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2 2 Green Financial resources: Insufficient funding to deliver required outcomes fast enough External fundraising from public and charity sources and from partners, or prioritise activities in line with available funding. 2 3 Amber (Please see appendix 1 for high level risk register.) The medCity draft Business Plan for 2016/17 was presented to the ipb on 17th February 2016 and was approved in principle. The medCity 2016/17 Business Plan (see appendix 1) sets out an Action Plan and year 3 milestones. The milestones cover the following key areas of MedCitys activities:    Creating a front door    Promoting the region as a base for life science investment and growth    Encouraging and enabling entrepreneurialism    Explaining the medCity offer to the market Activity timeline Procurement.

London project and unable to exert sufficient influence. Watching brief to monitor pressures on staff resource. London: Identify complementary activities,. Campaign, comms and marketing, to influence the programme. MedCity to be on project steering group. 2 3, amber, medCity profile/market confusion: Insufficient public profile of MedCity and the region's essay life sciences offer; MedCity role unclear. City hall press office and ebpu officers working closely with MedCity to maximise opportunities for profile- raising. Clearly articulated proposition and careful branding. Close engagement with industry and scientific membership bodies to ensure alignment and resolve conflicts. Communications tailored to segmented audience. Decision on future of gmec in spring 2016.

garments business plan ppt

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2 3, amber, geographical competition: MedCity cannot fulfil its role in working desk across the gse because Oxford and Cambridge ahscs and gse institutions do not actively engage or refuse to participate. Pilot to bring gmec within MedCity umbrella. Senior engagement continually deployed. Continue working level engagement with relevant players across region. 2 3, amber, capacity: Insufficient MedCity staff resource to deliver the work programme, incl. New commitments not originally envisaged. Insufficient staff/ suitable calibre appointed as embedded team(s). In particular, insufficient resource to fully support successful delivery of DigitalHealth.

garments business plan ppt

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The baselines, 2015/16 forecasts and subsequent years targets for several of the indicators (those on spin-outs, patents, licences, clinical trials and patients homework in clinical trials) have been updated in the 2016/17 Business Plan. The reasons for these changes are set out in Appendix. The risks are set out below, and are shared evenly amongst founding partners. Risk description, mitigation/risk response, current probability, current impact, rAG. Institutional competition : key stakeholders not committed at operational level to medCity academic and clinical staff not encouraged to collaborate across institutions, inter-institution competition. Continued active engagement ongoing work with Ox, cam and wider gse leps/partners to further develop relationships. MedCity presence at monthly ahsc/N executive group. Raising awareness, and evidence, of economic benefit and opportunity from collaboration. Seed funding criteria could be used to incentivise collaboration.

At a strategic level, medCity will increase the health and wealth outcomes from life sciences research and commercialisation across London and the gse.  However, it must be recognised that there are factors far outside medCitys control which will also influence the availability of global capital and the attractiveness of the uk and the region for investment. At an operational level, medCity has identified a basket of lagging indicators which MedCity believes collectively provide a barometer reading as a proxy for the effectiveness of MedCity (see appendix 1). Indicators and other aspects of the business plan will need to be agreed as stakeholder engagement progresses with Oxford, cambridge and other partners. MedCity has agreed a methodology for assessing the value of direct jobs (from relevant fdi investments) resulting from the medCity involvement (see appendix 1). The proposal for estimating the prospective benefits relies on estimates of fdi in London as the major source of direct jobs, and through them, gva. However, the difficulty of forecasting fdi jobs should be noted, as large investments cannot be accurately predicted. Due to the volatility of the data series, over the course of five years of jobs created (job persistence of three years is assumed the calculated average annual jobs created is 10 above the previous trend of 100 jobs per year (5 above trend. This provides a benefit cost ratio in excess.

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garments business plan ppt

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Each years grant award is subject to the glas approval of MedCitys annual Business Plan and to the gla issuing a grant award letter. Gla grant funding is essential to enable medCity to be appropriately staffed including the medCity Executive chair, Chief Executive officer, and Project Director in order to undertake activities aimed at growing and promoting the life sciences sector in London and the gse. These activities will include (see appendix 1 Creating a front door for businesses large and small, entrepreneurs, investors and academics. Promoting the region as a base for life science investment and growth. Encouraging and enabling entrepreneurialism by supporting the development of a business environment that supports life sciences and creating the ecosystem and a culture which encourages entrepreneurialism.

Explaining the medCity offer to the market by articulating the offer to the market, working with the academic community to demonstrate our expertise. In business addition to these four themes, medCity is also playing a more active role in contributing to or influencing policy development. An example is MedCitys contribution to the glas work on the availability of capital for life sciences. MedCity has the following strategic goals: Address barriers to growing the life sciences sector in London and the gse; Catalyse and enable more research collaborations; Foster a more entrepreneurial environment within academic and nhs institutions - including more spin-outs being created, growing. Attract significant investment into the sector and the region.

With a value of 4,995, amp is offered by Krannert's Executive education Programs. In the Black division, nano bio, cornucopia farm and E3 Labs receive free affiliate status from the purdue research Park, giving them access to consulting, coaching and other park resources. Nano bio also wins a free registration in Krannert's amp certificate program. The entrepreneurship competition started in 1987 with an endowment gift to purdue from the burton. The morgan foundation also funded the 7 million, 31,000-square-foot Center for Entrepreneurship. The center leads Purdue's kauffman Campuses Initiative, which is focused on making entrepreneurship education available across the university's main and regional campuses, enabling any student, regardless of field of study, access to entrepreneurial training.

The late burton. Morgan was a purdue alumnus who started 50 companies, six of which have become major corporations, including Morgan Adhesives, one of the world's largest makers of pressure-sensitive adhesives. He also was president of Basic search., an idea-development firm, and wrote several books on entrepreneurism. Writer: Phillip fiorini, sources: Richard Cosier, ran An, aaron Trembath. The overarching vision of MedCity is for London and the Greater south East (GSE) to be a world leading, interconnected region for life science research, development, manufacturing and commercialisation to deliver health improvements and economic growth. MedCity limited was established by the gla and Londons three academic health Science centres (ahscs) - imperial College Academic health Science centre, kings health Partners and uclpartners. The gla is not a member of MedCity limited, but has entered into agreements with each of the members to afford it the right to become a member in future. The Agreements state that Members of the company are not permitted to change the articles or to invite other organisations to become a member without the consent of the gla, and cannot take a decision on any matter that requires gla agreement or consent, without. A grant agreement is in place to govern the glas funds.

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Presenter Michael baird, who is studying horticultural production and marketing and agricultural management, has a new business plan to expand seasonal education and entertainment operations at his family-owned business. E3 Labs, a nonprofit organization developing products and services that interests address basic needs, quality of life and scarcity issues for developing countries, was third, receiving 5,000. Nicolas guerra-mondragon and Fernando segovia are the lead team members for. The other two finalists were tappedIn and Super Resolution, each receiving 2,500 for their presentations. TappedIn, led by liberal arts major kevin lee, is a planned mobile application for iPhones and ipads that allows bars and restaurants to highlight what beers are currently on tap. Super Resolution team members Yuxing Zhang, colin Sandbach and jian-wei khor are working on an optic technique and device to improve the resolution of imaging systems for research microscopes and telescopes. In addition to the cash prizes, Ice miller will provide free legal and consulting services to the top three gold division finishers, valued at 5,000 for Animated Dynamics, 3,000 for team vaccine and 2,000 for Telos. The purdue research Park also will provide incubator space for those three companies. Krannert will provide one free registration in its 2013 Applied Management Principles (AMP) condensed management certificate program to Animated Dynamics.

garments business plan ppt

Led by ted Daniels, telos is advancing a technology that could yield more accurate behavioral data and sweat a tenfold increase in experimental throughput. Finalists receiving 3,750 each in the gold division were skyepack and Applied Battery technology. Led by nick McCollum, skyepack is a content-focused educational software environment designed to facilitate the delivery of learn-anywhere mobile content as an alternative to texts, course packs and class handouts. Applied Battery technology, led by mark suchomel and Subhash Ghosh, is developing a novel battery-sensing technology in development to increase rechargeable battery reliability and safety and reduce application costs for equal end-user performance across all sectors. Purdue communications and philosophy major Aaron Trembath delivers his winning business plan competition in the Black division for his company concept, nanobio interface systems. Trembath claimed the 20,000 first prize for this non-invasive diagnostic tool to test for diabetes. (Purdue university photo/John Underwood) Download Photo In the Black division, cornucopia farm, an agritourism operation in Scottsburg, Ind., finished second and received 10,000.

Morgan foundation, Ice miller llc, purdue's. Krannert School of Management and the purdue research Park. Division for graduate students, team vaccine claimed the 15,000 second prize for its advanced law enforcement toolkit software. Team vaccine members Abish. Malik, silvia oliveros, satish Kunchakuri and Nimish Dharawat are developing software for equipping law enforcement agencies and citizens with situational awareness and risk assessment tools for analyzing criminal, traffic and civil incident patterns in their neighborhoods. Telos Discovery systems, which is advancing a drug-discovery product that eliminates the need for researcher-mouse interaction, received the 7,500 third-place prize.

Morgan Business Plan, competition in Purdue university's, discovery park. Division, Animated Dynamics won 30,000 for its efforts to commercialize a new laboratory approach for helping select the best anticancer drugs for patients. Using tissue dynamics spectroscopy (tds physics doctoral student Ran An and Purdue physics professors david Nolte and John Turek are developing the technique that captures dynamic cellular motions deep inside living tissue. Nanobio, interface systems, a nanotechnology-based in vitro diagnostics company advancing a novel technique for testing blood sugar levels, claimed the 20,000 first prize in the Black division for undergraduate students. The company, known. Nbi, is led by purdue communications and philosophy major Aaron Trembath. "This is an incredible accomplishment for all 10 student-led presentations just to make the finals, with nearly 100 proposals submitted when this process started months ago said Richard Cosier, the avrum and joyce Gray director of the. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship and Purdue's leeds Professor of, management. "Every student leaves this competition a winner, but Animated Dynamics and Nanobio rose above the rest in their presentations and how close they are to becoming real companies contributing to our economy and helping society.".

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February 20, 2013, physics doctoral student Ran An answers question from judges during his Gold division presentation in winning the 30,000 top prize at the 26th annual Burton. Morgan Business Plan Competition. His company concept, Animated Dynamics, is developing technology designed to offer a new laboratory approach for selecting the best anticancer drugs for patients. (Purdue university photo/John Underwood). Download Photo, you west lafayette, ind. a device for non-invasive diabetic testing and a biological imaging technique for personalized cancer care won top prizes tuesday (Feb. 19) at the 100,000.

garments business plan ppt
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