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Overall, only optimum combination of factors analyzed could guarantee the happiness in family life. For traditional family faced numerous changes over the recent decades, modern family does not follow purely conventional attitudes any longer. Neither does financial success guarantee internal closeness of two people united by family bonds. Therefore, love and mutual respect should be rationally combined with daily commitments. Romeo and Juliet: love. Home, opinion, love / Relationships, romeo and Juliet: love. March 23, 2010, we all know the classic love story, or have at least heard of, romeo and Juliet.

Likewise, marriage for financial reasons can turn out to be a disaster since money and riches are disappearing even sooner than love. Moreover, day-to-day survival of a couple shows that family cannot be considered as an enterprise or a successful financial investment. It simply does not order work that way and does not obey the same laws as business. In addition, financial inequality of spouses in the beginning may lead to deep misunderstandings and disrespect. Instead, more and more people will find the solution of their financial problems and satisfaction of their material aspirations outside of marriage much more successfully. Marriage because of love is one of the most widely spread reasons for creating a family. A man and a woman feel deep attraction to each other and want to get together for good. However, sometimes they do not realize that those emotions of infatuation and sexual desires are just a very strong prelude of a deeper feeling that can be born later and only in marriage. So they are expecting that those nice moments of mutual intimacy and adoration will follow them automatically through cruel routine and turmoil of housekeeping, financial problems, illnesses, family relationship, child-bearing, etc. When they do not recognize their beloved ones who turned into grungy husbands and grumpy wives they say that love has disappeared and their marriage was a big mistake. As a result many people will look for love outside of marriage, which is a threatening factor by itself.

argumentative essay about love

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Have you ever wondered where love writing disappears after marriage? And why it does? What happens to it after two loving hearts united themselves in the bonds of matrimony? Probably, many different specialists - psychologists, sociologists, medical doctors, public servants, teachers and others will give you different answers. It may happen that all those answers will be correct. Let us consider several causes of such light-minded and stubborn behaviour of love - it does not want to be stored on the dusty shelves or dark corners of a family unit. Crucial challenges and changes in the modern society have affected the reasons for marriages and the challenges families face in the course of the past few decades - they have modified the traditional view on family and married life and are even threatening the existence. Reasons for creating a family can strongly influence its well-being, unity and moral atmosphere. For example, marriage for getting independence from parents may result in loosening bonds, since after a short period of time the couple realizes that, firstly, real independence was not gained (and possibly is very unreal at all) and, secondly, the reason for such marriage was.

argumentative essay about love

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How to Write an Argumentative essay by Shmoop. Watch queue, queue _count total loading. Transcript, the interactive transcript could not be loaded. Argumentative, essay : m/ pdf essay -lab/argum. Who doesn't love a good argument? There's something invigorating about persuading another to come around to your point of view. And hey - if you make them look a little stupid in the process, well. Learn more about writing on our website: m/ essay -lab loading. Example of a argumentative essay on, english about: happiness / love / marriage / family, title: everyday happiness is sharing commitments.

There would be no quarrels or divorces between married couples if love is adopted as the guiding principle. There will be no friction between parents and children and no bitterness between friends; there will be no exploitation of man by man if all follow the path of love. Lack of love makes the life of a child bitter. He develops a sense of insecurity. Lack of love leads to crime, aggression and unhappiness. Advertisements: love alone can lessen many ills of the society. Love is the basic of a happy life. If nations of the world follow this principle, there would be no world wars, massacres or widespread destruction. Love can unite the people of the world into a common brotherhood.

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argumentative essay about love

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They can summary never thinks of betraying one another. A friendship based on love is method never affected by selfish motives. Each one is ready to make a sacrifice for the other. Even differences of opinions dont hamper the strong bonds of friendship. We enjoy each and every moment with our friends. We forget all worries and hardship of life when we are with tem.

Love between friends, thus generates happiness. There have been saints who widened the horizons of their love. There love is universal. They loved the whole mankind and even animals and birds. Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad, gautama buddha, mahavira, guru nanak de and others worked for the welfare and happiness of all. Mother Teresa filled many hearts with happiness by her dedicated service to the poor and the needy.

A mothers love for her children is something very divine. She is forever ready to suffer any hardship for the happiness of her children. Love between a child and a mother is the purest form of love. Love of a mother is so deep and eternal that she can understand even those things which her child doesnt even speak. Advertisements: love between neighbors brings peace in the neighborhood. People willingly come forward to help one another.

They share one anothers joys and sorrows. They can never think of causing harm to one another. Love between neighbour strengthens fellow felling. People of such a neighborhood lean a happy life. Neighbour who love and respect one another to have a get-together and festive occasions. They jointly celebrate festivals and enjoy one anothers company. Love between friends strengthens the bond of friendship.

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Hatred may result in physical violence. Crimes are more often the result of hatred. Hatred this brings unhappiness. We should learn to forgive our opponents who played dirty. Jealousy and prolonged anger are agents of death. So, one should follow the the path of love to achieve happiness. Love fills a person with noble feelings: compassion, sympathy, sacrifice, understanding, welfare etc.

argumentative essay about love

It is love between children and parents, wife and husband, brother and sister, lover and his beloved, the teacher and the student and the master and the servant. It is a love between neighbors and between friends. It is love between man and God. Love is the storehouse of happiness. Love should be practiced without any selfish motive. One who makes other happy by loving also himself feel happy for having loved. It robs ones peace of mind. A person who does assignment not have peace of mind cannot be happy.

than advantageous. Advertisements: There is a difference between happiness and what we describe as joy and pleasure. One a warm day what a glass of cold lemon juice gives you is pleasure because it is a momentary joy. On the other hand happiness is experienced in the mind and is therefore infinitely more powerful. Only a few know the secret of true happiness. It is love that makes man happy.

There are some others who seek power to gain happiness. Different means can review be adopted to attain power. One may attain power in the political sphere. One may even try to become a dictator after gaining power. Some try to establish their superiority over others. But even such powers dont give happiness. With power one can force others to do certain things but there is a world of difference between the action forced and spontaneous action. Image source: g, in the present age, many people are striving for happiness in sex, fashion, drinks and drugs. They wish to escape from the problem-ridden world into a world of dreams.

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Everyone wants to be happy in this world. But thee are only a few people who are happy. Some people believe that wealth gives happiness. They spend most of their time and energy in acquiring. But wealth does not give happiness. It provides man the basic amenities evernote and materialist comforts of life. But money cant give the emotional and spiritual satisfaction.

argumentative essay about love
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  3. Everyone wants to be happy in this world. But thee are only a few people who are happy. Some people believe that wealth gives happiness. Related Articles: Paragraph on love.

  4. Whether it be blinded by love or only being able to talk to their potential soulmate for. Free argumentative essay example on Marriage and Happiness. Title: everyday happiness is sharing commitments. Have you ever wondered where love disappears after marriage?

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