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This still doesn't explain why simple memories (such as antibodies against a disease) aren't inherited. Perhaps there is an evolutionary advantage (or even test) to be able reacquire information. Metaphysical summary The binary digit (bit) is the fundamental unit of information and therefore the fundamental "particle". Bits can possess one of two states (represented by 0 and 1) when observed or recorded. Recursion is used create something out of nothing. The recursive function is the feedback loop and so feedback loops reinforce and give permanence to something that is not permanent initially. If you have feedback loops that copy you have life.

Self evolution and sentience within the confines of an evolutionary environment, the ability to self evolve is literary selectively advantageous (particularly when there are other species/populations also evolving). Species that possess traits that allow them to choose mates with beneficial traits and discard those without engage in a primitive form of self evolution. To self evolve, there must be some sort of sentience or self awareness (in other words, there must be a "direction" that is present that tells an organism its status in relation to its environment). Sentience is a byproduct of (the complexity required for) the trait of self evolution. In other words, i believe the reason why we have the complex brains we have today with all its abilities is so we can make a statement about performing genetic ppt engineering on ourselves. This claim however requires that there be extreme feedback from the future which is hard to conceive, but the precursor trait to the genetic engineering self evolution trait likely manifested itself in less complex and clearly manipulatable ways, for example when early humans started. Note that i am not saying that the complexity in our brains responsible for the awareness (knowledge) that leads to genetic engineering is directly inheritable, for at least two reasons. First, complex traits such as intelligence require the interactions of many many atoms, molecules, systems, and cells (neurons). Due to the chaotic/complex nature of these interactions, they are unlikely to be prone to any predisposition. Second, our genomes are fairly small and reencoding a specific arrangement responsible for a particular piece of knowledge becomes intractable. These are the same reasons why complex memories aren't inherited (though some may dispute me on this).

self presentation essay

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Alternately, any modification (evolution) in a nonreplicating system can be thought of as process by which replication and change are merged into one. Evolution and self evolution. In any evolutionary report system, the ability to self evolve is selectively advantageous, particularly in the context of preserving the overall metasystem. While there may be exceptions to this, i think it is true given the neodarwinian paradigm we currently hold. Interestingly, however, if a creature or species developed the ability to self evolve (i.e., perform directed evolution on itself in response to environmental changes then it would violate the neodarwinian paradigm (i.e., that changes (mutations) occur independently of the biological needs,. E., reproductive fitness, of the organism). The idea of self evolution isn't as far fetched as it would seem: mini evolutionary systems (i.e., the immune resistance and clonal selection) exist within our own bodies that do this to a certain degree-except that the genes aren't incorporated into the germ line. Also, humans are good example of a species capable of self evolution (à la gattaca and many other science fiction movies). It remains to be seen whether any undiscovered molecular mechanisms exist to accomplish this goal, one of the focuses of my research.

self presentation essay

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In my view, this emergence arises as a dissertation result of interactions occurring at multiple scales that is capable of self reference (i.e., within a a tangled hierarchy causing a strange loop, as described by douglas Hofstadter self replication of a system may thus be characterised. "Life" could be considered to be either emergence, or the property of an emergent system when it can self replicate (i.e., preserve its complex organisation by a transfer of information). All these definitions are simply a matter of semantics. As von neumann realised, environment is one of the key ingredients that will make for a self replicating and self evolving system. Without a sufficiently complex (selective) environment, the individual units within a system will never form a complex dynamic network of interactions and will remain stagnant. Self replication and evolution, self replication is tied in intricately to evolution. In any evolutionary system (i.e., where the environment imparts a "survival of the fittest" selective pressure because it is constantly changing the ability to evolve is selectively advantageous. Self replication is a necessary condition for evolution. While it is possible evolution of a species or an organism can occur without replication, our biological universe works in this manner.

It covers the library's activities including print and digital publications, conferences, exhibitions and other events. The self-teaching database includes tutorials, self-teaching programs, and learning materials in all forms and formats. Subject coverage includes: languages, computer sciences, and graphics). Self replication, emergence, evolution, self evolution, and sentience. Self replication and emergence, every since john von neumann came up with the notion. Universal Computer and Universal Constructor for self replication in the 1940s (before the notion of a "gene" was discovered! i've been fascinated by the issue of self replication. Self replication (particularly in biological systems) is a product of emergence (i.e., when a complex set of interactions between the individual units in a dynamical system results in a network/systems/pathway that becomes an entity in and of itself, forming a complex adaptive system). The emergent property of a complex system is at least a necessary condition for self replication to occur.

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self presentation essay

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The entire print collection is housed on open shelves and is listed in virtua, the library's on-line catalog, to facilitate access by the library's users. Books: The Arts multimedia library holds all of the ba's books in the areas of the fine and applied arts. The collection is organized by the dewey decimal Classification system, with call numbers that range from 700 to 799 as follow: 700, fine decorative arts 710, civic landscape Art 720, architecture 730, plastic arts sculpture 740, drawing decorative arts 750, punjabi painting paintings 760. Graphic Arts 770, photography photographs 780, music 790, recreational and Performing Arts 791.43, motion Picture 792, theatre, reference : The Arts multimedia library holds a large collection of specialized reference materials, such as encyclopedias, indexes, directories, handbooks, bibliographies and dictionaries on Architecture, crafts, music, Theater. The dictionary of art, Enciclopedia universale dell'arte, storia universale dell'arte, artists of the world : bio-bibliographical index a-z, dictionnaire critique et documentaire des peintres, sculpteurs, dessinateurs et graveurs de tous les temps et de tous les pays, Encyclopedia of interior design, diccionario de la musica. Periodicals: The Arts multimedia library subscribes to over 70 different specialized periodicals in the Arts. The current issues of all titles are displayed on the open shelves in alphabetical order; back issues are kept in the closed stacks.

Users can request 5 back issues at a time at the information desk of the Arts multimedia library : Some of the titles available include: Acta musicologica, architectural design, Architecture and urbanism : a u, cahiers du cinema, cambridge opera journal, Electronic musician, journal. All audio visual materials in the ba are also entered into the Mmediaview database. To find materials in Mmediaview, you can browse the topic list ; search by keyword, title, author, or subject; or browse the list of the new documents. Mmediaview actually consists of 4 databases, each covering a different aspect of the collection: The general Multimedia database includes all audiovisual materials electronic resources in all subject areas held by the library. The music database includes all audiovisual materials electronic resources whose subject coverage is Music Alexandrina database includes all Bibliotheca Alexandrina publications in all forms and formats.

The Arts and Multimedia library has a wide and varied collection of print non-print materials. The collection covers all areas of the fine and applied arts as well as multimedia materials in different subjects such as, education, religion, culture, politics, languages and linguistics, and computer technology. Additionally, the library maintains a complete recordings of all conferences, musical performances, and cultural activities that have taken place at the. In addition to the print collection, the Arts multimedia library holds a large collection of audiovisual materials in all subject areas covered by the main library. The audio/visual materials are available in a number of different formats such as: audiotapes, videotapes, diskettes, cd-roms, dvds, and LPs.

All audiovisual materials are maintained in the closed stacks and can be requested at the Arts multimedia library Information desk for use in the library. Marks on the spine labels and the catalogue entries carry capital letters for each av format: vhs for videotapes, acd for audio cd, at for audiotapes, cdr for cd-rom, dvd for dvd and dvd-rom. The Arts and Multimedia library holds about 2600 videotapes (VHS) including documentary, scientific, economic, educational and motion pictures. Cd-roms (cdr about 2200 cd-roms are available, covering many topics and including encyclopedias dictionaries, databases, and learning materials. Audio cds (ACD) and Audio tapes (at there are about 900 acds and 2,400 tapes available for use, including self-teaching materials, The koran, The bible, popular audio books, music, operas. Kits: Kits consist mainly of books with accompanying av materials, such as audiotapes, videos, or CDs. The library holds about 300 of these kits. Dvds : About 200 dvds are available, including classic films, movies, ballets, operas, dictionaries encyclopedia. The print collection of the Arts and Multimedia library is comprised of about 20,000 volumes, consisting of books, journals, musical scores, and reference materials.

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This will, basically, writing be the script you use to describe your approach to your classmates on tuesday. I would suggest (1) try more than one, and (2) that you revise it a few times and that you practice reading it out loud to see what it sounds like (is it coherent? Do you stick to what you do understand as opposed to slipping into mumbo-jumbo talk?). At the most it should be two typed pages which takes 3-5 minutes to read. On tuesday, you should use the script and the outline or slides. Do not ad lib (or at least do not primarily talk off the top of your head). For the Friday deadline, just send me your outline. On tuesday, hand in hard copy of your outline and your script. Files Assignment Presentation cx Theory sampler Presentation Outline.

self presentation essay

Cooley, dubois, freud 1, erikson, goffman, nOTE: I find myself not knowing what to do with saussure so i set him aside for now. Period 1, james, cooley, dubois, period 2, freud. Mead, period 3, parsons, erikson Goffman Genealogy Freud parsons erikson James cooley mead goffman James dubois? The self When It Works and When It does Not "Normal" James cooley freud 2 mead Parsons "Pathological" — what can go wrong dubois Freud 1 Erikson Goffman (threat of lost face?) Organize according the the "Index of the Interesting" (davis) The individual, so obviously. The self, rather than just being what it is, write follows a developmental trajectory. The components of the self rather than being in harmony, may, in fact, be in tension. Civilization, usually taken to be the measure of the good, could, in fact, be neurotic. Step Three: Essayer an overview to test out your attempt at organization, sketch out an essay explaining the basic storyline.

the i and the. Parsons —actor, means and ends, rational self. Erikson — self, stages, identify with others, develop own ego. Goffman — self, in interaction, moral worth that can be recognized or not by others. Principles of organization, inside the self and Outside the self. Internal structure of the social self. James, freud 2, parsons, social self in interaction, mead.

Can you group them into a small number of "sub-categories"? Is there a chronological story to be told? Do they divide into two opposite approaches to the "topic"? My suggestion is that you start out thinking about a three slide powerpoint presentation. Each slide has three bullet points. Of course, three may not be the right shakespeare number for everyone, but it's a good place to start. Review excerpts and highlights. William James — multiple selves, social self, cooley — looking glass self, decide how to act based on imagined reaction others have.

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This is intended to be your first attempt to synthesize (put together) the dark readings in your sampler. In all likelihood, you will read again the excerpts you have already read and you will read additional background material and even, perhaps, additional original texts. But as of now you should have taken a first stab at all (or nearly all) of the texts on your list. Next step is to organize them into a story. The most simple story is "beginning, middle, end but there are many ways to tell a story. Think about the excerpts you have read, the concepts, arguments, and perspectives they contain. Review the sampler description I provided. You task is to design a brief "lecture" on your material that would be interesting and informative for fellow students of social theory. You are the expert — what are the issues and ideas in your sampler?

self presentation essay
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  4. My suggestion is that you start out thinking about a three slide powerpoint presentation. Lectures, group assigment, presentation, essay, self -study. Group assignment attendance is compulsory.

  5. How Much does It Cost to buy. How to Write a perfect Case Study. The emergent property of a complex system is at least a necessary condition for self replication to occur. To test out your attempt at organization, sketch out an essay explaining the basic storyline.

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