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18 Spielberg however stated that despite being credited, de bont never became involved with the film. 19 Cruise and Spielberg, at the latter's insistence, 20 reportedly agreed to each take 15 of the gross instead of any money up front to try and keep the film's budget under 100 million. 21 Spielberg said he had done the same with name actors in the past to great success: " Tom Hanks took no cash for saving Private ryan but he made a lot of money on his profit participation." 20 he made this agreement a prerequisite. I haven't taken a salary in 18 years for a movie, so if my film makes no money i get no money. They should be prepared to do the same. Production was delayed for several years; the original plan was to begin filming after Cruise's Mission: Impossible ii was finished. 18 However, that film ran over schedule, which also allowed Spielberg time to bring in screenwriter Scott Frank to rework cohen's screenplay. 10 22 John August did an uncredited draft to polish the script, 23 and Frank darabont was also invited to rewrite, but was by then busy with The majestic.

7 It was supposed to be a sheet sequel to the 1990 Dick adaptation Total Recall, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. 9 novelist Jon Cohen was hired in 1997 to adapt the story for a potential film version that would have been directed by dutch filmmaker Jan de bont. 10 11 meanwhile, cruise and Spielberg, who met and became friends on the set of Cruise's film Risky business in 1983, 12 had been looking to collaborate for ten years. 13 14 Spielberg was set to direct Cruise in rain Man, but left to make indiana jones and the last Crusade. 12 Cruise read Cohen's script, and passed it onto Spielberg, who felt it needed some work. Spielberg was not directly involved in the writing of the script; however, he was allowed to decide whether the picture's screenplay was ready to be filmed. When Cohen submitted an acceptable revision, he called Cruise and said, "Yeah, i'll do this version of the script." 11 15 In that version, witwer creates a false disk which shows Anderton killing him. When Anderton sees the clip, his belief in the infallibility of the precogs visions convinces him it is true, therefore the precogs have a vision of him killing Witwer. At the end, Anderton shoots Witwer and one of the brother precogs finishes him off, because lease witwer had slain his twin. 16 Spielberg was attracted to the story because as both a mystery, and a movie set 50 years in the future, it allowed him to do "a blending of genres" which intrigued him. 17 In 1998, the pair joined Minority report and announced the production as a joint venture of Spielberg's DreamWorks and Amblin Entertainment, 20th Century fox, cruise's Cruise-wagner Productions, and de bont's production company, blue tulip.

minority report book review

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Kathryn Morris as Lara, anderton's ex-wife and the mother of his lost son. Peter Stormare as Eddie solomon, a shady Swedish doctor who survives by performing illegal operations, and transplants new eyes into Anderton. He does this even though Anderton turned him in years earlier, in Baltimore, when he had been lighting his female plastic writing surgery patients on fire. Solomon is jaded with his work. He has a black sense of humor; When his nurse assistant brings him Anderton's replacement eyes, Stormare utters a line not in the script: 6 "She's already smitten. She only has eyes for you." mike binder as leo crow, a man whom the precogs predict Anderton will kill. Tim Blake nelson as Gideon, the warden who watches over prisoners forced into "halo sleep." joel Gretsch as Donald Dublin Production development Dick's story was first optioned by producer and writer Gary goldman in 1992. 7 8 he created the initial script for the film with Ron Shusett and Robert goethals (uncredited).

minority report book review

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He chose his career path because his father, who was a policeman, was murdered when he was. Samantha morton as Agatha, the lead precog, who has the most powerful psychic abilities of the three. Her mother, Anne lively, was murdered. All the precogs are named after mystery writers: Agatha Christie, arthur Conan doyle, movie and Dashiell Hammett. 4 5 Steve harris as Jad, oversees the precogs and helps Anderton interpret their visions. Neal McDonough as Gordon Fletcher, a preCrime officer who works alongside Anderton. Patrick kilpatrick as Knott, another PreCrime officer who works alongside Anderton, Fletcher, and Jad Jessica capshaw as evanna, an advisor for PreCrime lois Smith. Iris Hineman, one of the pioneers of the PreCrime program, who has retired.

Tom Cruise as Captain John Anderton, a divorced and middle-aged, Chief of the department of PreCrime in Washington,. The disappearance of his son devastated him, and provided the motivation for him to join the PreCrime unit. He is addicted to drugs, which he uses to cope with the pain from the loss of his son, but maintains a professional appearance while at work. Max von Sydow as Director Lamar Burgess, an elderly official in the washington,. PreCrime program and Anderton's superior. He begins the film as Cruise's mentor, but becomes the film's antagonist. Colin Farrell as Danny witwer, a cocky department of Justice agent sent to observe and evaluate the PreCrime process. He spent three years in divinity school and carries a rosary.

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minority report book review

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Burgess attempts to comfort Lara, but accidentally reveals that he was the one that killed lively. Lara acts on this information and frees Anderton at gunpoint. At a banquet to celebrate the success of the PreCrime unit attended by burgess, Anderton plays back Agatha's vision of lively's murder for the gathered crowd, which shows Burgess as the murderer. While burgess begins to hunt down Anderton, a new PreCrime report is created: Anderton is the victim and Burgess, the murderer. When Burgess catches up to Anderton, Anderton explains the impossible situation: if Burgess kills Anderton, he proves the system works but at the cost of a life sentence, while if he does not, the system will not have worked and the PreCrime division will. Anderton explains the fundamental flaw in the system: if one knows his or her future, he or she can change.

Burgess resolves the dilemma by killing himself. The PreCrime program narnia is shut down and the prisoners are unconditionally pardoned and released, though police departments keep watch on many of them. Anderton and Lara remarry and start a new family. The precogs are sent to an "undisclosed location a small uncharted island in the north Atlantic Ocean to live manual out a full happy life in peace. Cast Members of the cast of Minority report. Clockwise from top left; Stormare, mcDonough, farrell, Cruise, morton, and Von Sydow.

When Crow arrives, Anderton holds him at gunpoint, but ultimately decides to control his anger and places Crow under arrest instead. Crow admits that he was hired to plant these photos and then be killed, so his family would be paid handsomely. Since Anderton refuses to kill him, Crow grabs the officer's hand, makes him fire at point-blank range, and dies. On the run, Anderton and Agatha approach his ex-wife lara for refuge. Anderton learns lively was Agatha's drug-addled mother, once before a target of a failed murder attempt after requesting to see her daughter before her death.

Anderton realizes that his knowledge of the lively case is why he is being targeted. Meanwhile, witwer assesses Crow's "murder" and doubts Anderton killed in cold blood. He comes to recognize that the archival footage of lively's murder shows what appears to be a future echo by one of the visions, routinely discarded by PreCrime, which he realises is a different murder as nearby water is rippling in a different direction from. He suspects someone used this to stage the first murder attempt, and then recreated the setting to actually kill lively and avoid being detected by PreCrime. Witwer realizes that the murderer would had to have been someone high up in PreCrime to have access to the vision, and reports these findings to PreCrime's Director Lamar Burgess ( Max von Sydow ). Burgess, noting that the PreCrime division is currently disabled due to Agatha's absence, kills Witwer and frames Anderton for the murder. The PreCrime unit eventually captures Anderton and restores Agatha to the system.

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Iris Hineman ( lois william Smith the lead researcher of the PreCrime technology. She explains to Anderton that the three precogs may see different visions of the future, and that the system only provides data on the two reports which agree; the "minority report reflecting the potential future where a predicted killer would have done something different,. Hineman, the female precog Agatha is likely the one who witnessed the minority report. Anderton undergoes a dangerous underground eye replacement to avoid detection by the city's optical recognition system. He travels back to PreCrime and kidnaps Agatha ( Samantha morton which disables the precogs' hive mind and shuts down the system. Anderton takes Agatha to a hacker, who extracts both Agatha's vision of Crow's murder—with no differences from the other two precogs, so there was no minority report—and another of the murder of a woman named Anne lively—which Agatha also showed to Anderton the day before. Anderton and Agatha then head to the apartment where Crow is to be killed. Inside, anderton finds hundreds of pictures of children, one of which is of his son, and concludes that Crow is responsible for sean's disappearance.

minority report book review

They use future visions generated by three "precogs mutated humans with precognitive abilities, drama to stop murders; because of this, the city has been murder-free for six years. Though Anderton is a respected member of the force, he is addicted to an illegal psychoactive drug. His addiction started following the disappearance of his son sean, which also caused his wife lara to leave him. With the PreCrime force poised to go nationwide, the system is audited by danny witwer ( Colin Farrell a member of the department of Justice. During the audit, the precogs predict that Anderton will murder a man named leo crow in 36 hours. Believing the incident to be a setup by witwer, who is aware of Anderton's addiction, Anderton attempts to hide the case and quickly departs the area before witwer begins a manhunt for him. Anderton seeks the advice.

Minority report was one of the best reviewed films of 2002. It received praise for its writing, visuals and themes, but earned some criticism for its ending which was considered inconsistent with the tone of the rest of the movie. The film was nominated for and won several awards. It received an Academy Award nomination for Best sound Editing, and won four Saturn Awards, including Best Science fiction Film and Best Direction. The film was a commercial success, earning over 358 million worldwide against an overall budget of 142 million (including advertising). Over four million dvds were sold in its first few months of home release. Plot In 2054, captain John Anderton ( Tom Cruise ) is the chief of the washington,.

2, spielberg has characterized the story as "fifty percent character and fifty percent very complicated storytelling with layers and layers of murder mystery and plot." 3, the film's central theme is the question of free will. It examines whether free will can exist if the future is set and known in advance. Other themes include the role internet of preventative government in protecting its citizenry, the role of media in a future state where electronic advancements make its presence nearly boundless, the potential legality of an infallible prosecutor, and Spielberg's repeated theme of broken families. The film was first optioned in 1992 as a sequel to another Dick adaptation, total Recall, and started its development in 1997, after a script by john Cohen reached Spielberg and Cruise. Production suffered many delays due to Cruise's. Mission: Impossible ii and Spielberg's,. Running over schedule, eventually starting in March 2001. During pre-production, Spielberg consulted numerous scientists in an attempt to present a more plausible future world than that seen in other science fiction films, and some of the technology designs in the film have proven prescient.

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Minority report is a writing 2002 American neo-noir science fiction film directed by, steven Spielberg and loosely based on the short story ". The minority report " by, philip. It is set primarily. And, northern Virginia in the year 2054, where ". PreCrime a specialized police department, apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge provided by three psychics called " precogs ". The cast includes, tom Cruise as PreCrime captain John Anderton, colin Farrell as, department of Justice agent Danny witwer, samantha morton as the senior precog Agatha, and. Max von Sydow as Anderton's superior Lamar Burgess. The film is a combination of whodunit, thriller and science fiction.

minority report book review
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Impending perpetrators are caught and then booked before ever committing an offense. By shawn McKenzie 06/20/2002. The performances in Minority report just add to the intensity.

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  1. Witwer is set to be AndertonsMinority report will use the majority report to get rid of anderton regardless of the information in the minority released in audio book form isbn containing only five stories. Set in the near-future, minority report introduces the concept of Precrime, washington. C.s exploration into a revolutionary form of law enforcement.

  2. Minority report was one of the best reviewed films of 2002. "movie review : Minority report (2002. Steven Spielberg and Philosophy: we're gonna need a bigger book. Minority report movie review film Summary (2002) Roger Ebert.

  3. Review of Minority report Essay. Title (Date of Release minority report (2002) Director: Steven Spielberg lead Actors: Tom Cruise, colin Farrell, max von Sydow, samantha morton Score composer: John Williams. Book review : "The pilgrim's Progress" by john Bunyan. Book review: "Treasure Island" by robert louis Stevenson.

  4. Minority report is a 2015 sci-fi police Procedural airing on Fox. It is also a sequel Series to the film of the same name, which told the story of the Precogs - psychic siblings who could see visions of future murders. Minority report : The book vs the movie essay example. it is a fool-proof system born to ensure absolute safetybut when it crumbles, would you go against everything it stands for just to save.

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