Essay on women issues

Essay on, issues and Problems faced by, women in India

(ii discrimination in the distribution of Power and Work: Most of the Indian families are patriarchal. Hence, the philosophy of equality of sex is not acceptable to them. Domestic works such as cooking, looking after the children, washing clothes and vessels, keeping the house neat and clean, looking after the domesticated animals, serving family members like a nurse on all days and especially when they fall sick, etc., are branded as womens work. Very rarely men do these works. But when the question of exercising power comes, it is always the man who dominates. His decisions are final and his orders are ultimate. The female voice is always suppressed. (iii) Womens health is ignored: Women suffer from some distinctive health problems from which men are free.

Hence, female children are subject to discriminatory treatment. Male preference and female negligence has almost become a working policy especially in the rural areas. Discrimination between male and female children is made in matters relating to food, dress, health, education, domestic work etc. The policy of male preference and female negligence has led to what is known as female disadvantages. In India, mothers show preferences for male children. They give them importance because males are wanted during their old age to offer protection, males have greater scope than women and occupational avenues are also wider for males than for females. This male preference has led to the abuse of advanced technology. The sophisticated scanning and supersonographic equipments are being misused to find out the sex of the child; that is to go for abortion if the child is found to be an unwanted female child. These medical tests which would cost between. 80/-to 800/- are within the reach of the middle class and even the upper-lower class resulting in the killing of the female foetuses in large number. Between 19 more than 78,000 foetuses were killed homework mainly because of these medical tests.

essay on women issues

Essay on gender issues

Different Faces of the Practice. Gender Discrimination: In comparison with some other social problems, gender discrimination! Does not appear to be a serious problem in India. It appears to be so because; it has not been made a very big social issue so far. But in reality, it has weakened the strength of the female community of India. Though constitutionally men and women are equal, socially men are given priority and importance sometimes to the disadvantage of women. There are various areas wherein this discrimination essay is apparent. (i) Discrimination in Socialisation: In our socialisation process female children are becoming victims of discrimination. In the Indian social context even today male children are preferred to female children.

essay on women issues

Women 's, issues and Gender Studies

This type of violence includes crimes such as — dowry related harassments including death, wife-battering, marital rape, sexual abuse of female children and women of ones own family, deprivation of sufficient food to female members, committing incestuous offences, inducing female members of the family. (b violence against Women outside the family or Social violence: Kidnapping, raping and murdering women are very serious offences. The society at large itself is to be blamed for many types of violences that are committed against women especially outside the family. Such violences include compelling women for abortion and to undergo tubectomy operation, eve-teasing, kidnapping girls of pre-matured age and forcing them to marry, sexual harassment of women employees in work place, immoral trafficking in women and girls, forced prostitution, kidnapping and mutilating the organs such. Of female children to use them for the purpose of begging, resorting to forcible religious conversion of young women, blackmailing of women, throwing acid at the faces of girls who refuse to marry, the police and the jail personnel committing sexual crimes against female prisoners. Gender pdf Discrimination : Gender discrimination refers to the practice whereby one sex is given preferential treatment over the others. The practice of giving social importance to the biological differences between men and women is there everywhere. In some societies, these differences are very much pronounced while in others, they are given less importance. Even the Indian society is not an exception to this.

As per this report, in India on an average, (i) every day for every 6 minutes one atrocity is committed against woman; (ii) for every 44 minutes a woman is kidnapped; (iii) for every 47 minutes a woman is raped; (iv) every day 17 dowry. The same report says that crimes against women increased two times in the last 10 years; instances of rape by 400 in the last two decades; instances of kidnapping and blackmailing women by 1993. In 1993 alone about 82,818 instances of crimes against women were registered. Many cases are not registered. It is said that only 10 of the rape cases are reported. Violence against Women within and Outside family : In a male dominated society like india violences against women are unfortunately increasing at an alarming rate. Such violences can be grouped into two types: (a) violence against women within the family, and (b) violence against women outside the family. (a violence against Women within the family or Domestic violence: Women are often subject to violence within the family, a place which is expected to protect their dignity and assure their safety.

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essay on women issues

Essay, example, on, women, and Gender, issues

Every act of violence, from assault to armed revolution, detracts to some degree from the authority normally vested in society. Women as Victims of violence: advertisements: Who is most likely to be victimised by violent crime? Women are less likely to be victimised by violent crime than men, though or some crimes resume and loan among some groups of women, victimisation is higher than men. Violence against women is not a new phenomenon in India. Women in Indian society have been victims of ill-treatment, humiliation, torture, and exploitation for as long as written records of social organisation and family life are available.

These records are replete with incidents of abduction, rape, murder, and torture of women. But, regretfully, female victims of violence have not been given much attention in the literature on social problems or in the literature on criminal violence. Increasing Crimes against Women: Crime against women is an ever-increasing problem. This problem has been growing more and more acute in India during the recent years. Crimes against women include violence against women, rape, molestation, dowry harassment, wife-battering, kidnapping female children to be sold into brothel homes, forcible embracement, forcible religious conversion, cheating young women with a promise to marry them or fetch them a job and various types of sexual. As per the report 1994 of the Crime record Bureau of the central Home ministry, crimes against women increased to a great extent in the year 1993-94.

The constitution of India provides equal rights and opportunities to women. It does not make any discrimination on the grounds of sex. Indian women are also responding positively to this changed socio-political situation. This does not mean that our women are completely free from problems. On the contrary, the changing situation is causing them new problems.

They are now beset with new stresses and strains. Some of the major problems haunting the modern women may briefly be analysed here. Increasing violence against Women : advertisements:. Violence is almost universal: Most societies exhibit violence in one way or another. Violence against men or women is a social problem because; a large number of people are affected by it almost every day. Each of us is affected in countless ways by the climate of violence. Every society creates institutions designed to achieve certain ends. Violence cuts short normal institutional functions.

Empowerment, essay : Article on, women, empowerment, essay

There's more work to be done, but we're well on our way). Essay on Problems of, women in Modern India, women in independent India are comparatively in a more respectable position. Some of the problems which had been haunting the community of women for centuries are not found now. Problems such as child marriage, practice of sati, prohibition on widow remarriage, exploitation of widows, devadasi system, purdah system, etc. Development in the field of science and technology, universalisation of education, socio-political movements, modernisation and similar developments have changed the approach of people towards women to a certain extent. These developments boosted the morale and self-confidence of women. As a result, Indian women now feel that they too have their own individuality, personality, self-respect, talent, capacity the and efficiency. Advertisements: Many of those women who could grab the opportunities extended to them have proved that they are capable of discharging the responsibilities assigned to them on par with men. The nation which neglected almost 50 of its population for several centuries has now understood the necessity of giving equal rights and opportunities to its womenfolk.

essay on women issues

Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the "second shift" is still a problem. Only 20 percent of men reported helping out with housework (such as cleaning and doing laundry while 48 percent of women said the same. And while 39 percent of men said that they helped out with food preparation and cleanup, 65 percent of women said that they regularly prepared meals. Lean In, sheryl Sandberg points to this second shift as a serious blockade to women's progress, encouraging women to stop being "maternal gatekeepers" and encourage their partners to take on greater responsibilities at home. Goldman wraps up her essay with an eerily prescient summary of the issues she feels women of her generation faced: The narrowness of the existing conception of woman's independence and emancipation; the dread of love for a man who is not her social equal; the. Luckily, goldman's essay not only reminds us of the things we still need to work on, but highlights how far we've come. Women are pushing back and engaging writers in productive dialogues about how we can further progress - both in and out of the office, and thought leaders like sheryl Sandberg are encouraging women to demand the compensation they deserve.

environments. The "freedom" the workplace supposedly offers women sometimes doesn't feel so free at all. "How much independence is gained if the narrowness and lack of freedom of the home is exchanged for the narrowness and lack of freedom of the factory, sweat-shop, department store, or office?" Goldman asked. And when one considers the persistence of gender-based workplace discrimination, the workplace is not a place of freedom for many women. The gender-based wage gap, as well as the glass ceiling and occupational segregation are just a few of the factors which can make the workplace an frustrating rather than liberating place for some women. Women are doubling up on work at home and outside of the home. The "Second Shift" - a term established by sociologist Arlie hochschild in 1989, which refers to the disproportionate amount of unpaid domestic labor women do in addition to their paid jobs - has apparently been around since goldman's time. Goldman wrote, "In addition to working is the burden which is laid on many women of looking after a 'home, sweet home' - cold, dreary, disorderly, uninviting - after a day's hard work.". In June of this year, the.

In 2004, only.8 percent of large law-firm partners were women. Only 1 out of every 7 engineering students is female, and women account for a pathetic 6 percent of chief executives of the top 100 tech companies. And in terms of remuneration, it's well established that women earn an average of 77 cents for every man's dollar. Work stress disproportionately impacts women. Emma goldman wrote that to succeed needed in the workplace, women generally do so at the expense of their physical and psychical well-being - a feeling that still resonates with many women and men today. But studies show that workplace stress may disproportionately impact women. The American Psychological Association's. Work And Well-being Survey, published in March of this year, found that 37 percent of women said they feel stressed at work (whereas 33 percent of men reported workplace stress) and that only 34 percent of women felt that they had enough resources to manage.

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Over 100 years ago, radical writer and activist Emma goldman penned the interests essay "The Tragedy of Woman's Emancipation." In the piece, which the Atlantic unearthed on July 12th, goldman explores issues of equal pay, the tension between family life and home life, and the roadblocks. Essentially, emma goldman sparked the original "having-it-all" debate. So many of the issues Goldman raises feel nearly as relevant now as they must have then. Here are four things Goldman touches on that we're still working on today:. Men dominate many of the most esteemed professional fields - and get paid more for their work. "It is a fact that women teachers, doctors, lawyers, architects, and engineers are neither met with the same confidence as their male colleagues, nor receive equal remuneration goldman wrote. Today, women are still severely underrepresented in many fields - especially in leadership positions.

essay on women issues
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