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Massive earthquake hits Japan - photos - the big

Priority is given to individual freedom and choice over the collective unit. In the globe study, the. Also rated among the highest in performance orientation, assertiveness. Japans culture of collectivism is part of the story of why looting is lacking. Looting is a selfish act that improves your well-being at the expense of anothers. On a fundamental level, thats not in their cultural grain (though Im sure exceptions exist). However, i dont think collectivism is the full story. Reports about looting in the aftermath of Chinas Qinghai earthquake in 2010 are sketchy at best.

Similar to personality tests such as myers-Briggs and keirsey, wallpaper the globe study breaks their analysis down into nine cultural dimensions, among other things. The nine are: Performance orientation, uncertainty avoidance. Humane orientation, societal collectivism, in-group collectivism, assertiveness. Gender egalitarianism, future orientation, power distance, japan is among the highest-rated for societal collectivism and in-group collectivism. Societal collectivism is: The degree to which organizational and societal institutional practices encourage and reward collective distribution of resources and collective action. In-group collectivism is: The degree to which individuals express pride, loyalty and cohesiveness in their organizations or families. Japan also rated among the lowest for assertiveness. In general, collectivist cultures tend to be we and us cultures. They rank shared goals higher than individual desires and goals, preferring to subordinate personal wishes to those of the relevant social unit. The United States, in contrast, is on the other end of the spectrum. We have an individualistic culture that is more about i and.

essay earthquake in japan

Japan: earthquake aftermath - photos - the big Picture

Looting is something we see after almost every tragedy; for example: last years earthquakes in essay haiti and Chile, the floods in England in 2007, and of course hurricane katrina back in 2005. Then he poses the question: Why is there no looting in Japan? Here are.02: update: There clearly is looting in, japan. So take this piece as a wannabe-academic exercise to explain a false phenomenon. Hat tip to commenters oh_snap_its_tom and Erikaharada for pointing these links out. Its the japanese culture. The japanese culture tends to value societal collectivism over individualism. Its also a highly honorific society that favors rational-secular values, though the latter probably doesnt have much to do about the lack of looting. Allow me to explain: Societal Collectivism vs Individualism, wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania publishes a comprehensive cultural study called the globe study, which is an analysis of cultural, societal, organizational, and leadership differences between 62 different societies around the world.

essay earthquake in japan

Japan 's 3/11/11 Mega.1, earthquake : Another

3) he gave me the book. 4) Thousands of fans welkomed the pop singers, who arrived at the airport. 5) The naughty boy's friends taught a very good lesson for him. 6) The earthquake destroyed many buildings in Japan last year. 7) Did the russian architect kazakov designe moscow University? Shaw write this play? Jack cafferty, a cnn commentator, noticed something interesting. Amidst the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, there have been no reports of looting. He contrasts that to other recent disasters: One heart-wrenching byproduct of disasters like this one has been missing in Japan, and thats looting and lawlessness.

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essay earthquake in japan

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Man and women bathe separately except in outdoor hot springs. Foreigners are generally guided through the process, if they wish madison to hoover partake. The water in the bath is very hot and the japanese do this to relax their bodies and let peace enter their soul. P.33) Although the japanese have many customs and daily rituals that are quite different than ours in the United States, tokyo is a city that is highly industrialized, plus most of the japanese speak english, since they are taught the language at a young age. It will be very smart to have an English-Japanese dictionary handy just in case, but tokyo does not seem to be a city to be scared of as an outsider. Immigration Bureau: Statistics on Foreign Residents. Number of Non-Japanese residents in tokyo by country, as of 1999.

Ministry of Justice Office, chiyoda-ku, tokyo japan. The world book encyclopedia. 1998., vol 11,.32-58. Japan National tourist Organization, Travel Bureau. Travelers guide to japan. 1) The dog ate the fruit. 2) Who sang the song?

Culture etiquette: The japanese have a very different culture than the United States. In researching the japanese culture, i have found many interesting everyday etiquette facts. One of the main things that the japanese thrive on is politeness. Crime rates are very low in tokyo, especially for the number of people who live there and much of this stems from their polite and respectful manner. Also, the people in Japan bow a lot.

Visitors are not expected to know the complexities of the bow, however, it is considered rude to ignore the greeting or over bow. Another rude gesture in Japan is blowing your nose in public. It is better to excuse yourself and go to the restroom and blow you nose in private. (Planet tokyo) Where and when shoes are worn in Japan can be confusing. Generally, shoes are not worn in Japanese homes, temples, and various other public places (including restaurants). Planet tokyo, a company that publishes visitor guides, suggests that foreigners follow the lead of the locals in these situations since the customary rules are so complex. Hygiene: Western-style restrooms are found in the larger department stores and many restaurants, however, a japanese-style toilet requires one to squat and aim facing the raised lid. Not every restroom stocks toilet paper in Japan, so it is necessary to carry tissues or toilet paper around with you when in public. (Planet tokyo,.2) The number of public baths has declined in tokyo, however, the custom is still prevalent.

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Apart from the deposit and you need to have a guarantor, or a citizen to? (?tokyo?,.315) Since i am traveling on business, i will not have to rent something in my name nor worry about getting a guarantor. Lucent will provide my co-workers and myself with a company owned apartment to stay in while we are working there. Since space is limited, all six of us (3 male 3 female)will share a two bedroom apartment, a few blocks from our office building. Apartment Location: 7-14-4 Roppongi minato-ku, tokyo japan Transportation: Transportation in Japan is quickest using the rail or subways. Train maps are provided in English at big stations, so language will not be too much of a burden when using the train. Busses are a conveient way of transportation if you are traveling a short distance, however, the bus stop signs are not in English. Our office building is within walking distance from our apartment, so we will not have to concern ourselves with subways and trains report on a daily basis to get to work. We will have to use public transportation to go shopping and for leisure purposes since we are living in a section of town that is primarily office buildings and hotels, block after block.

essay earthquake in japan

P.320) The city is split between the flashy, glitzy, commercial and business districts located west of the central Ginza shopping area, and the more down to earth residential neighborhoods are to the east of the ginza. Tokyo is said to be very westernized and foreigners will find many international companies represented review there. The japanese Immigration Bureau reported that 42,802 Americans lived in Japan in 1999. Some attractions that I would like to see while i am living in tokyo are the tokyo national Museum, which holds the largest collection of Japanese art; the senso-ji temple, a buddhist place of worship and the Shinjuku, which is west of the center (Ginza). S present day entertainment corner. Accommodations: tokyo is a very overcrowed city and searching for rental houses and apartments is very difficult for foreigners. Foreign renters are required to pay a non-refundable deposit, called a?

tokyo japan, money costs: Cash is still widely used in Japan, although credit cards are widely used in tokyo, and other major cities. The currency in Japan is the yen. The exchange rates on August 1, 2000 were.00 (United States Dollars) is equivalent to 109.680 (Japanese yen). Currency converter time: The time zone in Japan is gmt/utc, plus nine hours. The city of tokyo: tokyo, the capital city of Japan, is the third largest city in the world and is currently occupied by 12 million people. (Japan National tourist Org,.2) tokyo is a vast conurbation spreading out across the kanto Plain from the tokyo-wan bay. (Lonely Planet,.8) The city of tokyo was almost completely rebuilt after an earthquake devoured most of the city in 1923 and again after us air raids struck during World War.

Saturday june 30, 2001, united Airlines Flight 852, departs tokyo: 4:00pm Arrives Newark: 7:28pm. Employment Information: I will be employed by lucent Technologies, Inc. (Indirect Channel) usa and sent to assist Lucent Technologies Japan, Ltd. In establishing an Indirect Channel in Japan. The Indirect Channel is responsible for distributing Lucent products through Authorized. Dealers or phone stores. Lucent Japan does not currently have an Indirect Channel in place and five of us from various departments within my organization, will be going. Tokyo to assist them in this process. I will be working directly with the legal department and with other members of my organization to establish applications and contracts help for Authorized dealers.

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Tokyo japan Essay, research Paper, trip to tokyo, japan, trip to tokyo, japan. Purpose of Trip: I will be traveling to tokyo, japan for six months on a business trip. I will be traveling with five other members of my organization at Lucent Technologies to assist. Lucent- japan in their process of developing and reviews implementing an Indirect Channel in their country. Since i will be living in tokyo for six months, it is expected of me to research and learn as much as possible about the japanese culture and the proper etiquette expected of me as a representative of Lucent Technologies, Inc. Flight Information: to search for the best priced round Trip Airline ticket, i received six different"s of prices with two different airlines, United Airlines and Northwest Airlines. The two ends of the pricing spectrum are non-stop, direct flights from Newark International (EWR) to tokyo, japan Narita (NRT). The total cost of my round trip ticket is 1362.50 and my flight schedule is as follows: (m). Wednesday jan 3, 2001, united Airlines Flight 837, departs Newark: 9:00am Arrives tokyo: 5:05pm (1/4).

essay earthquake in japan
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  2. Local time, the tsunami earthquake hit land in southeast Asia and caused a massive amount of death and. Consequences of the Tsunami in, japan 2011. Many older homes in, japan dont meet modern earthquake code and have proven a major liability. Photo from Stephen vaughans photo essay a catfish Sleeps.

  3. 5) The naughty boy was taught a very good lesson by his friends.6) Many buildings were destroyed by the earthquake in, japan. An essay under the title. Amidst the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami in, japan, there have been no reports of looting.

  4. Healthier being a meat-Eater Or a vegetarian. Contracts/Legal Department in, japan to help establish a daily routine, similar to ours. Earthquake devoured most of the city in 1923 and again after. It means the earthquake in, japan was about 1600 times stronger than the east coast earthquake.

  5. Volcano high, jimmy buffett volcano. Iceland volcano, volcano girls. Hawaii volcano, super volcano yellowstone. Earthquake, in, japan, causes The Tsunami Engineering, essay.

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