Assignment in brittany 1943

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Hawaiian eye (1959) role: jean Martin The man and the Challenge (1959) role: raymond a pocketful of Sin (1959) role: Leblanc This Earth Is Mine (1959) role: Petucci "The Third Man" (1959) role: Leblanc The day the town Stood Up (1959) role: Barber 21 beacon. Petrov suvoroff Yancy derringer (1958) role: plukovník suvaroff Pirát (1958) Buccaneer, The role: Major Latour Sing boy sing (1958) role: Hotel waiter 77 Sunset Strip (1958) role: fayolle /. Mladí lvi (1958) young lions, The role: Bartender "Westinghouse desilu Playhouse" (1958) role: Police Inspector /. Two Strings of pearls (1958) role: Bartolo man with a camera (1958) role: Bartolo děvčata (1957) Les Girls role: Stage manager Černý sokol (1957) Wings of Eagles, The role: Second manager Tales of Wells Fargo (1957) role: Manuel Jet Pilot (1957) role: Russian guard maverick. Will Success Spoil Rock hunter? (1957) role: Frenchman nezapomenutelná láska (1957) An Affair to remember role: Bartender Anything goes (1956) role: kapitán of waiters Pillars of the sky (1956) role: seržant Major Frenchy. Wire service (1956) role: Dino bertoni serenáda (1956) Serenade role: Party guest The last Command (1955) role: Mexican Official Untamed (1955) role: Driver on Bree street Jupiter's Darling (1955) role: Arrow maker Who holds Tomorrow?

Hook, line and Sinker (1969) role: Portuguese passport. (1969) role: Alvarez, sen králů (1969 dream of Kings, a role: Aristotle, bojovníci s peklem (1968). Hellfighters role: General López adam-12 (1968) role: John Mendoza "The Flying Nun" (1967) role: leonardo how i spent my summer Vacation (1967) role: Jewelry dealer The rat Patrol (1966) role: Bedouin The Chase of Fire raid (1966) role: Bedouin "Family Affair" (1966) role: Senor Valgo. (1966) Not with my wife, you don't! Role: Arab "The. B.I." (1965) role: Pablos Molinos The night of the Inferno (1965) role: The majordomo The laughing Lady of Luxor (1965) role: Armand pdf de montrachet The wild Wild West (1965) role: The majordomo. (1965) role: maitre d' run for your Life (1965) role: Sebastian The rogues (1964) role: Armand de montrachet /. For Those Who Think young (1964) role: Marion the butler "Kraft Suspense Theatre" (1963) role: Lawton For love or Money (1963) role: maitre d' fun in Acapulco (1963) role: pan Ramírez, manager. Dva týdny v jiném městě (1962) Two weeks in Another Town role: Cameraman It' Only money (1962) "my three sons" (1960) role: Prof. Madora The many loves of Dobie gillis (1959) role: kapitán Lopez /.

assignment in brittany 1943

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Goldie a boxer (1979 goldie and the restaurant boxer role: Spanish radio announcer, the wild Wild West revisited (1979) role: King Alphonso of Spain. Dallas (1978) "Dallas" role: Armando sidoni, columbo: Smrt ve sklence vína (1978). Columbo: Murder Under Glass role: Chef louis, fury of the Dragon (1976) role: Abu bakir, muž z bronzu (1975). Doc savage: The man of Bronze role: Jose, the family rico (1972) role: Chauffeur, koncert pro satana (1971 mephisto waltz, the role: Bennett. Cheyennský klub (1970 cheyenne social Club, The role: Ranch foreman, dva mezci pro slečnu sáru (1970). Two mules for Sister Sara role: Gen. Leclaire, john Chisum (1970 chisum role: juan Delgado.

assignment in brittany 1943

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Reunion in vienna (1933) role: Bit Role. Sdílet, informace, komentáře, rodné jméno, stephen Morris Nussbaum, další jména. Stephen Morris, morri Ankrum, narozen. Srpna 1896, panna, danville, illinois, william usa, profese herec. Září 1964, 68 let, pasadena, california, usa, web. Přidat film, herec, válka o fazolové pole (1988 milagro beanfield War, The role: The senile Brigade. Vichry války (1983 winds of War, The role: Portuguese Admiral. Of love and War (1983) role: Portuguese Adm. D'esaguy, the Shangri-la syndrome (1979) role: Chauffeur.

Pat Mckay assignment in Brittany (1943) role: Stenger The Cross of Lorraine (1943) role: Col. Demas Best foot Forward (1943) role: Col. Harkrider Whistling in Brooklyn (1943) role: Blake - newspaper Editor Dixie dugan (1943) role: Editor Swing fever (1943) role: Dan Conlon i dood It (1943) role: Brinker Lidská komedie (1943) The human Comedy role:. Beaufrere let's Face It (1943) role: Man in Sun Shell Cafe roxie hart (1942) role: Martin. Harrison Tennessee johnson (1942) role:Jefferson davis reunion in France (1942) role: Martin The loves of Edgar Allan poe (1942) role:. Graham Ride 'em Cowboy (1942) role: Ace Anderson Time to kill (1942) role: Alexander Morny The Omaha Trail (1942) role: Henchman Job Historky z metropole (1942) Tales of Manhattan role: Judge tom Barnes Ten Gentlemen from West point (1942) role: wood This Woman Is Mine. Road Agent (1941) role: Big John Morgan Wide Open Town (1941) role: Jim Stuart Border Vigilantes (1941) role: Dan Forbes i wake up Screaming (1941) role: Asst. District Attorney doomed Caravan (1941) role: Stephen Westcott Pirates on Horseback (1941) role: Ace gibson The roundup (1941) role: 'parenthesis' The bandit Trail (1941) role: Red Haggerty The Showdown (1940) role: Baron Rendor Knights of the range (1940) role: Gamecock Cherokee strip (1940) role: Hawk. (1934) role: Washington Press.

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assignment in brittany 1943

Assignment in, brittany ( 1943 ) - overview

Higby song of the Thin Man (1947) role: The police Inspector High Wall (1947) role:. Stanley griffin good News (1947) role: dean Griswold Dáma v jezeře (1947) Lady in the lake role: Eugene Grayson The mighty McGurk (1947) role: Fowles Merton of the movies (1947) role: goodfellow's Club Manager moře trávy (1947) sea of Grass, The role: Attorney. Crane cynthia (1947) role:. Phillips, Principal Undercover break maisie (1947) role: Parker a really Important Person (1947) role: Contest Emcee desire me (1947) role: Hector Martin The cockeyed Miracle (1946) role:. Wilson pošťák vždycky zvoní dvakrát (1946) The postman Always Rings Twice role: Judge Odvážná lassie (1946) courage of Lassie role: Farmer Crews Little mister Jim (1946) role: plukovník starwell Zelená léta (1946) Green years, The role:. Galbraith Undercurrent (1946) The harvey girls (1946) role: rev. Claggett The hidden eye (1945) role: Ferris Purity Squad (1945) role:.

(1945) role: Narrator Fall guy (1945) role: District Attorney adventure (1945) role:. Ludlow - farmer main Street Today (1944) role: mayor Charlie maxwell Rationing (1944) role: pan Morgan Kismet (1944) role: The caliph's Messenger The Thin Man goes Home (1944) role: Willoughby peavy marriage Is a private Affair (1944) role: pan Ed Scofield The heavenly body (1944). Green meet the people (1944) role: Monte rowland Barbary coast Gent (1944) role: Alec veeder Important Business (1944) role: Army Officer Who sits. Radio bugs (1944) role: pain-Killer Kilroy, the. Gentle Annie (1944) role: Deputy gansby třicet vteřin nad tokiem (1944) Thirty seconds over tokyo role:Adm. See here, private hargrove (1944) role: Col. Forbes Return from Nowhere (1944) role: Doctor Dark Shadows (1944) role: Police.

A star Shall Rise (1952) role: King Herod Son of Ali baba (1952) role:Ali baba red Planet Mars (1952) role: Secretary of Defense. Law of the Trigger (1952) role: Blackie hiawatha (1952) role: Iagoo cavalcade of America (1952) role. Fort Osage (1952) role: Arthur Pickett Because of you (1952) role:. Travis The raiders (1952) role: Thomas Ainsworth Fighting coast guard (1951) role: navy captain Flight to mars (1951) role: Ikron my favorite Spy (1951) role: Gen. Frazer Tomorrow Is Another day (1951) role: Hugh Wagner The lion Hunters (1951) role: Tom Forbes Along the Great divide (1951) role: Ed Roden Family Theatre (1951) role:Herod The red skelton Show (1951) role: Detective burns /.

The redhead and the cowboy (1951) role: Sheriff Borderline (1950) role: Bill Whittaker Prokletí nepláčou (1950) Damned Don't Cry, the role: Jim Whitehead Chain Lightning (1950) role: Ed Bostwick Short Grass (1950) role: Hal Fenton na opuštěném místě (1950) In a lonely Place role: Lloyd. Ralph Fleming The fountainhead (1949) role: Prosecutor Fireside Theatre (1949) Slattery's Hurricane (1949) role:. Holmes we were Strangers (1949) role: Bank manager. Seymour Colorado territory (1949) role: United States Marshal Bad Men of Tombstone (1949) role:. Jones souvenirs of death (1948) role: Gangster The fabulous Fraud (1948) role: Blind Girl's Father For the love of Mary (1948) role: Adm. Walton Johanka z arku (1948) joan of Arc role: Capt. Alias a gentleman (1948) role:. Fighting Back (1948) role: Robert.

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Hostedder Jupiter's Darling (1955) The case of the Troubled Circus (1955) role: Floyd King duel on the mississippi (1955) role: Magistrate The silver Star (1955) role: Charlie childress Chief Crazy horse (1955) role:Red Cloud, sioux Chief Crashout (1955) role: head guard Three young Texans (1954). 'pop' jones For the defense (1954) role: Prosecutor Two guns and a badge (1954) role: Sheriff Jackson Silver Lode (1954) role: Zachary evans The Steel Cage way (1954) role: Prison board Member. Cesta na jihozápad (1954) southwest Passage role:. Stanton Nobody's boy (1954) role: Judge vera Cruz (1954) role: Gen. Ramírez the outlaw Stallion (1954) role: Sheriff Mexican Manhunt (1953) role: Tip Morgan The man Behind the gun (1953) role: Bram Creegan The moonlighter (1953) role: Alexander Prince Arena (1953) role: Bucky hillberry sky commando (1953) role: Gen. Combs Invaders from Mars (1953) role: plukovník fielding i beheld His Glory (1953) role:Peter devil's Canyon (1953) role: Sheriff Flight Nurse (1953) role: Interrogating Officer Fort Vengeance (1953) role: Blackfoot Chief Crowfoot And Now Tomorrow (1952) needed Mutiny (1952) role: Capt. Radford Three for Bedroom C (1952) role: Well-Wisher at Station cavalcade of America (1952) role:Lt.

assignment in brittany 1943

Rutherford Down Liberty road plan (1956) role: Fred Schroder naked Gun (1956) role: Sheriff Jim Jackson Fury at Gunsight Pass (1956) role: Doc Phillips ufo útočí! The Flying saucers role: Brig. John Hanley fateful Night (1956) role: lou walk the Proud Land (1956) role: Gen. Wade The little lamb:. (1955) role: azar the Shepherd Tennessee's Partner (1955) role: Judge parker Many rivers to Cross (1955) role:. The Eternal sea (1955) role: Vice-Adm. The last Command (1955) role: Military governor juan. Wiley (1955) role:. Treet no man's Woman (1955) role: Capt.

Herd (1957) role: Colonel Cole Bryson The giant Claw (1957) role:. Edward Considine zombies of Mora tau (1957) role:. Jonathan Eggert Omar Khayyam (1957) role: Imam Nowaffak maverick (1957) role: Joshua haines /. Boy on the roof (1957) role: Chief Terkell Hell's Crossroads (1957) role: Wheeler Drango (1957) role: Henry calder Kronos (1957) role:. Albert Stern death of a scoundrel (1956) role: Capt. Lafarge quincannon, Frontier Scout (1956) role: plukovník harry conover When Gangland Strikes (1956) role: leo fantzler The desperados Are in Town (1956) role:.

Davis, the little Shepherd of Kingdom Come (1961) role: Gen. Apache boy (1959) role: raider, half Human: The Story of the Abominable Snowman (1958) role:. Carl Jordan, giant from the Unknown (1958) role:. Bronco (1958) role: Dan Peppin /. Young and Wild (1958) role: Police capt. Egan, curse essay of the faceless Man (1958) role: Narrator, frontier Gun (1958) role: Andrew Barton. The power of the resurrection (1958) role:Annas, mackenzie's raiders (1958) role: raider /. Twilight for the gods (1958) role: sea captain, ze země na měsíc (1958 from the earth to the moon role:Gen. The saga of Hemp Brown (1958) role: bo slauter.

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Česko-slovenská filmová databáze, pomo media group. Provozovatel a redakce, reklama a marketing. Všeobecné podmínky užívání a ochrana osobních údajů. Vývojáři, napište nám, server hosting zajišťuje, vshosting. Přidat film, herec, watch the skies!: Science fiction, the 1950s and Us (2005) role:. Ralph Fleming, guns of diablo (1964) role: ray macklin. The Infernal Triangle (1964) role: The Old Man, muž s interests rentgenovýma očima (1963 x role:. Tower of London (1962) role: The Archbishop, most Dangerous Man Alive (1961) role: Capt.

assignment in brittany 1943
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The Iron Mistress (1952). Louis Adlon filmografie narozena: Berlin, germany los Angeles, california, usa. Role: young nazi soldier.

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  1. Alberto morin filmografie s mojí ženou. Role: Marion the butler. Role: seržant Major Frenchy.

  2. Morris Ankrum filmografie role: The Old Man. Young and Wild (1958). The little lamb:. Duel on the mississippi (1955).

  3. Susan Peters filmografie role: leah. Andy hardy's double life (1942). The big Shot (1942).

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