Essay about tashkent

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essay about tashkent

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essay about tashkent

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A lot of international organizations have their offices there. But Tashkent is not only economical center of Central Asia. There is a lot of entertainment there, which varies from disco clubs and cinemas to art galleries and libraries. Also you can find tens of theaters, museums and concert halls here. There are a lot of parks and gardens, which, by the way, make the city looks green and fresh. I am sure that everybody can find what to do in Tashkent. Sometimes I miss this city. Especially sunny weather, friendly people, native landscapes everything what used to be the component parts of my life. But from year to year I realize clearer and clearer that my home is here, in Germany.

Of course it has an influence on modern Tashkent. There are a lot of historical buildings, old traditional houses and mosques, which was founded several ages ago in an old part of city. The main part of old city is bazar (market) where you can find absolutely everything: from traditional food up to clothes and shoes. Here you can meet tourists from all over the world. The new part of the town is quite modern and busy. The streets are full of people; the roads are full of cars as in any other big city. It is the place where you can easily find lots of cafes, restaurants and hotels. Tashkent is highly industrially developed. There are a lot of plants and factories there.

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essay about tashkent

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Other significant agricultural products include raw silk, fruits, vegetables, grapes, melons, significant quantities of which are exported to neighboring countries. Uzbekistan is one of the essay leading world producers of cotton. The country occupies the 4th place in the world by producing cotton fiber and the 2nd place by its export. Also, the country produces and exports a large volume of natural gas not only to the central Asian and cis countries but to europe as well. The republic manufactures machinery and equipment and has the powerful energetic system. My home town, herere some words about my home town. I was born in a small town where my grandparents lived.

When I was 3 years old we moved to tashkent. So the biggest part textile of my life ive spent there. Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan, which is located in Central Asia. With its population of more than 5 million is Tashkent the second largest city in its region. Last year Tashkent has celebrated its 2200 birthday. So tashkents history is very long and rich.

Its popularity and importance at some times has turned Zangi-Ata into a carnival with its own amusements - sometimes providing plov, tea, fortune tellers and even dervishes. Today, though, the complex is a quiet spot for prayer and Islamic studies. Sister Cities to tashkent: Moscow, russia dnepropetrovsk, ukraine kiev, ukraine Astana, kazakstan Almaty, kazakstan Bishkek, kyrgyzstan Riga, latvia seattle, usa skopje, macedonian beijing, China cairo, egypt Ankara, turkey istanbul, turkey karachi, pakistan Berlin, germany tunis, tunisia articles about Tashkent in Uzbek and Central Asian travel. Uzbekistan, the most populous and arguably the most powerful state in Central Asia, has a long and magnificent history. The region, that is located between two rivers Amudarya and Sirdarya, has been one of the cradles of world civilization.

Some of the world's oldest sedentary populations and several of its most ancient cities are located here. Beginning at the height of the roman Empire, the region was a crossroads on the transcontinental trade routes between China and the west. From the first years of independence uzbekistan has chosen its own path of development, their "Uzbek model" of transition to a socially oriented market economy, which relies on five basic principles developed by President Islam Karimov at the dawn of independence of our country,. Uzbekistans economy is influenced by its geography. The country is situated in the basin of two main rivers: the Amudarya, which runs from Tajikistan and serves as Uzbekistans border with Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, and the syrdarya which flows through kazakhstan. The agricultural sector is extremely important to the uzbek economy. The country is one of the world's largest cotton producers, with cotton being one of its primary export earners.

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The tashkent fountains, an intricate element of its architectural style, add to the uniqueness of the city. The residents of Tashkent are especially proud of the Alisher navoi opera and Ballet Theatre. It has become famous because of such outstanding performers as Tamara Khanum, bernara karieva, mukhtar Ashrafi. Zangi-Ata: Uzbekistan's Mecca zangi-Ata's mausoleum was constructed by Amir Temur in 1397. It is the oldest surviving example of a timurid structure in Tashkent. Also at the complex are a madrasah, a cemetery and a smaller mausoleum to zangi-Ata's wife and mother in law, resume the Anbar Ona bibi mausoleum. For Central Asian Moslems, zangi-Ata is one of three destinations for their Hadj, or life's pilgrimage. The most devout Moslems will first make a trip to zangi-Ata; next to Ahmad Yassavy mausoleum in kazakhstan; and finally, to mecca.

essay about tashkent

Makarov according to european traditions ; imposing soviet era administative and apartment structures; and modern buildings which combine the latest architectural achievements with national style, local picturesque decore and Asian architectural traditions. The most important monuments date back to the 16th., the "golden age" of the city's history. Among these are: the kukeldash Madrassah, the barak-khan Madrassah complex, the suyunige-Khan and Khaffal Shashi mausoleums, and the yunus-Khan and Kaldyrgach-biya mausoleums. Among the buildings of the late 19th. early 20th. Is the palace reviews of Grand duke nickolas Konstantinovich Romanov, girls' and boys' Schools, the technical High School and the government building, the kirche. The Chorsu tourist Complex, the Istiqlol Palace, the Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of Uzbekistan, and the lavishly decorated Tashkent metro stations are among the modern landmarks of the city.

syrdarya river. The tashkent Region ranks second in Uzbekistan in industrial development. Over 260 enterprises representing 160 industrial branches produce twenty percent of the country's gross output. Principal industries are power generation, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, chemicals, textiles, footwear, and cotton processing and agricultural production. Tashkent is a city which is famous for its exceptionally valuable architectural heritage. There are many interesting monuments which have been preserved from the middle Ages ; buildings of 19th. Erected by the architects such.

Embassies and consulates of many countries of the world, and is known among travelers as a great place to stay and arrange visa and trips throughout the region; Tashkent lies right on the border with kazakhstan and also is known as the main "gates. The, tashkent Metro, currently the only subway in Central Asia, is fantastically designed in a unique, monumental Uzbek-soviet style. It is never crowded, and the easiest and cheapest way to quickly transit the city. Tashkent is simply bursting with interesting museums, ancient historical sites, writing lush parks, and a diverse selection of high-quality restaurants, nightclubs and shops. The city of Tashkent is located within Tashkent Region, which lies in the far northeastern corner of Uzbekistan, near the border with kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Its area covers 15,300 sq km; 10 percent of the total population of Uzbekistan lives in the tashkent Region. The majority are uzbeks, but more than 90 other nationalities also live here, primarily russians, kazakhs, tajiks, kyrgyz, and ethnic Koreans.

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Virtual tour to tashkent new, hotels in Tashkent map of Tashkent tashkent weather daily excursions in Tashkent geographical coordinates: 4118'00"N 6916'00"e, area: 256, population: 2,9 million people (73 Uzbek, 18 Russian, 5 Tatars and 4 other nationalities. Time zone: utc5, zip code: 100000, telephone code: (998 71 automobile codes: 01 and 02, tashkent City Khokymiyat. Address: 100000, tashkent, mirabad district, 3, movarounnakhr Str. Tel.: (998 71), fax: (998 71), tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan, uzbekistan's largest city (population 2,400,000) is also central Asia's largest city and its main transportation hub. At present, tashkent is one of the most important essays business centers in Central Asia. Present-day tashkent is one of the most beautiful cities in Asia, and its architecture is unique; the hospitality and friendliness of Tashkent people is amazing. The city is more than 2200 years old, and has evolved from a small ancient settlement to the one of the largest metropolitan areas in the region. Many remarkable events, both in peace and war, have taken place during the history of Tashkent, including many periods of rise and decline. The city is host.

essay about tashkent
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Keywords: uzbekistan essay, about uzbekistan, industry in uzbekistan. wine and other alcoholic products are produced in Tashkent, Andijon provinces and the republic of Karakalpakstan.

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  1. Little remains of the old city due to an April 1966 earthquake that leveled much of Tashkent. So tashkent s history is very long and rich. Of course it has an influence on modern Tashkent. Heres also a video about Tashkent.

  2. Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Tashkent? Get information, facts, and pictures about Tashkent. Make research projects and school reports about Tashkent easy with credible articles from our free. Tashkent, whose name means Stone fortress, has the look of a modern metropolis.

  3. Articles about Tashkent in Uzbek and Central Asian travel magazines. Uz is about checking your essay and make necessary recommendations regarding your. Do not hesitate to ask for help!

  4. Video about Tashkent history. All these invasion and vanquishers brought their language, culture and traditions to uzbekistan. And Tashkent, being one of the largest Asian cities. Tashkent City Khokymiyat Address: 100000, tashkent, mirabad district, 3, movarounnakhr Str.

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