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At his father's insistence the young Boswell reluctantly studied law. Admitted to the bar in 1766, he practiced throughout his life, but his true interest was in a literary career and. 's Life of Samuel Johnson (1791 the first definitive biography. This monumental work was drawn not only from Boswell's exact recollections of conversations with Johnson, but from letters, memoirs, and interviews with others in Johnson's circle as well. Two equally celebrated autobiographies, benjamin Franklin Franklin, benjamin, 170690, American statesman, printer, scientist, and writer,. The only American of the colonial period to earn a european reputation as a natural philosopher, he is best remembered in the United States as a patriot and diplomat. 's, noted for its practicality, and jean Jacques rousseau rousseau, jean Jacques, 171278, Swiss-French philosopher, author, political theorist, and composer.

He knew most of the famous berlin people of his day and left copious memorandums as well as letters. 's lives of Eminent Men (all mid-17th cent.) introduced informality and intimacy to their treatments. Each wrote about contemporaries who were their friends or acquaintances. The development of biography as a literary form by the 18th cent. Literary biography (works about poets and men of letters) sharing had become an important extension of the genre. Johnson Johnson, samuel, 170984, English author,. The leading literary scholar and critic of his time, johnson helped to shape and define the augustan Age. He was equally celebrated for his brilliant and witty conversation. 's lives of the poets (177981) set the example for James Boswell Boswell, james, 174095, Scottish author,. Edinburgh; son of a distinguished judge.

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In 1656 he entered the service of a relative, sir Edward Montagu (later earl of Sandwich whose secretary he became in 1660. 's diary, john evelyn evelyn, john, 16201706, English diarist and miscellaneous writer. Although of royalist sympathies, he took little active part in the civil war. After 1652 he lived as a wealthy country gentleman movie at sayes court, deptford, where he cultivated his garden and wrote. 's diary, izaak walton Walton, izaak, 15931683, English writer. He wrote one of the most famous books in the English language, the compleat Angler; or, the contemplative man's Recreation. 's lives and John Aubrey aubrey, john, 162697, English antiquary and miscellaneous writer,. Kingston, wiltshire, educated at Trinity college, oxford.

biography about

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His remarkable autobiography (written 155862 which reads like a picaresque novel, is one of the most important documents of the 16th cent. 's Autobiography (16th cent. recounting his escapades and artistic achievements, is a monument to the ego. Saint-Simon for saint-Simon, louis de rouvroy, duc de, 16751755, French writer of memoirs and courtier. He resigned (1702) from the army after his arrogance had involved him in a quarrel with Marshal Luxembourg. 's Memoirs (late 17th cent.) describe louis xiv and his court at Versailles and record the effect of the monarch's absolute power on the daily lives of others. In England, samuel Pepys Pepys, samuel, 16331703, English public official, and celebrated diarist,. Magdalene college, cambridge, 1653.

and jean, froissart, froissart, jean,.13371410?, French chronicler, poet, and courtier,. Although ordained as a priest, he led a worldly life. He became a protégé of queen Philippa of England, visited the court of david ii of Scotland, and accompanied (1366). 's Chroniques (15th cent. redeem the genre with their lively depiction of personalities and events. With the renaissance came rekindled interest in worldly power and self-assertion. Benvenuto cellini cellini, benvenuto, 15001571, Italian sculptor, metalsmith, and author.

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biography about

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Yet the few secular biographies produced in pay that era, einhard, einhard or, eginhard,.770840, Frankish historian. Educated in the monastery of Fulda, he continued his studies at Charlemagne's palace school in Aachen and rose to high favor with the emperor. Emperor louis I made einhard tutor or adviser to his son Lothair. Life of Charlemagne (9th cent. eadmer, eadmer or, edmer,. 1124?, English monk and historian.

He was in the monastery of Christ Church, canterbury, when Anselm became archbishop of Canterbury, and his biography. Anselm is the basic one. jean de, joinville, joinville, jean, sire de, 1224?1317?, French chronicler, biographer of louis ix of France (St. As seneschal (governor) of Champagne, joinville was a close adviser to louis, whom he accompanied (124854) on the seventh Crusade. Louis ix (13th cent.

He traveled in Egypt and Italy, visited Rome (where he lectured on philosophy) and Athens, and finally returned to his native boeotia, where he became a priest of the temple of Delphi. Click the link for more information.  in. The parallel lives (2d cent. His method was comparative,. G., Theseus is matched with Romulus; Demosthenes with Cicero.

In his conclusions, he evaluates the connection between the moral standards and worldly achievements of each. Augustine, augustine, saint, lat. Aurelius Augustinus, 354430, one of the latin Fathers of the Church and a doctor of the Church, bishop of Hippo (near present-day annaba, algeria. Tagaste (c.40 mi/60 km s of Hippo). Life, augustine's mother,.  turned the same critical judgment on himself in his. comparing his character and conduct before and after his conversion to Christianity. During the middle Ages credibility continued to be sacrificed to credulity. In the hagiographies, or lives of the saints, human flaws and actual events were bypassed in favor of saintly traits and miracles.

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and the cuneiform inscriptions on Assyrian palace walls (c.720. C.) or Persian rock faces (c.520. All these records proclaimed the deeds of kings, although accuracy often gave way to glorification. Among the first biographies of ordinary men, the dialogues of Plato (4th cent. C.) and the gospels of the new Testament (1st homework and 2d cent. D.) reveal their respective subjects by letting each speak for himself. Even these early achievements of biography, however, lack critical balance. Equilibrium was established by, plutarch. 120, Greek essayist and biographer,.

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Show More, online Etymology dictionary, 2010 douglas Harper biography in Culture, the story father of someone's life. The life of Samuel Johnson, by james. Boswell, and Abraham Lincoln, by carl Sandburg, are two noted biographies. The story of the writer's own life is an autobiography. Show More The new Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, third Edition Copyright 2005 by houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Reconstruction in print or on film, of the lives of real men and women. Together with autobiography—an individual's interpretation of his own life—it shares a venerable tradition, meeting the demands of different audiences through the ages. The Origins of biography, among the most ancient biographies are the narrative carvings and hieroglyphic inscriptions on Egyptian tombs and temples (c.1300.

collectively, show More, derived Formsbiographer, nounbiographical (baɪəɡræfɪkəl) or archaic biographic, adjectivebiographically, adverb. Collins English Dictionary - complete unabridged 2012 Digital Edition. William Collins Sons. Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012. Word Origin and History for biography. 1680s, probably from Latin biographia, from Late Greek biographia "description of life from Greek bio- "life" (see bio- ) graphia "record, account" (see -graphy ). Biographia was not in classical Greek (bios alone was the word for it though it is attested in later Greek from.500.

Examples from the web for biography. Contemporary Examples, the Amazon biography for an author named Papa faal mentions both Gambia and paperless lists a military record that matches the fbi report. Did you envision your Pryor biography as extending your previous investigation—aesthetically and historically? Watching novelists insult one another is one of the primary pleasures of his biography. David Hockney: The biography, picks up after Hockney has already become an established artist. I have set aside the next six years to write a biography of Gerald Ford. Historical Examples, i propose to continue this biography, and include the whole in book form. Forkel's biography of Bach is the only authority for this story. He has divided his biography into three parts, entitled—faith, hope, charity.

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Bahy-og-ruh-fee, bee-, see more synonyms on m noun, plural biographies. A written account of another person's life: the biography of Byron by marchand. An account in biographical form of an organization, society, theater, animal, etc. The writing of biography as an occupation or field of endeavor. Show More, origin of biography, from the Greek word biographía, hippie dating back to 167585. See bio-, -graphy m Unabridged. Based on the random house Unabridged Dictionary, random house, inc.

biography about
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  6. Find out information about biography. Error Analysis About Thesis " Improving Students '. A written account of another person's life: the biography of Byron by marchand. Read this full essay.

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