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His next task is approaching Othello to tell him that Desdemona has been cheating on him with Cassio. Jealousy spreads to Othello as Iagos plan starts taking effect. To provide evidence for this accusation, iago plants a handkerchief of Desdemonas in Cassios house. Othellos anger and insecurity allow him to be persuaded very easily by this flimsy evidence that he believes proves Desdemonas guilt. In order for this plan to work out, iago had to kill his wife, cassio, and Roderigo. Much like roderigo and Othello, iagosjealousy catches up with him and he is tortured to death for the murder of his wife. Jealousy is an everpresent trait in Othello.

He states, i thesis will chop her into messes! In the end, he realizes that jealousy gets the best of him, although it is too late. Iago is the most jealous character in Othello. His jealousy results in the death of almost all the characters in this play. Othello passes over Iago for a promotion and Iago becomes furious. Iago develops an elaborate plan that will eventually bring him revenge on Othello. He starts out by recruiting Roderigo to help him. They break the news to Brabantio that his daughter secretly married Othello. He says to roderigo, call up her father / rouse him. Make after him, poison his delight (1.1.68-69). Iagos determination to bring down innocent people to get to Othello is displayed here.

essay about othello jealousy

Free othello jealousy Essays and Papers

All world he can think about is getting revenge on Desdemona. Because of his jealousy, othello is easily swayed into believing Iagos flimsy evidence. Once presented with this evidence, othello becomes furious with Desdemona. He ultimately decides that Desdemona must die and makes no attempt to speak with her about the accusation. He says to iago, get me some poison, iago, this night. Ill not expostulate with her, / lest her body and beauty unprovide my mind again. This clearly expresses his rage and jealousy once finally convinced of Desdemonas actions. Othellos mind is taken over by jealousy and he becomes irrational.

essay about othello jealousy

Shakespeare's Othello - othello's jealousy

In the process, roderigo is also wounded. Iago comes along later and finishes him off. Although he is not the only victim of jealousy in this play, roderigo is eventually killed by this emotion. Othello is also a victim of jealousy in this play. He is overcome with jealousy when Iago tells him of Desdemonas unfaithfulness. Othello falls mom right into iagos trap when he hears this news. Othello trusts Iago too much and becomes easily convinced of this accusation.

Roderigo rudely wakes Brabantio one night saying, What, ho, brabantio! He then provides assistance to iago by starting a brawl in which Cassio wounds another man. As a result, Othello relieves Cassio of his command. Roderigos jealousy finally catches up with him when Iago asks him to kill Cassio. Iago tells him that Desdemona will sleep with him if he will kill Cassio. Roderigos selfishness is apparent and he attempts to kill Cassio. His attempt to kill Cassio fails when his mail shirt saves him.

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essay about othello jealousy

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Jealousy in Othello, in Shakespeares Othello, iago plots Othellos destruction when he is passed over for a promotion. Iago made tells Othello that Desdemona has been unfaithful to him and provides circumstantial evidence for this. Othello becomes full of anger and jealousy and kills Desdemona. Othello later finds that Desdemona was not unfaithful and commits suicide. Jealousy appears many times in several characters of Othello. Jealousy leads to the ultimate downfall of several characters in Othello such as Roderigo, othello, and Iago.

Roderigo shows jealousy throughout Othello, and is eventually killed by iago, as a result. Roderigo is enlisted by iago to help him in his plot to ruin Othello. Roderigo was a possible suitor for Desdemona until she married Othello on her own. This fills Roderigo with jealousy toward Othello. For this reason, roderigo is eager to help Iago with his plan. He first helps Iago in telling jury Brabantio of Desdemonas secret marriage to Othello.

Near the end of the play, desdemona discovers that her handkerchief is missing and asks Emilia where her handkerchief. Emilia does not know and Desdemona says Believe me, i had rather have lost my purse / Full of crusadoes: and, but my noble moor / is true of mind and made of no such baseness / as jealous creatures are, it were enough. Desdemona knows that the handkerchief is an important gift from Othello and losing it might cause doubts in Othellos mind about her loyalty. Unfortunately, othello is set up by iago and finds the handkerchief and is now convinced of his wifes unfaithful character, so he murders Desdemona. After strangling Desdemona he says Behold, i have a weapon; / a better never did itself sustain / upon a soldiers thigh: I have seen the day, / that, with this little arm and this good sword, / I have made my way through more.

Othello understands after killing her, that Desdemonas death was pointless as he is now alone without the love of his life. By the time Othello realizes that he was set up by iago and Desdemona did not cheat on him, Othello cannot tolerate the guilt of killing her and decides to commit suicide. Before stabbing himself he says speak of me as i am; nothing extenuate / nor set down aught in malice: then must you speak / of one that loved not wisely but too well; / of one not easily jealous, but being wrought / Perplexd. Othello becomes the victim of Iagos cruelty because he is unable to control jealousy, and he ends up being his own worst enemy as his jealousy becomes so powerful that he kills because. Shakespeare shows that jealousy can destroy not only others lives but can lead to ones own self-destruction as people cannot see clearly and think rationally when they let such a strong emotion over-take them. Therefore, shakespeare warns readers that they must control the jealousy in their lives because if they do not, they will destroy the relationships with those around them and themselves. Jealousy is one of the strongest emotions and it can come easily when a person feels like they deserve better, as Iago does, or when they are too possessive over another person, as Othello is over Desdemona. Either way, jealousy causes people to misread reality and act irrationally. Jealousy In Othello Essay, research Paper.

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Othello refuses to be destroyed by jealousy because he can clearly see that Desdemona chose him out of love and not because of anything else, but he feels like he needs essay proof from Desdemona that she is not cheating on him to be truly convinced. This passage shows that even though Othello claims that he will not be conflicted by jealousy, step by step he is moving away from his claim and becomes jealous and filled with doubts. Shakespeare warns that jealousy has the capacity to make a person forget the reality and see people and situations clearly because it is such a strong emotion Finally, emilia warns Desdemona about Othellos jealousy as she says but jealous souls will not be answerd so;. Emilia understands that jealousy is like a monster that comes out of nowhere and becomes worse and worse over time. This suggests that Othellos mind is being controlled and taken over by the monster and the jealousy in his mind can keep growing until it is finally out of control. In Othellos time, men owned women and an affair would damage a mans reputation shakespeare and ego more than today. Since Othello is a moor, the thought of his wife cheating on him is even worse than if he was Venetian since desdemona is his and she owes him loyalty.

essay about othello jealousy

Iagos capability to portray cassio as unreliable and untrustworthy reveals the extremes people can go to because of jealousy. Iago is willing to exploit everyone just to get the even with Othello proving that jealousy can actually lead humans to abandon their logic. As Iagos plans to get Cassio killed continue, he successfully creates the seeds of jealousy in Othello too. Ironically, he even says to Othello that o, beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on (3.3.15). Iago pretends to be on the side of Othello and warns him not to be too jealous because it will lead to self-destruction. As a result, Othello naively trusts a person who is trying to lead him into self-destruction yet he does not realize this and continues to step on the traps that Iago sets. Moreover, Othello falls deeper and deeper into iagos master plan and begins to doubt Desdemona even though he at first wants proof of her affair. Othello reminds himself Nomy wife is fair, feeds well, loves company, is free of speech, sings, plays and dances well; where virtue is, these are more virtuous: no, iago; ill see before i doubt; when I doubt, prove: and on the proof. There is no more but this, away at once with love or jealousy!

of events that will lead Othello into iagos trap. We will write a custom essay sample on Othello and jealousy specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Othello and jealousy specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Othello and jealousy specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, shakespeare shows that due to iagos evil and jealous nature, he does not want happiness for anyone and therefore uses people as tools or toys for his own purpose. Finally, iago uses Cassio and Desdemona to make othello think and suspect that Desdemona is cheating on him. Iago thinks to himself if I can fasten but one cup upon him, with that which he hath drunk to-night already, hell be as full of quarrel and offence as my young mistress dog.(2.3.9). Iago gets Cassio drunk so he will get in a fight because he wants Cassio to be in trouble with Othello and while that is happening he knows Desdemona will intervene and try to help Cassio. Iagos actions show that he is so jealous of Cassios position that he is willing to do anything to make cassio look suspicious.

Even though Iago is not sure if the rumors are true, he still decides to try and disrupt Othellos life. This reveals the buildup of jealousy and hate within him, and even without any clear reason to disrupt Othellos life, he feels the need to do create evil rumors about him in order to ruin his reputation. Moreover, iago manipulates Roderigo in order to cause confusion and cause jealousy in Othellos mind. Iago tells Roderigo that Thou art sure. I have told thee often, and I re-tell thee again and again, i hate the moor. My cause is hearted: thine hath no less resume reason. Let us be conjunctive in our revenge against him.

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Jealousy takes many forms and sometimes it is harmless while at other times it can be destructive. In William Shakespeares play othello a man named Iago hates and is jealous of the protagonist Othello because Othello has not promoted him to position of lietunant, so he writing decides to try and kill Othello. However, he first convinces Roderigo to help him because roderigo is in love with Othellos wife desdemona and Iago promises that he can get him together with Desdemona. With Roderigos help, iago is able to plot a series of events which eventually leads to convincing Othello that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio, and this not only causes conflict between husband and wife, but leads to Othellos desire to kill Cassio. Thus, Shakespeare suggests that when people are conflicted with jealousy, they may hurt others and even cause their own destruction. At the beginning of the play, iago feels jealous towards Othello and tells Roderigo that I hate the moor: And it is thought abroad, that twixt my sheets he has done my office: i know not ift be true; But i, for mere suspicion. Iago first states that he hates Othello for passing him over for a promotion but he hears rumors that his wife Emilia might have had a fling with Othello.

essay about othello jealousy
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