Graphologist handwriting and signature analysis

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Individual characteristics may include:. Unique, individual handwriting characteristics. Trash marks from copiers. Copying and Printing devices In a photocopier, the original document is placed on the glass plate, and then it is exposed by use of reflected light to a drum that is covered with a photosensitive material. The image of that document exists on the drum as an invisible positive photoelectric charge. Negatively charged toner, the messy black powdery stuff, is drizzled onto the drum, where it sticks to only the positively charged areas. Paper, with a positive charge, passes the drum, causing the negatively charged toner to transfer to the paper. The toner is then heat sealed to the paper, creating the printed copy.

Expert who looks at the linguistic content (the way something is written) of a questioned document. Language that is used can help to establish the writers age, gender, ethnicity, level of education, professional training, and ideology. Ink honeywell / Ink Analysis. Chromatography is a method of physically separating the components of inks. Types hplc—high-performance liquid chromatography tlc—thin-layer chromatography paper Chromatography. Paper Chromatography of Ink Two samples of black ink from two different manufacturers have been characterized using paper chromatography. Paper Properties like burst, fold, tear, Opacity. Hardness scale a traditional new measure of the hardness of the leads (actually made of graphite) in pencils. The hardness scale, from softer to harder, takes the form., 3B, 2b, b, hb, f, h, 2H, 3H, 4H,., with the standard number 2 pencil being of hardness. Class characteristics may include:. General types of pens.

graphologist handwriting and signature analysis

Signature, analysis, handwriting, analysis

Types of Forgery. Check fraud forgery / counterfeit / Alterations. Paper money - counterfeit. Identity - social Security / Drivers license. Credit cards - theft of card or number. Art—imitation with intent to deceive microscopic examination Electromagnetic radiation Chemical analysis. Contracts—alterations of contracts, medical records. Obliterations—removal of writing by physical or chemical means can be detected by: microscopic examination uv or infrared (IR) light digital image processing. Indentations make can be detected by: Oblique lighting Electrostatic detection apparatus (esda) m/video/22036861?

graphologist handwriting and signature analysis

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Equipment Used In Handwriting Analysis. Methods of Forgery. Simulated forgery—one made by copying a genuine signature. Traced forgery—one made by tracing a genuine signature. Blind forgery—one made without a model of the signature. Free resume hand Forgery - forgeries are written with no knowledge of the appearance of the original. Lifted Forgery - in which tape is used to lift off a signature, then place it on another document.

The document examiner must have enough exemplars to make a determination of whether or not the two samples match. The speed of a writer is a key indicator for qde in the examination process. fast and slow speeds are difficult to duplicate leaving behind inconsistencies in the writing. The subject should not be shown the questioned document. The subject is not told how to spell words or use punctuation. The subject should use materials similar to those of the document. The dictated text should match some parts of the document. The subject should be asked to sign the text. Always have a witness.

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graphologist handwriting and signature analysis

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connection of letters to each other capitalization punctuation. Individual Characteristics: Unique features of letters. Is the letter o open or closed Is the nwritten with a pointed tip *Handwriting samples change about every seven years*. Basic Characteristics For Comparing Handwriting. Overall Form The size, shape, slant, and analyst strokes of the letters. Line features Writing speed, pen pressure, spacing between letters and words and how the letters are connected.

Margins and Format. Content Grammar, punctuation and word choice. Analysis of the known writing with a determination of the characteristics found in the known. Analysis of the questioned or unknown writing and determination of its characteristics. Comparison of the questioned writing with the known writing. Evaluation of the evidence, including the similarities and dissimilarities between the questioned and known writing.

Handwriting Handwriting analysis involves two phases:. The hardware—ink, paper, pens, pencils, typewriter, printers, photocopies. Visual examination of the writing Investigations include verification; authentication; characterizing papers, pigments, and inks. Examples include letters, checks, licenses, contracts, wills, passports etc. Word and letter spacing.

Beginning and ending strokes. Unusual letter formation. Shading or pen pressure. Flourishes or embellishments. Handwriting: Individual or Class evidence? Class Characteristics: features and dimensions of letters.

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was the document written on the date indicated? Are there erasures on the document? Are there alterations or obliterations on the document? What was originally written before the alteration or under the obliteration? Are there perforations, folds, staple holes, shakespeare or other physical clues on the document? was the entire document rewritten, or was it prepared sequentially, over a period of time? Types of Examinations handwriting Comparisons Ink Examinations Indented Writing Alterations paper Analysis Photocopy Analysis typewriting And other related sections.

graphologist handwriting and signature analysis

Some typical Document Examination questions. Is the signature genuine? Is the document forged, and if so is it forged by a particular person? Is the same person positive the author of several documents? did someone guide a person's hand as a will was signed? did the doctor come back later and alter the medical records? did the signer of the document also initial the changes? What is written under the crossed out portion of the writing?

specialists—analyze altered, obliterated, changed, or doctored documents and photos. Typewriting analysts—determine origin, make, and model. Computer crime investigators—investigate cybercrime. Document Examination, forensic document examination involves the analysis and comparison of questioned documents with known material in order to identify whenever possible, the author or origin of the questioned document. a questioned document is one in which a document in its entirety, or in part, is subject to question as to authenticity and/or origin. Any signature, handwriting, typewriting, or other marks whose source or authenticity is in dispute or is doubtful.

The hidden meaning of Handwriting. Successfully reported this slideshow. Handwriting and Document Examination, upcoming paperless SlideShare, loading. Show More, no downloads, no notes for slide. Handwriting and document, analysis. Prashant mehta, assistant professor, national law university, jodhpur. Handwriting and document analysis.

Graphology, handwriting signature, analysis

Handwriting analysis, also known as Graphology, provides answers to many questions connected with personality. This can be achieved with such depth and accuracy that it often seems uncanny. To the Graphologist, a page of handwriting says far more than the actual contents of the letter because the handwriting itself reveals so much more about the true personality of the writer. Spoken words can be manipulated to hide real thoughts and feelings; but the genuine emotions and attitudes inherent in the handwriting that forges those words cannot be falsified. The reason for this is short that handwriting is intimately connected with ones thought processes and emotions and is therefore a very personal part of ones make-up. Written words take shape on paper in spontaneous movements that minutely reflect the attitudes and feelings of the writer so that handwriting becomes a fine and sensitive gauge of sentiment. A good handwriting analysis gives an accurate and realistic description of a personality that the reader was unable to acquire in any other way. But to achieve this end, the analyst needs to have a blend of technical expertise and human understanding. It is a combination which demands of the analyst both scientific accuracy and creative synthesis.

graphologist handwriting and signature analysis
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To the Graphologist, a page of handwriting says far more than the actual contents of the letter because the. A good handwriting analysis gives.

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  1. Lifted Forgery - in which tape is used to lift off a signature, then place. David Bennett Graphologist Entertainer Speaker Performs Handwriting Analysis Audiences. is the non Alexa rated largest website.

  2. Please dont think you can become a graphologist overnight or expect to become an armchair psychologist. He knew I did handwriting analysis and told. Handwriting, and, document, analysis, prashant mehta assistant professor.

  3. The graphologist s conclusions may indicate the degree to which. Despite the lack of evidence of a direct link between handwriting analysis and various. Since 1967, our organization has been working hard to promote handwriting analysis. Certified, graphologist, who recently passed our ahaf certification.

  4. Although graphology's ability to probe into the depths of the mind is questionable, this form of handwriting analysis actually can. By examining a handwriting sample, an expert graphologist is able to identify relevant features of the handwritten. Of handwriting and its analysis was. Is a set of activities aimed to establish the ownership of the manuscript handwriting and signature to a particular person.

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