European union and turkey essay

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Without enlargement, the Union would be less able to combat organized crime, illegal immigration and terrorism. As a result, disillusion with the Union in the applicant countries would feed European skepticism in the member states. The push and pull factors of migration explicitly states that if the economic situation is not improving in the applicant countries, then low skilled workers will have ample reasons to migrate immediately due to negative expectations about their native economic situation. When income distribution is more unequal in the native country than in the host country and with the introduction of a minimum wage in the european Union will contribute to a huge influx of migration. The higher the minimum wage, the stronger the incentive to migrate from Eastern Europe to the european Union. The macro economic gains from migration poses a distribution conflict; you can compensate this distribution conflict by introducing a tax on capital gains, however, due to globalization there is a risk of flight capital.

A recent study of the commission estimates that enlargement could increase the growth of gdp of the acceding countries by between.3 and.1 percentage points annually, and advertising for the existing members it could increase the level of gdp.7 percentage point. There have been several studies of the impact of enlargement on the labour market and migratory flows. An extensive study made for the commission suggested anterolisthesis that only about 335,000 people would move to the eu-15 countries from Central and Eastern Europe even if there were free movement of workers immediately on accession (Pinden 38). The european Union has now agreed on a flexible transition period of up to seven years for limiting the inflow of workers from new member states. Countries will significantly benefit from an enlarged Union — a single set of trade rules, a single tariff, and a single set of administrative procedures will apply not only to the current countries but also to the new European Union. This will simplify dealings for third-country operators within Europe and improve conditions for investment and trade. The cost or elimination of expansion will have derogatory effects for both its current members and for the applicant countries. The delay in enlarging the single market and lower economic growth in the applicant countries would deprive member states of economic benefits. For the applicant countries, the failure to join or the inability to meet the european Unions strict guidelines would potentially weaken the incentive for economic reform, discourage foreign investment and reduce economic growth. It could thus create political instability in Europe and even undermine democracy, with potential repercussions for the Union and applicant countries.

european union and turkey essay

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The Treaty includes important changes to streamline decision-making in an enlarged Union; extension of majority voting to more policy areas in the council of Ministers, in place of decision-making by unanimity; dark new weighting of votes of member states in the council, to take account. The applicants will also benefit from access to a single market. The centre for Economic Policy research study estimates that enlargement will boost their gdp between ecu23 and ecu50 billion (m).Findings published by the european round Table for Industrialists last month estimates that enlargement will create around 2 million extra jobs in the candidates (m). Numerous economic analyses have concluded that the benefits of enlargement outweigh the costs. Although the benefits are relatively larger for the potential members because they start from a lower economic base, there are gains for both sides. Moreover, the future members, already exposed to the challenge of globalization, will help the european Union to surmount. A key academic study in 1997 by the centre for Economic Policy research estimated that accession of countries of Central and Eastern Europe would even in a conservative scenario bring an economic gain for the eu-15 of 10 billion, and for the new members.

european union and turkey essay

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The addition of more than one hundred million people into the european Unions market of 370 million will boost economic growth and create jobs in both current and new member states. There will be a better quality of life for citizens throughout Europe as the new members adopt European Union policies for protection of the environment, the fight against crime, drugs and illegal immigration. The arrival of new members will enrich the eu through increased cultural diversity, interchange of ideas, and better understanding of other ways of life (m). The enlargement will strengthen the Unions role in world affairs, writing foreign and security policy, trade policy, and other areas of global governance. This enlargement will create the largest single market for trade and investment in the world; at five hundred million consumers, the enlarged European Union will be bigger than the American and Japanese economies combined. The conditions for success for the enlargement of the european Union rests upon the fact that potential applicants must fulfill all the criteria required for membership. The european Union needs to prepare itself adequately to receive them. The european council in Nice in December 2000 reached agreement on a new Treaty that paves the way for enlargement. With the ratification of the Treaty, the european Union will be ready to welcome new members.

In this essay i will determine the benefits and conditions for success of the enlargement of the european Union. I will also determine if the current members will benefit from the enlargement and illustrate all the potential costs of eliminating or postponing another expansion. Additionally, i will address the potential consequences of the enlargement of the european Union including the potentially huge mass migration of low skilled eastern European workers to the european Union. Finally, i will discuss the issue of agriculture in the applicant countries and outline their many deficiencies that require substantial restructuring and modernization. Enlargement presents a historic opportunity to unite a continent that has been divided for many years. The success of the enlargement is a historic challenge. It stimulates bonds between east and west and lays the foundation for financial prosperity, peace and democracy in Europe. The applicants to the european Union include: Bulgaria, cyprus, Estonia, poland, turkey, hungary, latvia, czech Republic, malta, romania, slovenia, slovak republic, lithuania. The expansion of the european Union will increase the scope for peace, stability and prosperity in Europe and will enhance the security of its entire people.

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european union and turkey essay

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The objective of the love european Union is to promote economic and social progress; assert the european identity internationally; introduce european citizenship; develop an area of freedom, security and justice; and with continual emphasis on community that will add to the Unions strength, cohesion and influence. There are five institutions involved that manage the european Union: the european Parliament, elected by the people of the member states; the council representing the governments of the member states; the commission made up of the executive and the body who has the right. At the luxembourg summit in 1997, the european Union announced a two-tier proposal for the enlargement of the european Union where it could potentially allow thirteen new eastern European countries to enter the european Union. The enlargement of the european Union is an excellent opportunity to extend stability and prosperity to new members through peaceful measures (t/comm/enlargement. This growth is advantageous to its members given the number of potential candidates, the geographical area, the population and the wealth of different histories and cultures.

This expansion to include new members will put the european Union in an excellent position to embrace globalization, and to strengthen and defend the european social model. We will write a custom essay sample on European Union specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on European Union specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on European Union specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, all applicants must meet specific economic and political criteria to become members of the european Union. This criteria was developed in Copenhagen to solidify stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights and respect for and protection of minorities; the existence of a functioning market economy as well as the capacity to cope with competitive pressure and market.

European Union is the worlds way of globalization in economy. When being a member of ıt, a country takes ıts boundaries away to the other members. I think, ıt ıs a very controversial ıssue from this poınt of view. Thinking that people who sacrificing their blood makes me take ıt into consideration. And ın another poınt taking away boundaries means that you are the fan of peace because boundaries are the threat towards to your enemies. But does this peace have to be restricted to a union?

Or why does a member who accepts the rule of taking away its boundaries   go into war with another? It ıs because this union is created just for. The european Union, which was previously known as the european Community is an institutional framework that began in 1951 between six countries with the intention of constructing a unified Europe. The european Union was created after World War ii to economically and politically unite europe so that another war among the european nations would not occur. The enlargement of the european Union is a historic opportunity to foster peace after generations of division and conflict. After fifty plus years and four waves of accessions there are now fifteen member countries. As a result, three hundred and seventy million people share common institutions and policies that have brought an unprecedented era of stability and prosperity to western Europe.

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It is that when globalization occurs, we will lose our own culture, tradition etcIn different words. We have to change the habits we have, the ways we livehow can the qualities of our lives and opportunities that they support be worth to losing our owns. For instance turkey, so called, developing country wants strongly to be a member of European union and make every adaption which this union want turkey to have happen. Turkey wants this union just to decrease the high rate of unemployment and make its citizens live comfortably and grow its economy. But just being a member cannot solve any countrys problems. Moreover European Union accepts only the countries that they see as developed as they want. In short to become a member of ıt, country have to come to degree plan of development and when come to this degree, ıt is meaningless to be tied to a union that has the authority of having words to say in your country.

european union and turkey essay

It only remains to wait and see. Sources adings from course packet. Moustakis, fotis, contemporary review. 1998) depaul lib databases. European Union country report (eiu 1999 4th quarter, p16, 4p, depaul lib data bases). Need of European Union, there are different ways of thinking writing about being a member of European Union. For a country is it unavoidable opportunity of improving? Should the quality of life in a country just be based upon a unity? But when thinking about its utilities in different fields, there is something left to take it into consideration.

been reluctant to continue its privatization policies until the employment situation improves. Therefore, as a result of Turkeys weak economic infrastructure, it will become a loss rather than gain to the eu were it to become a member. In conclusion I think turkey will not be admitted to the eu in the near future but a definite possibility in the long run. On the political side its democracy still fails to meet Western standards in terms of individual civil and political rights, it is clearly more developed than most of the other current candidate countries political system. Also key to the improvement of candidacy status have been the abatement of repression on the kurds. A further positive sign has been the, for a revision of the constitution, and such legislative action as well.

Furthermore, under the democracy and human rights agenda turkeys not so disturbing actions towards its own Kurdish citizens and their rights in a modern democracy is another tripping stone for it, so a solid problem in connection with government and rule persists. A growing, islamist movement and the continuing gain in popularity of the pro-Islamic political parties is another problem that Turkey faces at home, the european Union not taking paper too kindly to such orientation inside turkey. Radicalism of this sort is definitely a minus point in their bid for membership. Here too we see the connection with government and law. This growth of support for such movements may be attributed to the blatant European rejection of Turkey at the. People have grown weary of continuous rejection and probably the growth in popularity for the alternative parties an be attributed to such matters. Finally the, turkish economic burden on the eus budget represents the greatest obstacle for its membership in the union. Once a member Turkey would qualify for assistance from the eu funding bodies and could bankrupt the eu funds for such areas as economic improvement and structural growth. The admission of Turkey would release a flood of economic refugees into the other member states.

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European Union Essay, research Paper, turkey and the, european union. Let us begin this by looking at what the eu wants from Turkey. The criteria for eu membership adopted by the copenhagen European council in June 1993 require that a candidate country has achieved stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights, and respect for and protection of minorities; has a functioning market economy. Thus we resume can look at what Turkey is facing now. The main problem that faces Turkey is that it is still not a functioning and stable democracy that has the rule of law, that is respecting human rights and protecting minorities. The sporadic disappearances of people in the custody of the authorities and also the suppression of the right of free press and expression in connection with the kurdish problem has been a stalemate. Also the eus concerns about the role of the army in political life have to be addressed.

european union and turkey essay
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