardian, 26 September 2011 kohr warned that the gigantist global system would grow until it imploded. Recent history with regard to multinational corporations deemed "too big to fail" offers an indication in this respect. In the case of the dinosaurs, they survived for over 160 million years - from about 230 million years ago until about 65 million years ago - until the Cretaceous Paleogene extinction event led to the extinction of most of that species. It has been theorized that such extinctions were caused by one or more catastrophic events, such as massive asteroid impact or increased volcanic activity. It might be argued that the extinction of the species of "multinational corporations" may be triggered by analogous events - even the systemic consequences of "global warming". Comparison of dinosaurs and multinational corporations From a purely systemic perspective, as the cybernetic response to an environment, what is the minimum number of parameters required to describe an animal as a viable system as compared to the number required to describe a corporation?

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dinosaur writing paper

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Society for General Systems Research, the animal latter has been absorbed into the. International Society for the systems Sciences. Of relevance to this argument is the subsequent work of management cybernetician. Stafford beer ( The heart of Enterprise, 1988; Brain of the firm, 1981). His work resulted in the ongoing development of the viable system Model (VSM) as a model of the organizational structure of any viable or autonomous system.

Of particular relevance to the evolutionary question raised in this argument is that a viable system is any system organised in such a way as to meet the demands of surviving in the changing environment. One of the prime features of systems that survive is that they are adaptable. The vsm is an abstracted cybernetic description that is applicable to any organization that is a viable system and capable of autonomy. The issue here is then the interplay, from the underlying systemic perspective, between the model of a "multinational corporation" and that of a "dinosaur" - as suggested by the superficial behavioural clues and reinforced by the insights of biomimicry. As an energy system, both the "multinational corporation" and the "dinosaur" lend themselves to the kind of analysis conducted with respect to the roman Empire in its final phases by Thomas Homer-Dixon ( The Upside of Down: catastrophe, creativity, and the renewal of civilization, 2006). The argument here would extend this analysis, from a cybernetic perspective, into the capacity of the current "knowledge-based" global civilization to elicit and process the information necessary to its survival - rather than Homer-Dixon's analogous "energy" focus.

These questions are brought into sharp focus at the time of writing by the unprecedented street protests in Wall Street, subsequent to the widespread revolutionary protests of the so-called. Arab Spring (Sarah Jaffe, this Is Only getting Bigger: 20,000 Rally in New York to support Occupy wall Street, alterNet, ). The central organizational and strategic question is how viable new patterns of self-organization can evolve out of such collective action (. Consciously self-reflexive global Initiatives: Renaissance zones, complex adaptive systems, and third order organizations, 2007; Dynamically gated Conceptual Communities: emergent patterns of isolation within knowledge society, 2004). The question is all the more pertinent given the sophisticated information technology enabling those protests and the challenges nevertheless experienced in applying collective intelligence to recent emergencies (.

Enabling Collective intelligence in Response to Emergencies, 2010). What is the next phase in collective psychosocial evolution? The recent literature on biomimicry is indicative of many fruitful possibilities for innovation now considered worthy of exploration - previously considered improbable or far-fetched. The argument here takes its point of departure from the systemic organization of animals - especially in information and energy terms - and not from the more evident external forms which more readily inspire mimicry research. One point of inspiration is the research on "general systems originated. Ludwig von Bertalanffy general System Theory: foundations, development, applications, 1976). General systems theory is an interdisciplinary practice that describes systems with interacting components, applicable to biology, cybernetics, and other fields. Originally given focus by the.

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Typically the comparison is merely for rhetorical purposes, avoiding the possibility that more might be derived from this widespread "pattern recognition". The question explored here is whether new interest in the economic implications of hippie biomimicry could usefully be reviewed with respect to the relationship between dinosaurs and multinational corporations. Biomimicry, or biomimetics, is the examination of nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements to emulate or take inspiration from in order to solve human problems, as originally framed. Janine benyus biomimicry: innovation inspired by nature, 1997). One report estimated that biomimicry would have a 300 billion annual impact on the us economy, plus add an additional 50 billion in environmental remediation biomimicry: An Economic Game Changer, 2007). From this perspective, to what extent has the development of multinational corporations been effectively inspired (if unconsciously) by the highly successful emergence of the dinosaurs - millions of years ago? Given this possibility, to what extent is the evolutionary pathway "beyond the dinosaur" clearly indicated by nature? Under such circumstances, to what extent are management and business schools, with their research programmes as currently conceived, to be understood as engaged in "pattern replication" and pattern conservation, in working at the frontier of research to adapt "dinosaurs" to changing environmental circumstances?

dinosaur writing paper

Put the parts together to create a dinosaur that really existed, or create an imaginary dinosaur of your own! 8th October 2011 Draft, clearing the Ground for Future Psychosocial evolution - /, introduction. General systems research and the vsm. Comparison of dinosaurs and multinational corporations. Simulation and representation, identification of systemic correspondences, registry of "corporate dinosaurs". References, introduction, comparisons have long delaware been made between the pattern of behaviour of multinational corporations and that of dinosaurs. At the time of writing over 400,000 such references were indicated by google.

draw the wrong conclusions? Students could work individually or in small groups to investigate a dinosaur of their choice, comparing Hawkins' versions to current knowledge about the prehistoric animals. Venn diagram is a nice tool to help students organize and present their findings. Websites, the best Dinosaur books for Kids. This page from m lists some dinosaur books appropriate for kids, along with brief descriptions. The Crystal Palace dinosaurs Page, nyder's site includes photos of all the remaining dinosaurs in their original location on artificial islands outside the site of the original Crystal Palace building at Sydenham. Dinosaur History: Benjamin Waterhouse hawkins, this Brooklyn College page details not only hawkins' work on the Crystal Palace dinosaur replicas but also the ill-fated plans to build similar replicas in New York city. Scientists out on a dig have found parts from six different dinosaurs.

The Creative power of Memory,. Keith Sawyer, huffington Post, will Old people take over the Entire world? Dark or Clear Liquor: Which makes you sicker? Home, classroom Resources, calendar Activities, june 10, event description. On a series of three artificial islands and in the surrounding ponds, visitors to the 1854 World's fair at the Crystal Palace in London saw the first life-size replicas movie of dinosaurs such as the Iguanodon, the megalosaurus, and Pterodactyls, all created by sculptor Benjamin Waterhouse. Classroom activity, waterhouse hawkins' dinosaur replicas offer a great opportunity for an inquiry-based project. Some of Hawkins' models are known for their minor errors or incomplete detail. Consider the horn on the Iguanodon or the submerged Mosasaur (with body obscured since only fossils of the head had been discovered).

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Nasa suspends All Education and Public Outreach. Ethan siegel, Swab, dinosaur-Killing Space rock 'was a comet'. Paul Rincon, bbc news, time to Treat Plastic like a hazardous Waste? Michael Todd, psmag, oceans on the Brink of Catastrophic Collapse. Tom levitt, cnn, manatees dying in Droves on Florida coasts. Nadia drake, wired, ionized Water Is a ridiculous health Fad. Kent Sepkowitz, slate, how Parenting Became a blood Sport.

dinosaur writing paper
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george dvorsky, io9 Dark or Clear Liquor: Which makes you sicker? The thesis statement could be the spine of any dissertation; this really is particularly true for disagreement documents.

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