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Given that our site went live to the public only days ago, there is no telling whether ArtCorgi will ultimately fail or succeed. But our experiences with Gigaverse and ArtCorgi have been like night and day. When I created my first startup, i thought entrepreneurialism was all about pragmatism and practicality. Over the past several months, i have learned that starting a business also requires some spark and romance — not, perhaps, literal romance as it was in my case, but certainly a level of romance that catches customers' and clients' attention. The reddit proposal, commissioned by malcolm Collins. Most important, i have discovered the power that simple ideas can have.

We realized that although commissioning art online is a hassle, methodology we have the opportunity to make it better. We also realized people's interest in Malcolm's commissioned art, rather than Gigaverse, meant his marriage proposal touched on a compelling idea. Art commissions may be obscure, purely recreational and indulgent, but there is something about them that resonates with people. An artwork from Malcolm Collins's marriage proposal to the author via reddit, commissioned from the artist Sumi. Rather than spending more than six months researching the commissions space, i created a simple microsoft Word document outlining the strengths and weaknesses of other online art commissioning channels and emailed several hundred artists to learn about their personal pain points and needs with regard. Rather than hiring a developer to build our site (which we simply couldn't afford to do, given our bootstrapped funds were dwindling i taught myself how to build our online marketplace. What resulted was something that, while perhaps not practical, was compelling. ArtCorgi, our solution to the online art commissions hassle, launched this January. Now, anyone can easily commission art as a romantic gesture for a loved one — or simply a cool gift for a friend, family member or colleague. ArtCorgi's launch went well. We got excellent media coverage, our friends and family love the idea, and we're getting positive feedback from artists and clients alike.

i have a business proposal for you

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The artists from whom Malcolm commissioned art for the proposal were flooded with requests. We blew off the attention. Commissioning art online is really tough. Malcolm emailed about 300 artists just to review get commissions from. It took him countless hours to coordinate each work's completion. Besides, we were working on Gigaverse, and were frustrated that people didn't want to speak with us about that. We only realized we had a business opportunity on our hands after we began to come to terms with Gigaverse's lackluster launch.

i have a business proposal for you

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The co-founder with whom I quit my job to work on Gigaverse also happened to be my boyfriend at the time. We grew closer while working together. He proposed to me in August. This co-founder/boyfriend of mine, malcolm Collins, didn't go for the typical marriage proposal. Instead, knowing I love art and reddit, he commissioned 21 pieces of art from 18 different artists that depicted the two of us, packaged them with a bunch of Advice Animals ( common online images paired with text overlay that are used to convey advice. I was surprised and enthralled (and, of course, said yes). Lots of other people were surprised and enthralled by malcolm's proposal as well — it went kind of viral. In the months following Malcolm's marriage proposal, we were repeatedly asked about the art he commissioned. Friends, family and strangers regularly approached us, asking how they could commission art of their own.

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i have a business proposal for you

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Before quitting my job, i extensively researched the growth of independent careers and online education; put together a detailed business plan; ran prepare my idea by an endless stream of entrepreneurs, experts and professionals; hired a developer to help me build the site; and saved. I spent the summer creating detailed courses on the top independent careers online. I wrote hundreds of pages of lessons, quizzes, guides and interviews. I created an automated grading, vetting and credentialing system. I did everything I could to ensure the site would be a useful, practical resource. Gigaverse launched in September 2013.

Despite great efforts, the site got almost no press coverage. Despite heavy outreach, few visitors graced the site. By november, my co-founder rental and I began to come to terms with the fact that Gigaverse was going nowhere — at least in its current state. A logo from the collins's new ArtCorgi website. Little did we realize that ever since the summer, a far more compelling startup had been pounding at our door.

ArtCorgi, a company that helps people commission personalized, original art. She contributed this article to businessNewsDaily's. Expert voices: Op-Ed insights. This is the story of two startups: One is practical; the other is compelling. Which one do you think did better? Startup A was inspired by a serious and growing need, created over 13 months, bolstered by thousands of emails and extensive market research, built with the help of an expensive developer with a great reputation and associated with a booming online industry.

Startup B was inspired by a touching romantic gesture, created in fewer than two months, bolstered by several hundred informal emails and cursory competitive research, built independently (with lots of googling) and associated with an obscure online niche. If you had asked me six months ago which startup would do better, i would say startup. Boy, was I wrong! This past year, i learned that startup ideas can come from unexpected places, and that doing everything "right" and building something practical are not nearly as important as presenting a simple, compelling idea. An artwork from Malcolm Collins's marriage proposal to the author via reddit, commissioned from the artist Denoro. Credit: Denoro, i quit my job in may 2013 to work on the "right" company: Gigaverse. Gigaverse offers a series of free courses and guides designed to help people establish independent careers as self-employed professionals and one-person businesses.

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Our company 'amethyst Marketing' has been in business for the past 8 years, and has worked with some reputed organizations in the market, providing them with competitive marketing report solutions. We provide william end to end marketing services, and i am sure will be able to help you resolve your concerns and achieve the goals satisfactorily. Our proposal is highly flexible to include all your requirements, in terms of financial flexibility and binding terms and conditions. I would appreciate if given an opportunity to meet you in person and discuss how our expertise in the market can help you achieve your organization goals. Waiting in anticipation of a positive reply. Sincerely, (Signature) Janelle bell Chief Executive officer Amethyst Marketing Enclosures: Business Proposal (subject to approval) Information brochures From the business proposal cover letter samples given above, we hope you will be able to draft an impressive business proposal cover letter. Also, you can look for how to write business event Invitation Letter and Business goodbye letter writing tips for more samples. Simone collins's husband, malcolm Collins, proposed to her on reddit using 21 commissioned artworks, including this one. Simone collins is founder and chief operating officer.

i have a business proposal for you

Recruitment or selection of investigating officer will be done by a panel comprising of 2 members from both the parties. Do mail us your feedback concerning these changes, and short your acceptance of the same. Waiting in anticipation of a favorable reply, and looking forward to working with you, and helping each other to achieve individual and combined organization goals. Regards, (Signature bryon Perez, business development Manager, private-eye detective services Inc. Enclosure: revised Business Proposal. Business Proposal cover Letter Sample 2 Janelle bell Chief Executive officer Amethyst Marketing 201 w university Rd Tempe Arizona - 8043 United States Tel: (480) Email: web: m October 17th, 2011 Alfred Sanders Director Tempest events Organizers 14se, highland Blvd Topeka kansas - 4102 United. Sanders, This is with reference to your notice in the national paper 'The happenings' dated 15th October, 2011 regarding marketing partners; I would like to present my company as a prospective partner providing marketing services for your company. Please find enclosed a copy of preliminary business Proposal (subject to approval by both parties) and information brochures, for your consideration. I would like to take this opportunity to present our company and highlight key features of the proposal.

any outstanding issues. Duration of the term: 2 years. Services included: Residential address verification on new employees. Professional and personal background examination on request basis. Private investigation of recommended cases, if completely confidential. Any breach of agreement to be settled in State court of Arizona, only. Financial obligations to any loss incurred to any party, will be not be more than the actual declared value, or usd 25000/- whichever is less.

So, while writing your business proposal cover letter, length may vary from proposal to proposal, you must try to keep it as precise as possible, but descriptive as well. Sample business Proposal cover Letter. Bryon Perez, business development Manager, private-eye detective services Inc. 88 University St, mesa. Arizona - 8403, united States, tel: (520) 633 3346, email: paper date: 17th October, 2011. Daniel Jackson, general Manager, national Security Agency, hood road Ln 101. Palm beach Gardens, florida - 7501, united States, tel: (786) 002 7102, email: sub: revised draft of Business Proposal, dear. Jackson, It is with regards to our previously held meetings and discussions; i am forwarding the revised Business Proposal after incorporating the desired changes.

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Resume cover Letters sample letters business Letters » Business Proposal cover Letter, a wood cover letter for any document or application is always helpful in better presentation of the document, and explaining various aspects related. A business proposal cover letter is sent with the similar intention to better explain the accompanying business proposal, and highlight the unique aspects associated with. A business proposal cover letter plays a very crucial role in the introduction of your proposal to the clients, as it can effectively guide the client's attention to the details you wish to highlight for its approval. All this, makes it very important for the entrepreneur's, especially from budding businesses, to draft an impressive cover letter for the deal to be closed affirmatively. On the web, you may find lots of business proposal cover letter examples available for free. However, you need to make appropriate changes in all, to customize them as per your requirements. In this section, we have given two examples of cover letters for business proposal, with each having its own design. You can refer to the one at par with your organizational policies. There can be different business proposals, some may require a long explanation, and others may not.

i have a business proposal for you
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  1. For, proposal (RFP) for erp. Your rfp should also include information on your key people, your customers and your present business environment. Our proposal is highly flexible to include all your requirements, in terms of financial flexibility and binding terms and conditions.

  2. Wondering how to write a proposal? Read on to find out. An art-focused marriage proposal that went viral on reddit led the recipient, simone collins, to re-evaluate her startup concept and engage an entirely new venture: commissioned art.

  3. 40 Super Tips for, super Smart, business, proposal, writing. Fortunately one of our very own m freelancers has provided us with some fantastic proposal writing tips. What information do have regarding federal government proposal writing? Writing every proposal with care and confidence will promote your company as the company that gets the job done.

  4. Goals of the project —This is the meat of the proposal. What are the parts of a, proposal? Proposal kit pro 6 0 web proposals contracts and business forms. Four Tips On Talking to your Clients After They read your.

  5. If your proposal doesn t prove that your solution works, it s not an adequate solution. Error Free: your proposal will be competing with proposals prepared by professional writers, graphic designers and desktop publishers. If you re not certain of correct terminology, consult with someone knowledgeable before submitting your proposal. Writing grant proposals - an essential skill In order to obtain funding, it is important that you write a grant proposal in an appropriate manner.

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