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Other canonical materials, such as in the paṭisambhidāmagga, elaborate on it as a practice. And yet other canonical sources, such as the Abhidhamma, underline the key role of benevolence in the development of wholesome karma for better rebirths. This basic statement of intention and verse can also be found in several other canonical discourses. 26 Karaniya metta sutta (Sn.8) edit main article: Metta sutta may all beings be happy and secure, may they be happy-minded. Whatever living beings there are - feeble or strong, long, stout or medium, short, small or large, seen or unseen (ghosts, gods and hell-beings those dwelling far or near, those who are born or those who await rebirth may all beings, without exception be happy-minded. Let none deceive another nor despise any person whatever in any place; in anger or ill-will let them not wish any suffering to each other. Just as a mother would protect her only child at the risk of her own life, even so, let him cultivate a boundless heart towards all beings.

20 The early buddhist texts assert that pre-buddha ancient Indian sages who taught these virtues were earlier incarnations of the buddha. 20 Post-Buddha, these same virtues are found sales in the hindu texts such as verse.33 of the yoga sutras of Patañjali, wherein the word maitri is synonymous with Metta. 21 loving-kindness (maitri along with compassion and equanimity, are found in the early Upanishads of Hinduism, while loving-kindness (metta) is found in early sutras of jainism along with compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity. 22 The ancient Indian Paccekabuddhas mentioned in the early buddhist Suttas, those who lived before the buddha, mention all "four immeasurables" and Brahmavihara, and they are claimed in the suttas to be previous incarnations of the buddha. 20 According to peter Harvey, the buddhist scriptures acknowledge that the metta -concept containing four Brahmavihara meditation practices "did not originate within the buddhist tradition". 23 The buddha never claimed that the "four immeasurables" and related Metta -meditation were his unique ideas, states Harvey aronson, in a manner similar to "cessation, quieting, nirvana". 24 The pre-buddha Chandogya upanishad, states jayatilleke, in section.15 teaches metta and ahimsa to all creatures claiming that this practice leads to Brahmaloka. 25 The shift statement in Vedic ideas, from rituals to virtues, is particularly discernible in the early Upanishadic thought, and it is unclear as to what extent and how early Upanishadic traditions of Hinduism and Sramanic traditions such as Buddhism and jainism influenced each other,. 20 In the jain text, the tattvartha sutra (Chapter 7, sutra 11 which is accepted by all jainism sub-traditions as authoritative, there is a mention of four right sentiments: maitri, pramoda, karunya, madhyastha: Benevolence towards all living beings, joy at the sight of the virtuous. Buddhist texts edit buddhist Perfections Colored items are in both lists. In the pāli canon, the term metta appears in many texts such as the kakacupama sutta and Karaniya metta sutta.

kindness essay

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Benevolence, kindness and amity. The practice generally consists of silent repetitions of phrases such as "may you be happy" or "may you be free from suffering for example directed at a person who, depending on tradition, may or may not be internally visualized. 9 Two different methodological approaches have been discerned in recent review papers, practices that focus on compassion and practices focussing on loving-kindness. Focussing on compassion means that meditation consists of the wish to relieve a being from suffering, whereas focussing on loving-kindness means wishing a being happiness. 9 10 The practice gradually increases in difficulty with respect to the targets that receive the practitioners compassion or loving-kindness. At first the practitioner is targeting "oneself, then loved ones, neutral ones, difficult ones and finally all beings, with variations across traditions". 9 A 2015 meta-analysis synthesising various high quality experiments on loving-kindness meditation, found a medium sized improvement to daily positive emotion, with meditation on the loving-kindness aspect of metta having a greater effect than practices with a focus on compassion. The length of time meditating did not affect the magnitude of positive impact of the practice. 19 Origins edit Prior to the advent of the buddha, according to martin Wiltshire, there existed the traditions dissertation of Brahma-loka and meditation with the four virtues of loving-kindness, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity.

kindness essay

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14 The term is found in this sense in the vedic literature, 14 such as the Shatapatha Brahmana and various early Upanishads, and Vedanga literature such as Pāṇini 's Aṣṭādhyāyī.4.36. 13 The term appears in Buddhist texts as an important concept and practice. 14 Buswell and Lopez, as well as Harvey, translate metta as "loving-kindness". 15 16 In Buddhist belief, this is a brahma-vihara (divine abode) or an immeasurable that leads to a meditative state by being a counter to ill-will. It removes clinging to negative state of mind, by cultivating kindness unto all beings. 16 The "far enemy" of Metta is hate or ill-will, a mind-state in obvious opposition. The "near enemy" (quality which superficially resembles Metta but is in fact more subtly in opposition to it is (attached) greed : here too one likes seeing a virtue, but for the wrong reason. 17 18 Mettā meditation edit mettā meditation, or often loving-kindness meditation, is the practice concerned with the cultivation of Mettā,.


The cultivation of benevolence ( mettā bhāvanā ) is a popular form of meditation in Buddhism. 6, it is a part of the four immeasurables. Brahmavihara (divine abidings) meditation. 7, metta as 'compassion meditation' is often practiced in Asia by broadcast chanting, wherein monks chant for the laity. 6, the compassion and universal loving-kindness concept of Metta is discussed in the metta sutta of Buddhism, and is also found in the ancient and medieval texts of Hinduism and jainism as Metta or maitri. 8 Small sample studies on the potential of loving-kindness meditation approach on patients suggest potential benefits. 9 10 However, peer reviews question the quality and sample size of these studies, then suggest caution. 11 12 Contents Etymology and meaning edit mettā is a pali word, from maitrī itself derived from mitra which, states Monier-Williams, means "friendly, amicable, benevolent, affectionate, kind, good-will 13 as well as a form of "love, amity, sympathy".

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kindness essay

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For years now, in hotel bars in Chiang mai, in lobbies in Singapore, cocktail lounges in Colombo and kuala lumpur and Hong Kong, wherever I go, i find a filipino cover band able, on request, to play "Dark side of best the moon" note for note. I had to know more. Where do they all come from? I hope the overseas Filipinos and our fans in the Philippines like this episode more than they liked the last one on our other show. This is certainly not the definitive show on the Philippines - and it will not be our last show there. I imagine this time around there will be tears.

At least I hope. We tried to do right by people who've been very, very good to us). For the American basketball player, see. Mettā pali ) or maitrī sanskrit ) means benevolence, 1 loving-kindness, 2 3 friendliness, 3 4 amity, 4 good will, 5 and active interest in others. 4, it is the first of the four sublime states (. Brahmavihāras ) and one of the ten pāramīs of the, theravāda school of Buddhism.

Overseas workers account for an enormous and vital part of the lives of those who remain. The government cannot be counted on to take care of its people - and Filipinos often have had to get really good at a do-it-yourself way of getting by, and hopefully, rising. You see that attitude everywhere in Manila - in the makeshift jeepneys that shuttle people to work and back, to the cobbled together homes in the poorer districts. Hammered together scrap wood but swept, kept clean, decorated with flowers or holiday decorations. It's personal, not everyone in the Philippines, i should stress, has such limited options.

But it is the overseas worker and those they have had to leave behind who interest me most this episode. I guess you could say it's personal. You will meet, in this episode, one woman - only one (and there are many, many like her) - who, in her 30 years abroad, separated from her children, raised dozens of people up, sent them to school, helped to improve their lives, built homes. It is an astounding story and not at all an unusual one. Anthony bourdain heads to the Philippines and samples "possibly the best thing you could ever eat with a cold beer." Sunday at. There was one other bit of business I had to investigate.

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Why they care so much - for each other - for strangers. Because my experience is far from unusual. Hundreds of thousands - maybe millions - of children have been raised by filipino nannies. Usually mothers of their own children who they were forced to leave behind in the Philippines. Doctors, nurses, housekeepers, babysitters, in so many cases, people who you'd call "caregivers" but who, in every case i've ever heard of, actually care. Where does this kindness, this instinct for. For sure, to go abroad and look after others is a huge part of the Philippine economy.

kindness essay

- if not to family members, to someone in need. Why do filipinos care so much? L e v a r t, so, that's what this episode is really about. It's not about the Philippines. How could it be? There are over 7,000 islands in the Philippine archipelago and I'm pretty sure i'll die ignorant of most of them. It's not even about Filipinos - as my experience, however intimate, is limited in the extreme. And, as it turned out, our plans to explore beyond Manila were foiled by typhoon. This episode is an attempt to address the question of why so many filipinos are so damn caring.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, new years, vacations and writing birthdays are celebrated together, our families in and out of each others' homes interchangeably. So, i have noticed some things, some features of Filipino daily life that I thought worth investigating. There's always singing, for instance. Everybody seems to sing - an affinity passed on to my daughter. Family - and church, of course, loom large (even in my otherwise atheistic household). My daughter is no stranger to sisig and sinigang and adobo and holds me in disregard for being unable to procure her the delicious Filipino pastries and breads she finds at her other family's home. She knows a few phrases in Tagalog and looks at me pityingly when I don't know what she's talking about.

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(CNN) — tagalog, the language of the. Philippines, is not an uncommon thing to hear in my household. Like many children all over the world, my daughter arrived home from the hospital to find a filipino baby nurse. Vangie was with her from the very beginning of her life, and in time, my daughter came to know her son, her daughter-in law, their kid - and in time, an extended family and friends - in New Jersey, southern California and the bay area. And of course, most importantly, jacques, vangie's grandson, her best friend, from whom she has been inseparable essay since infancy - her older brother in every way but biological. If I go back through old photos today, at least half will be of the two of them together. Anthony bourdain and Anderson cooper talk about the cuisine of the Philippines. "Parts Unknown" goes to the Philippines Sunday at.

kindness essay
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  3. Students get published, win prizes, teachers earn school supplies. The best of Kindness 2017: poetry of Kindness Origami poems Project, jan keough, kevin keough, mary Ann mayer, lauri burke, peg quinn, helen Burke, carl-Peter mayer, kevin & Jan keough. Are there small or large gestures when it comes to kindness?

  4. Mettā or maitrī means benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, amity, good will, and active interest in others. It is the first of the four sublime states (Brahmavihāras) and one of the ten pāramīs of the Theravāda school of e cultivation of benevolence (mettā bhāvanā) is a popular form of meditation in is a part of the four immeasurables in Brahmavihara. Creative communication Enter our writing contests.

  5. Congratulations, by the way: Some Thoughts on Kindness george saunders. Free shipping on qualifying offers. New york times bestseller this inspiring meditation on kindness from the author of Lincoln in the bardo is based on his popular commencement address. Three months after george saunders gave a graduation address at Syracuse University.

  6. Let's Find Language more Inclusive than the Phrase "Mentally Ill"! By david oaks, director, mindFreedom International. I simply ask in this essay.

  7. Anthony bourdain returns to the Philippines with a personal mission: Where does the filipino instinct for kindness come from? This essay sponsored by a fan and friend. I think of this essay often in my daily life.

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