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Quantum leap Innovations, a leader in the emerging area of Pattern-Based Analytics, offering Pattern-Based Discovery, pattern-Based Prediction, and Pattern-Based reasoning tools. Rapid Insight Inc., making predictive analytics and data intelligence software to enable data driven decisions, with speed, efficiency and usability. Reactive search Srl, makers of Grapheur.0, bi and Interactive visualization tool, and lionsolver.0, learning and Intelligent OptimizatioN: modeling and optimization with "on the job learning" for business and engineering. Reduct lobbe technologies Inc., developers of Datalogic data mining tool Retention, Inc., a market research consulting company that combines in-depth research experience with a proprietary knowledge discovery technology platform. Rulequest, developers.0 decision tree/rules and Cubist for numeric estimation. Rulex, Inc provides rule-described prescriptive analytics tools to decision makers. Saagie is the fastest way to deploy your Big Data projects into production, providing a ready-to-deploy and fully managed platform to extract and refine your data, build and run ai-based applications, all in the most compliant and secure structure.

Oracle data mining (ODM), provides gui, pl/sql-interface, and java-interface to Attribute Importance, bayes Classification, Association Rules, Clustering, svm, and more. Palisade corporation, maker of the world's leading risk and decision analysis software, @risk and the decisionTools suite pantheon os from Foxfire, offering ambient price scanning and firmware technologies. Pattern Discovery software, developers of the discover*e suite of Exploratory essay data mining tools. Partek incorporated, makers of Partek data analysis and modeling software provide a comprehensive suite of modern tools for data mining. Portrait Software, provides the world's most advanced customer analytics, powerful inbound and outbound campaign management, and best-in-class business process integration to drive real time customer interactions. Predictive dynamix, provides the Predictive data mining suite and oem-able predictive engines. Predixion Software, offers easy to use Excel add-in and web tools for predictive analysis of Excel, powerpivot or database data. Prudential Systems einstein Software Gmbh, developer of non-linear, discrete, and distributed data mining solutions. Quadbase, provides software and services for data visualization, bi dashboards, reporting, r programming and predictive analytics. QuantCell, a big data spreadsheet and end-user programming environment for data scientists and domain experts.

data visualization resume

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Also deploy any r analytic in MicroStrategy visualizations with the new r integration Pack. Miner3D Inc., developer of paper Miner3d visual business intelligence and data analysis software. Mit gmbh, a german company offering DataEngine system for data analysis. Neusciences, providing Activex controls for Kohonen Clustering, building a decision tree, and more. Neuralware, developer of neuralWorks Predict and neuralWorks Professional II/Plus. Neural Technologies, providing a range of products/services associated with data mining. NeuroDimension, Inc., makers of neuroSolutions, a highly graphical neural network simulator for Windows. NeuroTech A/s, denmark-based company, providing consulting and products based on neural network and other advanced statistical methods.

data visualization resume

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Kognitio, a uk-based company, provides an in-memory analytical software platform and consultancy services. Kxen (now part of sap) providing predictive analytics tools to application providers and system integrators. Lavastorm, offers the lavastorm Analytics Engine, lavastorm Fraud Manager and lavastorm Spend Analyzer to analyze, optimize, and control data and processes. Logic Programming Associates, uk company, developers of Datamite. Magnify, inc., provides predictive modeling solutions for companies in the financial services, insurance, and e-commerce industries. Megaputer Intelligence develops multi-strategy complete solutions for data mining and text mining. MicroStrategy data mining Services, a fully integrated component of the microStrategy bi platform that delivers the results of predictive models to all users in familiar, highly formatted, and interactive reports and documents.

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data visualization resume

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High Tower Software, a data help monitoring and data visualization company. Ibm, offering spss modeler, cognos and other business analytics and data mining software. Indecs, a germany-based company offering mpp data mining and internet software and services. InferX provides privacy preserving real-time analytics via encrypted networks for remote data and text analysis, clustering and visualization. Infobionics Knowledge server offers a platform for developing flexible mining applications for use in business intelligence, predictive analysis, and bioinformatics with less it involvement. InfoCaptor, self-service data visualization and discovery, easy dashboard and reporting application. InforSense, a spinoff from Imperial College, london,.

Provides Kensington knowledge discovery and management solutions Intellexer, write developing semantic technology (including document summarization and document comparison software) for custom built search engines based on natural language processing. Intellix, makers of expert systems and data mining based on self-optimising universal learner. Isoft, providing Data mining solutions including AC2 and Alice d'isoft j a, offering sales and support of patented dami2tm ai analysis Engine. Unattended clustering, classification, and optimization of hundreds of variables simultaneously in a single analysis operation. Jurik research, providing nn and ga tools for financial forecasting. Knime, provides support for the open source data analytics platform knime and commercial extensions for collaboration (knime server and Productivity Extensions) and scalability (Cluster and Hadoop Extensions). KnowledgeMiner Software, research, software development, consulting, and application of unique, inductive self-organizing modeling and knowledge mining technologies.

Dbminer Technology, providing dbminer.0 Enterprise. Diagnos, offering mcubix, user-friendly, powerful knowledge extraction platform (download free demo). DecisionIQ provides predictive analytics and optimization solutions for sensor based equipment and large scale systems for the industrial internet, iot and power grids. Dimensional Insight, provides complete business intelligence, reporting, and data analysis solutions featuring di-discovery. Dm stat-1 Consulting, a leading firm in analysis and modelling, seminars and software in the direct Marketing Industry. Elseware, a french company providing Classpad and Previa tools and vertical solutions for financial industries Exclusive ore, developers of XAffinity, a database enabled associations and sequencing tool available as an end user tool and as Activex dll for embedding in your application programs.

Fico, (formerly fair, Isaac) a leader in Decision Management and predictive analytics, helping businesses automate, improve and connect decisions across organizational silos and customer lifecycles. Flutura, a big data startup that focuses on deriving insights from M2M (Machine 2 Machine) data. Flytxt, a leading Big Data Analytics solution provider for communication service providers (CSPs) across the globe. Fuzzy logix, product and services company that provides in-database analytic solutions, with existing libraries and applications. Genalytics, providing genetic-programming based engine for generating predictive models gepsoft, developers of regression and classification software, based on Gene Expression Programming. Group 1, offering model 1 and other data mining software.

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BurgSys, professional software solutions and services for data-mining, predictive analytics, image analysis, audio analysis and video analysis. Camo software, makers of The Unscrambler, used by more than 25000 analysts and scientist around the world for modeling, prediction and optimization. Connotate technologies(TM), delivers technology for extracting user-defined content from legacy data and converting it to xml provides tools for discrete choice experimentation (choice-based conjoint) for data scientists, product and marketing managers to identify consumers' preference for product features. Copyright Clearance center (CCC), developers of RightFind(tm) xml for Mining solution, which lets life science researchers build a corpus of full-text articles in xml format for use in text mining software. Data description which develops, sells, and supports innovative statistics and training software, featuring Data desk data mining Technologies software automatically finds business rules using ai-based proprietary method. DataWalk, a next-generation enterprise-class plan software platform to easily connect many large data sets for fast analysis using intuitive visualizations, histograms, link diagrams, maps, and timelines, to support secure, collaborative investigations. Daz systems Incorporated, provider of Agent-Oriented Database technology for Data-mining and Knowledge discovery.

data visualization resume

Angoss, developers of Knowledgeseeker, knowledgestudio, knowledgereader, and essay Scorecardbuilder products. Asa: Advanced Software Applications, developing applications for data mining and decision support in database marketing, fraud detection and risk management. Advanced Visual Systems, develops data visualization software to help integrate, analyze and understand different types of data. Artelnics, develops the open neural networks library Opennn, data analytics environment neural Designer, and provides solutions using deep learning. Bayes Forecast develops dynamic data models for markets and business operations by performing Data analysis and research. Bayesia, provides a complete data mining and decision support tool based on bayesian networks, including data preparation, missing values imputation, data and variables clustering, unsupervised and supervised learning. Bayesniffer, bayesian data analytics products and services. Bicedeep, data Science ai as a service, suggests deep learning models that work on your data and can automatically create and apply them. Blia solutions, weather predictive analytics.

in 3D, contour, and line graphs. Wrote routines to downsample, clip, and scale data. Return to menu, web development, mci worldcom Wrote cgi perl scripts on unix web server to access lab equipment scheduling system neuralytics Enhanced client's web site with database and shopping cart software to register users' interest in specific products and email information to their sales. KDnuggets Home companies » Products, a b, c d, e f,. I j, k l, m n, o p, q r, s t,. W xyz, alteryx offers an end-to-end analytics platform which empowers data analysts and scientists to break data barriers, deliver insights, and experience the thrill of getting to the answer faster. Alyuda research, providing neural networks based software for forecasting. Amdocs, providing Business Insight suite with predictive modeling and interactive data visualization. Winners of kdd cup 19Anaconda, maker the leading Python Data Science Platform.

Return to menu, graphics, craig Murray productions Produced graphics elements which were incorporated in television commercials uniras, inc Performed technical support for sales office to demonstrate product - scientific visualization graphics software cadam, inc maintained and debugged phigs based cad/cam software for Sun and Apollo. Return to menu, user Interface, rockwell International developed curses interface to multi-platform file transfer system Martingale research Corp Enhanced x windows Motif interface to statistical analysis product Jet Propulsion Laboratory Wrote gks software to detect and edit errors in raw data of atmospheric studies from. Return to menu 3D Animation, simGraphics Engineering Corp Wrote code on graphics workstation to animate stress fields on surfaces of 3D objects in real time consolidated Film Industries Created animation for customized Academy leader sequence with Macintosh software DreamQuest Images Simulated F-16 attack sequence for. Created doom-like maze sequence for "Earth II" television program. Return to menu, machine control, mattress dreamQuest Images Wrote software under x windows on unix machine to drive digital film scanner, consisting of film transport motor, color wheel motors, and high resolution camera consolidated Film Industries Calibrated and operated high resolution digital film recorder Title house. Return to menu, image Processing, bftr, inc Consulted on image processing techniques, including scanning, compositing, color control, and recording for feature film digital effects r greenberg Associates Wrote software on Silicon Graphics workstations to generate mattes for image compositing. Supervised shot line-up and recording operations for films "Last Action Hero" and "In the line of Fire". Return to menu, data visualization,.

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Software Engineer, phil Carpenter and Associates #102 pmb 264, 17194 Preston. Dallas, tx phone: 972/931-0526 email: select by category: overview, graphics, user wallpaper Interface 3D Animation, machine control. Image Processing, data visualization, web development, overview. Wavefront Education Major: Physics. Minor: Mathematics 1978 University of evansville. Evansville, in image processing and animation techniques American Film Institute. Hollywood, ca web design and programming 1998 University of Texas. References and demo reel available on request.

data visualization resume
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  1. Visualization, laboratory at Rutgers University,. His research interest includes scientific discovery through visualization, time varying data visualization, fluid mechanics and Finite Element Analysis.Teaching Experience - california institute of technology 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 co-lecturer Ay99, Introduction to visualization for eScience - california institute of technology 2010, 2011 co-lecturer Bi199, Introduction.

  2. Data visualization, statistical discovery, design of experiments, predictive modeling and more. His remarkable m-esque resume created quite the stir. Information, visualization, computational Linguistics-i, ii p2P,Grid and Cloud Computing Social Computing Computational Genomics ai planning Design of Information Centric Systems Machine learning Computational geometry design for Information. Jay takle is a graduate research Assistant at the Scientific.

  3. Craig Murray productions Produced graphics elements which were incorporated in television commercials uniras, inc Performed technical support for sales office to demonstrate product - scientific visualization graphics software cadam, inc maintained. I m interested in several domains mostly shared between computer graphics, visition and visualization.research, please visit my publications or project pages, or simply take a look at my resume. I am currently experimenting with D3 visualization.

  4. Curtis directs loci s software development efforts, seeking to integrate many tools for the analysis and visualization of multidimensional biological image data.and scattered radiation in antennae, aperture synthesis image reconstruction, signal recovery from low signal to noise data, analysis of radiative transfer effects, and. Create you infographic resume in one click. Link to this page: Click to learn how to make infographics prints.

  5. Tibco spotfire s, combining Spotfire visualization with S statistical language. Amdocs, providing Business Insight suite with predictive modeling and interactive data visualization. Software engineering, interoperability, visualization.

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