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True - this statement is the precise definition of weight. Weight is the force of gravity. False - this student has determined the mass of the beaker, not the weight. As such, he/she has massed the beaker, not weighed. Which of the following statements are true of an object that experiences balanced forces (or unbalanced forces )? If a person is moving to the right, then the forces acting upon it are not balanced. A balance of forces is demonstrated by an object which is slowing to a stop. It would take an unbalanced force to keep an object in motion.

False - a trip from sea level to the diffusion top of mount everest would result in only small alterations history in the value of g and as such only small alterations in a person's weight. Such a trip might cause a person to lose a pound or two. Mostly True - two objects of the same mass can weigh differently if they are located in different locations. For instance, person a and person B can both have a mass of. But if person a is on the earth, he will weigh 600 n, whereas person B would weight 100 n on the moon. Kinda True (Mostly false) - weight is the product of mass and the acceleration of gravity ( g ). To gain weight, one must either increase their mass or increase the acceleration of gravity for the environment where they are located. So the statement is true if one disregards the word must which is found in the statement. False - by definition, a free-falling object is an object upon which the only force is gravity. Such an object is accelerating at a rate.8 m/s/s (on Earth) and as such cannot be experiencing a balance of forces.

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It is computed by multiplying the object's mass by the acceleration of gravity ( g ) at the given location of the object. If the location of the object is changed, say from the earth to the moon, then the acceleration of gravity is changed and so is the weight. It is in this sense that the weight of an object is dependent upon the acceleration of gravity. True - this statement is true in the sense that the weight of an object refers to a force interests - it is the force of gravity. True - the weight of an object depends upon the mass of the object and the acceleration of gravity value for the location where it. The acceleration of gravity on the moon is 1/6-th the value of g on Earth. As such, the weight of an object on the moon would be 6 times less than that on Earth.

online assignment work

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A person could reduce their weight significantly by taking an airplane ride to the top of mount everest. Two objects of the same mass can weigh differently. To gain weight, one must put on more oliver mass. The weight of an object can be measured in kilograms. The weight of an object is equal to the force of gravity acting upon the object. When a chemistry student places a beaker on a balance and determines it to.3 grams, they have weighed the beaker. Answer: abch and possibly. True - the weight of an object is equal to the force of gravity acting upon the object.

For this reason, a less massive object requires less force to bring from a state of motion to a state of rest. True - the weight of an object is the mass of the object multiplied by the acceleration of gravity of the object. Mass and weight are mathematically related by the equation: weight (or Fgrav) m g 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Which of the following statements are true of the quantity weight? The weight of an object is dependent upon the value of the acceleration of gravity. Weight refers to a force experienced by an object. The weight of an object would be less on the moon than on the earth.

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online assignment work

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Kilograms is for mass and Newtons is for force. True - this is kind of a simple definition of mass but it does do the job (provided stuff means atoms or material ). False - see explanation to 2d. False - an object has the same mass on mount everest as it does at sea level (or near sea level only the weight of the object would be slightly different in these two locations. True - weight Watcher's participants only use a measurement of their weight as a reflection of how many atoms of flesh that they have burned from their bodies. Their real interest is in losing mass for reasons related to health, appearance, etc. False - pounds is a unit essay of force commonly used in the British system of measurement.

It is not a metric unit and it is not a unit of mass. Kilogram is the standard metric unit of mass and slug is the British unit. True - weight and force of gravity are synonymous terms. You should quickly become comfortable with the terms mass, weight and force of gravity; it will save you many headaches as we continue through the course. True - a less massive object has less inertia and as such would offer less resistance to changes in their velocity.

The standard metric unit of mass is the kilogram. Mass depends on how much stuff is present in an object. The mass of an object is variable and dependent upon its location. An object would have more mass on mount everest than the same object in the middle of lake michigan. People in weight Watcher's are really concerned about their mass (they're mass watchers). The mass of an object can be measured in pounds.

If all other variables are equal, then an object with a greater mass would have a more difficult time accelerating. If all other variables are equal, then it would require less exerted force to stop a less massive object than to stop a more massive object. The mass of an object is mathematically related to the weight of the object. False - mass is independent of the gravitational environment that an object is in and dependent solely upon the number of atoms in the object and the type of atoms (Carbon: 12 g/mol; Hydrogen: 1 g/mol ; Oxygen: 16 g/mol). Because of this, mass is said to be invariable (unless of course, an object loses some of its atoms) - a constant quantity which is independent of the acceleration of gravity and therefore independent of location. (Weight on the other hand depends upon the gravitational environment.). True - know this one.

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Yet it still maintains the same amount of inertia as usual. It still has the same tendency to resist changes in its state report of motion. False - inertia is not the tendency to resist motion, but rather to resist changes in the state of motion. For instance, its the tendency of a moving object to keep moving at a constant velocity (or a stationary object to resist changes from its state of rest). False - once more (refer to g inertia is unaffected by alterations in the gravitational environment. An alteration in the g value effects the weight of an object but not the mass or inertia of the object. 1 2 3 4 5 6 gpa 7. Which of the following statements are true of the quantity mass? The mass of an object is dependent upon the value of the acceleration of gravity.

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(Any object without mass is not an object, but something else like a wave.). True - mass is a measure of an object's inertia. Objects with greater mass have a greater inertia; objects with less about mass have less inertia. False - the speed of an object has no impact upon the amount of inertia that it has. Inertia has to do with mass alone. False - inertia (or mass) has nothing to do with gravity or lack of gravity. In a location where g is close to 0 m/s/s, an object loses its weight.

with a small amount of inertia. False - inertia is not a force. False - inertia is, not a force. Inertia is simply the tendency of an objects to resist a change in whatever state of motion that it currently has. Put another way, inertia is the tendency of an object to "keep on doing what it is doing." Mass is a measure of an object's inertia. The more mass which an object has, the more that it sluggish towards change. True - bet money on this one. Any object with mass has inertia.

Which of the following paperless statements are true of inertia? List all that apply. Inertia is a force. Inertia is a force which keeps stationary objects at rest and moving objects in motion at constant velocity. Inertia is a force which brings all objects to a rest position. All objects have inertia. A more massive object has more inertia than a less massive object. Fast-moving objects have more inertia than slow-moving objects. An object would not have any inertia in a gravity-free environment (if there is such a place).

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online assignment work
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