Plot summary of the death of a salesman

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King Claudius, now scared of Hamlet, decides to have hamlet sent away to England immediately. He also sends courtiers and spies Rosencrantz and guildenstern to speak with Hamlet to find out where hamlet has hidden Polonius' body so they can take it to the chapel. Hamlet refuses to tell Rosencrantz and guildenstern where polonius' dead body is hidden. He calls Rosencrantz and guildenstern lapdogs revealing his true awareness that they are not his friends. Hamlet agrees to see king Claudius. Hamlet continues to refuse to tell Rosencrantz and guildenstern where polonius' body. Hamlet is brought before the king. The two exchange words, clearly circling each other, each aware that the other is a threat.

Hamlet agrees to speak with his mother in private. King Claudius admits his growing fear of Hamlet and decides to send him overseas to England with Rosencrantz and guildenstern in order to protect himself. Alone, king Claudius reveals in soliloquy his own knowledge of the crime he has committed (poisoning King Hamlet) and realizes that he cannot escape divine justice. Queen Gertrude attempts to scold her son but Hamlet instead scolds his mother for her actions. Queen Gertrude cries out in fear, assignment and Polonius echoes it and is stabbed through the arras (subdivision of a room created by a hanging tapestry) where he was listening. Hamlet continues scolding his mother but the Ghost reappears, telling Hamlet to be gentle with the queen. For her part, queen Gertrude agrees to stop living with King Claudius, beginning her redemption. King Claudius speaks with his wife, queen Gertrude. He learns of Polonius' murder which shocks him; it could easily have been him. Queen Gertrude lies for her son, saying that Hamlet is as mad as a tempestuous sea.

plot summary of the death of a salesman

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King Claudius and Polonius listen in on Hamlet's and Ophelia's private conversation. Hamlet suspects Ophelia is spying on him and is increasingly hostile to her before leaving. King Claudius decides to send Hamlet to England, fearing danger in Hamlet since he no longer believes Hamlet is merely lovesick. The king agrees homework to polonius' plan to eavesdrop on Hamlet's conversation with his mother after the play to hopefully learn more from Hamlet. The play hamlet had added lines to is performed. The mime preceding the play which mimics the Ghost's description of King Hamlet's death goes unnoticed. The main play called "The murder of Gonzago" is performed, causing King Claudius to react in a way which convinces Hamlet that his uncle did indeed poison his father King Hamlet as the Ghost previously had told him. Hamlet pretends not to know that the play has offended King Claudius.

plot summary of the death of a salesman

Death of a salesman: death of a salesman Play summary study

Polonius decides to tell King Claudius paperless the reason for Hamlet's recently odd behavior. King Claudius instructs courtiers Rosencrantz and guildenstern to find out what is causing Hamlet's strange "transformation or change of character. Queen Gertrude reveals that only king Hamlet's death and her recent remarriage could be upsetting Hamlet. We learn more of young Fortinbras' movements and Polonius has his own theory about Hamlet's transformation; it is caused by hamlet's love for his daughter Ophelia. Hamlet makes his famous speech about the greatness of man. Hamlet plans to use a play to test if King Claudius really did kill his father as King Hamlet's Ghost told him. The king's spies, rosencrantz and guildenstern report to king Claudius on Hamlet's behavior. Hamlet is eager for King Claudius and queen Gertrude to watch a play tonight which Hamlet has added lines.

Hamlet meets the Ghost of his father, king Hamlet and follows it to learn more. Hamlet learns from King Hamlet's Ghost that he was poisoned by king Claudius, the current ruler of Denmark. The Ghost tells Hamlet to avenge his death but not to punish queen Gertrude for remarrying; it is not Hamlet's place and her conscience and heaven will judge her. Hamlet swears Horatio and Marcellus to silence over Hamlet meeting the Ghost. Polonius tells reynaldo to spy on his son laertes in Paris. Polonius learns from his daughter Ophelia that a badly dressed Hamlet met her, studied her face and promptly left. Polonius believes that Hamlet's odd behavior is because Ophelia has rejected him.

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plot summary of the death of a salesman

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Hamlet Summary is divided by the five acts of the play and is an ideal introduction before reading the original text. Shakespeare's longest play and the play responsible for the immortal lines "To be or not to be: that is the question and the advise "to thine own self be true begins in Denmark with the news that King Hamlet of Denmark has recently died. Denmark is now in a state of high alert and preparing for possible war with young Fortinbras of Norway. A ghost resembling the late king Hamlet is spotted on a platform before Elsinore castle in Denmark. King Claudius, who now rules Denmark, has taken King Hamlet's wife, queen Gertrude as his new wife and queen of Denmark. King Claudius fearing young Fortinbras of Norway may invade, has sent ambassadors to norway to urge the king of Norway to restrain young Fortinbras.

Young Hamlet distrusts King Claudius. The king and queen do not understand why hamlet still mourns his father's death over two smoking months ago. In his first soliloquy, hamlet explains that he does not like his mother marrying the next King of Denmark so quickly within a month of his father's death. Laertes, the son of Lord Chamberlain Polonius, gives his sister Ophelia some brotherly advice. He warns Ophelia not to fall in love with young Hamlet; she will only be hurt. Polonius tells his daughter Ophelia not to return Hamlet's affections for her since he fears Hamlet is only using her.

After her funeral, where he and Hamlet come to blows over which of them loved Ophelia best, laertes vows to punish Hamlet for her death as well. Unencumbered by words, laertes plots with Claudius to kill Hamlet. In the midst of the sword fight, however, laertes drops his poisoned sword. Hamlet retrieves the sword and cuts laertes. The lethal poison kills laertes. Before he dies, laertes tells Hamlet that because hamlet has already been cut with the same sword, he too will shortly die.

Horatio diverts Hamlet's attention from laertes for a moment by pointing out that "The queen falls.". Gertrude, believing that Hamlet's hitting laertes means her son is winning the fencing match, has drunk a toast to her son from the poisoned cup Claudius had intended for Hamlet. As laertes lies dying, he confesses to hamlet his part in the plot and explains that Gertrude's death lies on Claudius' head. Finally enraged, hamlet stabs Claudius with the poisoned sword and then pours the last of the poisoned wine down the king's throat. Before he dies, hamlet declares that the throne should now pass to Prince fortinbras of Norway, and he implores his true friend Horatio to accurately explain the events that have led to the bloodbath at Elsinore. With his last breath, he releases himself from the prison of his words: "The rest is silence.". The play ends as Prince fortinbras, in his first act as King of Denmark, orders a funeral with full military honors for slain Prince hamlet. Hamlet Summary provides a quick review of the play's plot including every important action in the play.

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Polonius, whom Hamlet help stabs through a wallhanging as the old man spies on Hamlet and Gertrude in the queen's private chamber. Claudius punishes Hamlet for Polonius' death by exiling him to England. He has brought Hamlet's school chums Rosencrantz and guildenstern to denmark from Germany to spy on his nephew, and now he instructs them to deliver Hamlet into the English king's hands for execution. Hamlet discovers the plot and arranges for the hanging of paper Rosencrantz and guildenstern instead. Ophelia, distraught over her father's death and Hamlet's behavior, drowns while singing sad love songs bemoaning the fate of a spurned lover. Her brother, laertes, falls next. Laertes, returned to denmark from France to avenge his father's death, witnesses Ophelia's descent into madness.

plot summary of the death of a salesman

reveals the king to be conscience-stricken. Claudius leaves the room because he cannot breathe, and his vision is dimmed for want of light. Convinced now that Claudius is a villain, hamlet resolves to kill him. But, as Hamlet observes, "conscience doth make cowards of us all.". In his continued reluctance to dispatch Claudius, hamlet actually causes six ancillary deaths. The first death belongs.

Unable to confess and find salvation, king Hamlet shakespeare is now consigned, for a time, to spend his days in Purgatory and walk the earth by night. He entreats Hamlet to avenge his death, but to spare gertrude, to let heaven decide her fate. Hamlet vows to affect madness — puts "an antic disposition on" — to wear a mask that will enable him to observe the interactions in the castle, but finds himself more confused than ever. In his persistent confusion, he questions the Ghost's trustworthiness. What if the Ghost is not a true spirit, but rather an agent of the devil sent to tempt him? What if killing Claudius results in Hamlet's having to relive his memories for all eternity? Hamlet agonizes over what he perceives as his cowardice because he cannot stop himself from thinking. Words immobilize hamlet, but the world he lives in prizes action. In order to test the Ghost's sincerity, hamlet enlists the help of a troupe of players who perform a play called.

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Bookmark this page, prince, hamlet is depressed. Having been summoned home to denmark from school in Germany to attend his father's paper funeral, he is shocked to find his mother. The queen has wed Hamlet's Uncle. Claudius, the dead king's brother. To hamlet, the marriage is "foul incest." Worse still, Claudius has had himself crowned King despite the fact that Hamlet was his father's heir to the throne. Hamlet suspects foul play. When his father's ghost visits the castle, hamlet's suspicions are confirmed. The Ghost complains that he is unable to rest in peace because he was murdered. Claudius, says the Ghost, poured poison in King Hamlet's ear while the old king napped.

plot summary of the death of a salesman
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