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fhwa and new version of the spile program. tomlinson (α-method nordlund, Thurman, meyerhof, Cheney and Chassie. Input parameters: unit weight, undrained shear strength, spt n value and pile infomation. driven.2 presents the output in graphical and theoretical form. 36 Sample soil classification plot based on driven.2 program. 37 Variation of bearing capacity based on driven.2 program. 38 mainline-s segment based on α- method α- method Prediction Pile name pile size penetration Length (ft.) Boring Log Used Rtip (tons) Rskin (tons) Rult (tons) 20S-02 24". Ppc.01 B-54 135.54.71 212.25 23S-02 24".

Pile name pile type penetration Length (ft.) Test Data Used End bearing Capacity (tons) help Pile Shaft Capacity (tons) Ultimate bearing Capacity (tons) 20S-02 24". Ppc.01 cpt s-02 24". Ppc.15 cpt s-03 24". Ppc.41 cpt 55b maryland S-02 24". Ppc.84 cpt s-03 30". Ppc 144.84 cpt s-02 30". Ppc.74 cpt s-03 30". Ppc.57 cpt s-03 30". Ppc 161.58 cpt s-03 30". Ppc 157.58 cpt : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :.

final thesis presentation ppt

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ltrc, the load capacity/analyzing driven precast concrete piles. Schmertmann, de-ruiter and Beringen method and lcpc method. Input data in order of depth, tip resistance and sleeve resistance. output results: plots of cpt data, soil classification plot and variation of bearing capacity plot. Plot of cpt data Plot of soil classification. 33 dubai Variation of ultimate capacity based on three cpt methods. 34 mainline-s segment based on de-ruiter and Beringen method.

final thesis presentation ppt

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NC26-03 46 NC29-03 106.3. NC25-02 46 NC29-03 106.3. 26. Proposed by bustamante and gianeselli (1982 based on pile type, soil type and pile cone tip elevation; or where, ks130-150 (pile type, soil type and installation process kb1.15-0.60 (installation procedure and soil type qeq equivalent average cone friction (qc As pile-soil surface area; and. Proposed by Schmertmann (1978) Shaft resistance in soil: Ultimate pile toe resistance: Ultimate pile capacity is given as: Where, k is the ratio of unit pile shaft resistance to unit cone sleeve friction and function of penetration depth; b is pile width; d is pile. Proposed by de-ruiter and Beringen (1979) Ultimate pile capacity: or where, α is 1 for normally consolidated clay,.5 OC; su qca/Nk ; qca average qc value over a specified zone method; nk 15 to 20; Nc 9; As pile-soil surface area; and At pile. Also known as Tomlinson method, based on undrained soil shear strength parameters. Ultimate capacity: or where, α is the empirical adhesion writing factor based on the reduction of average undrained shear strength cu; Nc is a dimensionless bearing factor, the pile diameter and length of the pile, taken as 9 for deep foundation. Louisiana pile design and Cone penetration Test (lpd-cpt).

De-ruiter and Beringen method (cpt based). Α-method (Total stress Based). semi-logarithmic relation between pile capacity and time proposed by skov and Denver (1988 where a (0.5-0.7 la clayey soils) is a dimensionless setup factor and based on soil type. q and Q0 can either be the total or the shaft pile capacity (setup) at time t and. Q(ult) Q(t) (predicted skin friction) T(t0) (measured tip resistance at the reference time). developed from the combined restrike data of all the production piles of the la-1 Relocation project; S(t) skin Friction at time t; S(t0) measured skin Friction at time (t024 hrs t time elapsed since the end of initial driving; and t0 reference time. Q(t) S(t) (predicted skin friction) T(t0) (measured tip resistance at the reference time). 25 Setup prediction for 25 hrs-7 day by rate-based method reference pile information prediction rate-based pile time (Hrs) Pile name ref skin Friction (S0) (Tons) Tip Resistance (tons) at (t 24Hrs) Ref Time (t0 Hrs) skin Friction (Tons) Total Capacity (Tons). Nc nc29-03 106.3.

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final thesis presentation ppt

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Ppc 3/2/.31 Major clay with sand : number : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Information for nc site (ladotd). Rult(kips) Time eod (HRS) nc-rult vs eod pile nc1B-03 Pile and nc02-03 Pile nc06-02 Pile nc10-03 Pile nc18-03 Pile nc22-03 Pile nc24-03 Pile nc14-03 Pille nc25-02 Pile nc26-03 Pile nc28-03 Pile nc29-03 Pile nc33-04 Pile nc36-04 Pile nc40-04 Pile nc44-07 Pile nc48-05 Pile nc52-05 Pile nc56-05. Rult Time eod (Hrs) sc-rult vs eod pile sc02-02 Pile sc05-02 Pile sc10-02 Pile sc13-02 Pile sc17-03 Pile sc21-03 Pile sc25-02 Pile sc29-03 Pile sc33-03 Pile sc37-03 Pile sc41-03 Pile sc45-02 Pile sc49-02 Pile sc52-03 Pile sc54-03 Pile sc56-02 Pile sc59-03 Pile sc61-04 Total capacity. Rult(Kips) Time eod (Hrs) mainline s-rult Vs eod pile 20S-02 Pile 23S-02 Pile 27S-03 Pile 31S-03 Pile 34S-02 Pile 37S-03 Pile 40S-01,04 Pile 41S-03 Pile 53S-02 Pile 58S-03 Pile 61S-03 Pile 64S-01 Pile 65S-03 Pile 69S-03 Pile 73S-02 Pile 78S-03 Total capacity variation with time. Rult(Kips) Time eod (Hrs) Ramp N1-Rult Vs eod pile N1- 02 Pile N1- 05 Pile N1- 09 Pile N1- 12 Pile N1- 14 Pile N1- 17 18 Total capacity variation with time from the restrikes at Ramp-N1 site. The la-1 relocation project site is dominated by clay along with silts and sand traces. The mudline is about 1-3 feet below the water table.

The liquidity indexes 20 and 40, depth of 70 feet. compressive strengths from the unconsolidated undrained tests.1.5 tsf (tons square feet). 20 Typical boring log data (ladotd). 21 Typical cpt log data (ladotd). Static pile capacity methods. Lcpc method (cpt based). Schmertmann method (cpt based).

21 long-term records of more than two weeks. Load testing summary for nine test piles at la-1 relocation project (ladotd) location of test piles represent the soil The test piles were monitored during driving by pda (Pile Driving Analyzer) Analyzed using capwap software (Case pile wave analysis Program). 14 Pile pile type restrike date time (Hrs) Penetration Length (ft) soil Type Rskin (kips) Rtip (kips) Rult (kips) NC44-07 16". Ppc 10/2/.37 Major clay with sand NC40-04 16". Ppc.92 Major clay with sand NC36-04 16".

Ppc 10/21/.08 Major clay with sand NC33-04 16". Ppc 10/26/.44 Major clay with sand NC29-02 24". Ppc 1/20/.31 Major clay with sand NC29-02 24". Ppc 3/2/.31 Major clay with sand NC29-03 24". Ppc 12/21/.31 Major clay with sand NC29-03 24". Ppc 12/27/.31 Major clay with sand NC29-03 24". Ppc 1/17/.31 Major clay with sand NC29-03 24".

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The accuracy and efficiency of different pile setup prediction methods can be determined. Incorporation of pile setup, reviews cost effective design of pile foundation: a) Reducing length of pile. B) Varying cross-section of pile. C) Choice in using heavy or light driving equipment. The load data for the production pile is from phase 1-b of la-1 relocation project in leeville, louisiana. construction of a 4-mile long high-level bridge with connecting ramps and interchanges. The substructure of the project comprises of 16 24 30" prestressed concrete (PSC) piles. Summary of restrike records a total of 115 restrike records on 95 piles. 63 records short term restrike less 50 hrs eod.

final thesis presentation ppt

Excessive writing pore pressure is generated in soil, results in temporary reduction strength of soil. Excessive pore pressure begins to dissipate and soil gains strength, hence pile capacity increases. 7 Illustration of pile setup phenomenon. numerous cases from the history and local field test data in showed pile setup. The test data on driven piles at la-1 relocation project indicates growth in pile capacity. 8 Increase of pile capacity with time based on field data (Vesic, 1977). Expenditure on construction of pile foundation reaches millions of dollars every year (ladotd). The current design based on the 14 day pile resistance after the initial driving. no incorporation of long term pile capacity increase, due to no recommendations.

types. Provides more consistent design and level of safety in the superstructure and substructure. Implemented to geotechnical structures, but never to pile-setup. piles driven in soft soils undergo increase in axial capacity with time known as pile setup or freeze. Phenomenon was discovered long back in 1955 by reese and seed. during pile installation soil around pile displaced outward and exposed to large strains.

Louisiana tech University. Objectives of the research, problem definition, scope of work. Methodology, result Analysis, conclusion, recommendation. Identify the conditions where pile setup business may be incorporated in pile design. determine the reliability associated with pile setup prediction by lrfd implementation. determine resistance factors based on pile setup. load and resistance factor design (lrfd) is a rational approach.

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Was this document useful for you? Yes no, thank you for your participation! your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project. Successfully reported this slideshow. Thesis Powerpoint, upcoming SlideShare, loading in review 5, show More. No downloads, no notes for slide. Neha verma, graduate Student, civil Engineering Program.

final thesis presentation ppt
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  2. Thesis Presentation Examples Ppt. Thesis Powerpoint — slideShare Thesis Powerpoint. 36 Sample soil classification plot based on driven.2 program;. Presentation : ppt, pptx, odp.

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