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marketing presentation ppt

Marketing Management Presentation Slides

Initially, we had planned on writing a diary entry every month. The 11th edition of Indo-Global Summit and Awards 2018 will be held in Hyderabad, india on December 9, 2018. Category: essays research papers; movie Title: Oppression. Control of food in kfc. Marketingový plán podpory mice businessu pro rok 2013: váš event v jeseníkách Kontakt jcb: Ing. Carefully choose four employment references that compliment your resume. research indicates that children who spend more time on regularly assigned, meaningful homework, on average, do better in school. Browse through the essay preparation, save the environment and we have on cell phones' importance of essays. time you write a piece of writing, whether its a story, poem or even a diary entry, use a few adjectives to bring your words to life!

marketing presentation ppt

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Examples are public utilities, buses, taxis, and state universities Competitors and Price decisions Slide 68: Channel Members and Price decisions Channel Members A wholesaler or retailer can gain stronger control over price by stressing its importance as a customer to the manufacturer, refusing to carry. This is often done to increase the sales of their own brands Slide 69: Channel Members and Price decisions Channel Members to ensure channel member cooperation with price decisions, the manufacturer needs to consider four factors: channel member profit margins, price guarantees, special deals, and. You can obtain this excellent book at this link: sr1-1 Slide 76: End of Material If you find this presentation useful, please consider telling others about our site (udyMarketing. Competitor Analysis, the region of Asia pacific is anticipated to be the fastest growing market during the forecast period for polyetheramine. The developed economies of United Kingdom and United States are gradually on the road to recovery from the sluggish economic conditions and improving the demand for polyetheramines in the market. Some of the competitor are iro group Inc., Clariant, zibo dexinLianbang Chemical Industry company Ltd., wuxi Acryl Technology. Ltd., qingdao iro surfactant. Ltd., yangzhou chenhua new Materials Company Ltd, yantai minsheng Chemicals Company, ltd., basf se and Huntsman Corporation to name a few. The increasing demand for polyetheramines in several end-user industries, hunstman Corporation, in January 2014 declared to rise the production of polyetheramines globally.

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marketing presentation ppt

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Pens, etc) provide value to the consumer and are retained by them; and these forms can provide a reminder function Impulse purchases can be increased through in-store displays Slide 52: Sales Promotion Disadvantages The image of the firm may be lessened if it continuously runs. Consumers may view discounts as representing a decline in product quality and believe the firm could not sell its offerings without them. When coupons, rebates, or other special deals are used frequently, consumers may not make purchases if the items are sold at regular prices. Instead, they helmet will stock up each time there is a promotion. Slide 53: Sales Promotion Disadvantages Sometimes sales promotions shift the focus away from the product onto secondary factors. Consumers may be attracted by calendars, coupons, or sweepstakes instead of by product quality, functions, and durability. In the short run this generates consumer enthusiasm.

In the long run this may have adverse effects on a brand's image and on sales, because a product-related differential advantage has not been developed. Slide 54: Distribution Planning and Pricing Strategy Slide 55: Distribution Planning Distribution planning is systematic decision making regarding the physical movement and transfer of ownership of a product from producer to consumer. It includes transportation, storage, and customer transactions. Distribution functions are carried out through a channel of distribution, which is comprised of all the organizations or people involved in the process. These organizations or people are known as channel members or middlemen. Slide 56: Intensity of Channel coverage Slide 57: Intensity of Channel coverage Slide 58: Methods of Channel cooperation Slide 59: Pushing and Pulling Strategy manufacturer Channel members Consumers Manufacturer Channel members Consumers Pushing Strategy pulling Strategy Slide 60: Price Planning a price represents the value. Price elasticity is 1 Consumers and Price decisions Slide 65: Competitors and Price decisions Competitors Another element contributing to the degree of control a firm has over prices is the competitive environment within which it operates Slide 66: Market-controlled price environment Characterized by a high.

Examples include repair services (such as automobile, watch, and plumbing lawn care, car wash, haircut, and dry cleaning Provides personal service on the pan of the seller; it does not involve a goods. Examples include accounting, legal, and consulting services Slide 26: Characteristics of Services The intangible nature of many services makes the consumer's choice more difficult than with goods The producer and his or her services are often inseparable The perishability of services prevents storage and increases. Test marketing involves placing a product for sale in one or more selected areas and observing its actual performance under the proposed marketing plan. The purpose is to evaluate the product and pretest marketing efforts in a real setting prior to a full-scale introduction Slide 36: New Product Planning Commercial-ization After testing is completed, the firm is ready to introduce the product to its full target market. This is commercialization and corresponds to the introductory stage of the product life cycle commercialization involves implementing a total marketing plan and full production Slide 37: Promotion Mix : Advertising, publicity, personal Selling and Sales Promotion Slide 38: Promotion Mix Advertising Publicity personal Selling Sales.

Because media appeal to mass audiences, waste is a significant factor in advertising. Reach refers to the number of viewers or readers in the audience Slide 42: Things to consider in Advertising Frequency message permanence Frequency is how often a medium can be used. It is greatest for newspapers, radio, and television, where ads may appear daily and advertising strategy may be easily changed Message permanence refers to the number of exposures one advertisement generates and how long it remains with the audience Slide 43: Things to consider. Television often has the highest persuasive impact because it is able to combine audio, video, color, animation, and other appeals. Clutter involves the number of ads that are contained in a single program, issue, etc. Clutter is low when a limited number of ads is presented and high when many ads are presented. Slide 44: Publicity : poor and good Response Slide 45: developing a publicity Plan Setting objectives Outlining types of publicity selecting media creating publicity messages Timing publicity messages Slide 46: Publicity type Slide 47: Specific Personal Selling Objectives Slide 48: Personal Selling Process Prospecting (blind.

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The goods with the best combination of attributes is purchased. Sony electronics and Calvin Klein clothes are marketed as attribute-based shopping goods For price-based shopping goods, consumers judge product attributes to be similar and look around for the least expensive item/store Slide 23: Specialty goods Specialty goods Those to which consumers are brand loyal. They are fully aware of these products and their attributes prior to making a purchase decision. They are willing to make a significant purchase effort to acquire the brand desired and will pay a higher price than competitive products, if necessary. For specialty goods, consumers will not plan make purchases if their brand is not available. Substitutes are not acceptable. Slide 24: Services Type of Services Rented- goods Service Owned-goods service non-goods Slide 25: Services Rented- goods Service Owned-goods service non-goods Involves the leasing of a good for a specified period of time. Examples include car, hotel room, apartment, and tuxedo rentals Involves an alteration or repair of a good owned by the consumer.

marketing presentation ppt

segments. Diversification is utilized so that the firm does not become overly dependent on one product line. Slide 13: Market Segmentation The division of a market into different homogeneous groups of consumers Market Segment Should be: measurable accessible by communication and distribution channels different in its response to a marketing mix durable (not changing too quickly) substantial enough to be profitable, slide. Based on variables such as age, gender, ethnicity, education, occupation, income, and family status. Slide 15: Types of Market Segmentation Psychographic Behavioral Based on variables such as values, attitudes, and lifestyle based on variables such as usage rate and patterns, price sensitivity, brand loyalty, and benefits sought. Slide 16: Step in Planning a segmentation Strategy determining characteristics and needs of consumers for the product category of the company Analyzing consumer similarities and differences developing consumer group profiles Selecting consumer segment (s) Positioning companys offering in relation to competition. Establishing an appropriate marketing plan. Slide 17: Product Planning and development Slide 18: Products : Types of goods Types of goods Convenience goods Shopping goods Specialty goods Slide 19: Convenience goods Convenience goods Those purchased with a minimum of effort, because the buyer has knowledge of product characteristics prior.

Slide 5: Marketing Credo There is only one valid definition of business purpose : to create a customer Peter Drucker. Slide 6: Marketing Mix Product Price Place Promotion Target Market. Slide 7: key hippie marketing Activities Consumer Analysis Product Planning Price Planning Distribution. Planning Promotion, planning, slide 8: key marketing Activities Consumer Analysis Product Planning Examination and evaluation of consumer characteristics, needs, and purchase processes development and maintenance of products, product assortments, product positions, brands, packaging, options, and deletion of old products Price Planning Outlines price ranges and. Slide 9: key marketing Activities Distribution, planning Establishment of channel relations, physical distribution, inventory management, warehousing, transportation, allocation of goods, and wholesaling Promotion Planning Combination of advertising, publicity, personal selling, and sales promotion to drive sales revenue. Slide 10: Product/Market Matrix Existing Products New Products Existing Markets New Markets Market Penetration Market development Product development diversification. Slide 11: Product/Market Matrix Market Penetration Market development The firm seeks to achieve growth with existing products in their current market segments, aiming to increase its market share. Effective when the market is growing or not yet saturated The firm seeks growth by targeting its existing products to new market segments. Effective when a local or regional business looks to wider its market, new market segments are emerging due to changes in consumer life-style/demographics, and innovative uses are discovered for a mature product.

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Ppt, facebook marketing Presentation 20700410. Slide 1: Think marketing! Slide 2: you can download this presentation at: udymarketing. Org for more presentations on marketing management and business strategy. Slide 3: Contents Marketing Mix and key marketing Activities. Developing Market Segmentation, product Planning and development, promotion Mix : Advertising, publicity, personal Selling and Sales Promotion. Distribution Planning and Pricing Strategy, slide 4: pdf Marketing Mix and, market Segmentation.

marketing presentation ppt
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