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Ivins obtained the coding method from a book called "Godel, Escher, bach" which he tried to secretly throw away, but he was under fbi surveilance at the time, and the fbi saw what he did and recovered the book. The coded "message" is either "PAT" or "FNY" depending upon how you decode. . "Pat" would refer to a former co-worker with whom. Ivins was fixated at the time of the mailings. . "FNY" would mean "F*k new York a city which. Ivins seemed to hate and which another former co-worker loved. . ivins could have been aware of both ways to decode the message.

When you write with confidence, you start to use fewer strokes. Adults generally do not doodle when writing death threats. The letter assignment writer doodled on the media letter, but not on the senate letter. Why the writer only traced over A's and T's is a good question. . It's been pointed out that one of the 9/11 hijackers was named atta, which is spelled with only a's and T's. But only die-hard True believers still think that Muslim terrorists had anything to do with the anthrax letters. . And, if it was an attempt to highlight the a's and T's, why isn't the vertical stroke on the t's also traced over? This type of doodling is common for children when they've completed a task and are awaiting instructions from the teacher on what to do next. Note added february 21, 2010: The fbi's case summary released on February 19, 2010, contains some interesting new information about this "doodling." It isn't "doodling." It's a coded message that. Ivins evidently put into the media letters in order to allow him to prove he sent the letters if he should become a national hero for warning America of the pending bioweapons attacks by muslim terrorists, which he and many scientists thoroughly expected.

four line handwriting book

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Note that when addressing the Brokaw envelope, the writer seems to have paused repeatedly at the end of many strokes interests as if he was checking the original to see that he was doing things properly and to see what stroke he would draw next. . he left little balls of ink at the end of each of the strokes underlined in red below. He appears to have written with much greater confidence on all the other envelopes. . Why he didn't leave pause marks on the media letter is a question, since it was evidently done before the addressing of the envelope. . The best explanation seems to be: he felt the addressing of an envelope with a stamp was much more important, and he really needed to do it correctly. Using fewer strokes to draw a letter. When writing M's or W's, very few adults write them with four strokes as is done in the anthrax letters and envelopes. . And, n's are rarely written with three strokes.

four line handwriting book

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The writer evidently failed to copy the business word penicillin correctly, instead writing "penacilin." When copying unfamiliar words, children are taught to read them phonetically, remember then phonetically, and then to write them phonetically. In the case of pen-i-cil-lin, the phonetic version ended up as pen-a-cil-in. Note added february 24, 2010: The fbi's case summary released on February 19, 2010, contains some interesting new information about the misspelling of "penacilin." The report says that the misspelling was deliberate and is part of a method of identifying that there is a coded. key to understanding the identifying code is the fact the a in "penacilin" is one of the a's and T's that were traced over, yet the a in take in the same sentence was not. . The a does not belong, yet it is highlighted by tracing over. This new information doesn't alter the basic facts about the handwriting, it just adds evidence to explain something that could previously be interpreted many ways. The evidence says that the writer wrote the word "penacilin" as directed. . learning to copy things with confidence. .

When you are first learning to write properly, you do not have the experience needed to judge whether or not you'll have enough room to get an entire line within the available space. . Notice how the writer starts writing smaller when it becomes clear he's not going to have enough room for "of the Americas" on the post envelope: And on the new York post envelope, as on all the envelopes, he steers his writing toward the farthest. On the senate envelopes, where there is a return address, he seems to try to avoid running into the stamp. The writer also didn't abbreviate "Building" when he was running out of room as an adult would. Note that when writing on a large sheet of paper such as the letters, where he didn't have a problem with running out of room, and therefore, he wrote in relatively straight lines. The writer evidently saw cannot as two familiar words, can and not. . An adult would write cannot, using a word that would be unfamiliar to a first grader.

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four line handwriting book

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What adult draws a question mark with three strokes, even if they were making a big question mark in order to emphasize the question? developing better hand-eye coordination. When you are about six years old and just starting first grade, it's easier to draw a large o than a small o, because you do not yet have offs the hand-eye coordination of an adult. Notice that on the media letter and the o in Brokaw on the Brokaw envelope the writer draws a circle and continues for about a quarter way around to make sure the circle is complete. . That is something a child does, not an adult. Plus, there are indications that when writing drawing larger O's, he often slows down when the circle is nearly complete, and he adjusts to make certain the end of the circle connects with the start of the circle. . Completing a circle is automatic for an adult. .

A six-year-old doesn't have that level of hand-eye coordination. The same holds true with the r's on the Brokaw envelope. . For the small R's, the writer didn't have the hand-eye coordination needed to start the arc of the r atop the vertical stroke. . he got close, but not right. learning to judge how much room you have to write.

learning when to capitalize and when not to capitalize. The handwriting shows that the writer had learned that the first letter of a sentence is supposed to be larger than the rest of the letters, and so are the first letters of names and proper nouns. While the writer may have learned uncial and the rule about proper nouns in kindergarten, the writer isnt certain about what a proper noun. The word now is not a proper noun, nor is to, yet they are capitalized in the media letter. In the senate letter, the writer capitalizes you and possibly another.

Another of the things you are taught in first grade is punctuation. The media letter has no punctuation, the senate letter does. learning about the question mark. The writing on the senate letter doesn't just contain periods. . It also appears to show the writer's first attempt at writing a question mark. . he used three separate strokes, and each of the strokes is full size. Notice that the arc is the size of a reversed c, the vertical line is the size of the letter i, and the period is far enough below the vertical line to be a separate period.

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The first line of the text of the letter this is next seemingly indicates the media letter was written on or after 9/11, even though the date on the letter was apparently added later by a different hand. On the new York post envelope we can see he was still having a hard time homework drawing arcs instead of circles: The fact that he was taught the proper way to draw an R doesn't mean it immediately became automatic for him. It takes time to get rid of writing habits, even habits developed in kindergarten. Learning to write smaller. One of the first things you are taught in first grade is to write smaller. The writing on the media letter is roughly twice the size dream of the writing on the senate letter. And the date on the media letter is roughly twice the size of the date on the senate letter. Even the writing on the senate envelopes is generally a bit smaller than the writing on the media envelopes.

four line handwriting book

The fact that points most clearly to a child doing the writing is the fact that, between writing the media letter and addressing the Brokaw envelope, the writer was taught and learned how to properly draw the letter. When the writer wrote r's on the media letter he drew the top of the r's as little circles like this: The drawing of small circles seems to be a kindergarten style that the writer figured out by copying things written on a blackboard. . It was not taught. . When he addressed the Brokaw envelope, however, he no longer drew the tops of R's as circles, he drew them in a more proper way broiler as is taught in first grade, like this: One can actually see that the writer was told to start the. All forensic handwriting experts agree that the handwriting examples (with the possible exception of the date on the media letter) are from the same writer. . Yet, there is a small difference in abilities between these two writing samples. . One would expect they would be written only minutes apart, but there are clear indications that enough time passed between the writing of the Brokaw letter and the addressing of the Brokaw envelope for the writer to learn the proper way to write r's.

Learning the Uncial style of writing. According to a web site named ojon. Org : The style of writing used in the anthrax letters is the uncial writing style used in American kindergarten classes. Uncial (pronounced un:shel) is a term applied to a particular calligraphic style based on ancient lettering. Typically, uncial writing features just upper case letters with larger letters used where capitalization is needed. All upper case block letters are made quite simply from only four components: a vertical line slanted lines horizontal lines (— and a curve or circle (C). The handwriting on the anthrax letters and envelopes shows the writer is still writing all upper-case, uncial style as taught in kindergarten. . But, at the time of the mailings, he was evidently just starting to learn some of the new things about writing that are taught in first grade. learning how to draw the letter.

The timing seemed right for starting a family. . Bruce, however, could not beget children. . The couple registered with a state agency, and in dark the fall of 1984 they adopted one-year-old twins, Amanda and Andy. So, according to david, willman, diane ivins was running a day care business in her home for almost two decades, starting many years before and continuing after the anthrax attacks. . That confirms what i've been arguing for years: There were very likely young children in ivins' home at the time the anthrax letters were being written and the envelopes where being addessed. The letters in the first mailing (the media mailing) were postmarked. The letters in the second mailing (the senate mailing) were postmarked three weeks later, on October 9, 2001. . Changes in the handwriting in the two separate mailings show exactly what a child would learn in first grade during those three weeks in September and. It is extremely unlikely that an adult who is simply trying to disguise his handwriting would, purely by chance, duplicate those same specific changes in writing style.

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Facts are facts, whether they are believed or not. In the Amerithrax case, the preponderance of facts show very clearly that a child almost certainly wrote the anthrax letters and addressed the envelopes. . Yes, it is possible that the writing is that of an adult who knew exactly essay how to write like a child in every detail. . But, while that may be "possible it seems extremely unlikely. Note added may 11, 2011 and modified may 18, 2011: On page 37 of david Willman's new book ". The, mirage man it says: Bruce and diane ivins appeared to have a stable future in Frederick. Although he was no longer working as a nurse, she brought in a steady income from a day-care business she ran at the couple's modest home.

four line handwriting book
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You could probably even guess that it will be an epic fantasy. Write from the start: Unique programme to develop the fine motor and Perceptual skills Necessary for Effective. Handwriting (3 volumes) by ion teodorescu, lois Addy, james Alexander (isbn.

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  1. On page 37 of david Willman's new book "The mirage man. All upper case block letters are made quite simply from only four components: a vertical line. The tag line gives you the emotional feel of the book. It will be dark and serious.

  2. These were located at four places:The national Archives, the department of Defense, the fbi, and the offices. Handwriting on Holland-American, line. Four ninth grade students with handwriting difficulties because of joint hypermobility syndrome participated in this. The aim of this book is to provide.

  3. Emphasize and enlarge everything below the base line, including the bottoms of y, g, and. Fit one day and threw up all over my pink handwriting book. Shes read the book which. Internal 5) difficult to understandC) roundD) Square 1) of the inner nature of a thing 2) having four equal sides and four.

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