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The minority report Summary

The summary of our interim report's findings and conclusions was also sent to every maintained school and teacher training institution in England, inviting comments and further evidence. In addition to these requests for evidence, our sub-committees have also, on a number of occasions, requested information relating to more specialist matters within their remits. The response to our various invitations for evidence and requests for information has been quite overwhelming; we estimate that we have received almost 1000 submissions of page x evidence, all of which have proved immensely helpful to us in our work, as well as indicating. We also called together representatives of several 'interested organisations' to discuss particular issues in greater depth and organised oral evidence sessions, for both the full Committee and at sub-committee level. Lists of those who submitted evidence to us are included as Appendices to this report. We decided early on in our work that we wished to extend our consultations beyond the traditional education interest groups and the leading national ethnic minority organisations to involve also parents and young people, particularly from the various ethnic minority communities, who might otherwise have.

In order to death enable us to make the best possible use of the relevant research evidence available, we commissioned the national foundation for Educational Research (nfer) to prepare a series of (3) West Indian Children in our Schools. Page ix evaluative reviews of research. These reviews are or will be available publicly, as follows: 'caught Between: a review of Research into essay the Education of pupils of West Indian origin'. 1981; 'The best of Both Worlds.?: a review of Research into the Education of pupils of south Asian origin'. Monica j taylor and seamus Hegarty (forthcoming and Third review of Research (relating to the 'other' minorities considered by the committee monica j taylor and seamus Hegarty (forthcoming). Research Studies As well as proving particularly helpful to us in our work - and we have indeed drawn on the conclusions of these reviews throughout this report - the nfer reviews provide a wealth of material on the educational experiences of ethnic minority pupils. In the course of our work we have ourselves commissioned a number of studies relating to particular issues or areas of concern. References to the findings of these studies are included in the relevant chapters of this report. During our lifetime we have issued two main invitations for evidence - firstly at the start of our work, when we were seeking evidence relating particularly to the situation of pupils of West Indian origin, and then again, after the publication of our interim report. On both occasions our invitations for evidence were given a very wide distribution and we also supplemented these general requests for evidence by approaching a range of educational organisations and ethnic minority community organisations, for evidence on their specific concerns.

minority report book summary

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But rather a network of widely differing attitudes and expectations on the part of teachers and the education system as a whole, and on the part of West Indian parents, which lead the west Indian child to have particular difficulties and face particular hurdles. We prepared a summary of our interim report, attached as an annex to this preface, drawing together our main findings and recommendations, which was given a very wide distribution. In this report we seek to follow up the findings and conclusions of our interim report and to respond fully to our terms of reference. Throughout our work we have adopted a structure of specialist sub-committees and sub-groups to consider the range of issues encompassed by our remit. Although our membership covered a wide range of interest and expertise, we felt that we would benefit from the presence on our sub-committees of additional members with essay particular knowledge and experience. We therefore co-opted a number of individuals to whom we are particularly grateful for their help and advice. Whilst this report owes much to the contributions of our co-opted members, they are not however responsible for the conclusions and recommendations which we put forward here. Details of these co-options are given in Appendix a of this report. Reviews of Research.

minority report book summary

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In carrying out its programme of work, the committee is to give early and particular attention to the educational needs and attainments of pupils of West Indian origin and to make interim recommendations as soon as possible on action which might be taken in the. (1) The west Indian Community. Select Committee on Race relations and Immigration. (2) The west Indian Community. Page viii interim Report. Our interim report, fulfilling the requirement in our terms of reference to give particular attention to the situation of West Indian children, was submitted to the secretary of State on 27 February 1981 and was published on (3) In that report we concluded that West. Underachieving in relation to their peers.' we then went on to consider the various factors, both within the education system and more generally, will which had been said to contribute to this underachievement and identified: '.

None of these terms is wholly satisfactory. There are white minorities within the white majority, while some of the white minorities have lived long enough in Britain to be regarded as indigenous. Nevertheless we think, given these warnings, that our use of the different terms will not cause confusion. Page vii preface origins of this Committee. The origins of this Committee can be traced back to the concern expressed by the west Indian Community during the late 1960s and early 1970s about the academic performance of their children. This concern was recognised by the select Committee on Race, relations and Immigration and in their report on the west Indian Community in 1977 (1) they recommended that: '. As a matter of urgency the government (should) institute a high level and independent inquiry into the causes of the underachievement of children of West Indian origin in maintained schools and the remedial action required'. The then government accepted the need for an inquiry but felt that it should be concerned with the needs of pupils from all ethnic minority groups with priority being given to children of West Indian origin. (2) In consequence this Committee was established in 1979 with the following terms of reference: 'recognising the contribution of schools in preparing all pupils for life in a society which is both multiracial and culturally diverse, the committee is required to: Terms of Reference review.

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minority report book summary

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Mr pa connell Department of Education and Science. Mrs ae craig Department of Education and Science. Costs of Committee the estimated cost of the production of the report is 692,618, of which 127,815 represents the estimated cost of printing and publication. 477,000 the cost of administration and research and 87,803 the travelling and other expenses of members. Page vi terminology we refer throughout this report to a number of different ethnic minorities as well as to the (white) ethnic majority.

Following common usage, and in the interests of brevity, we refer to 'west Indians' and 'Asians' as shorthand for the more accurate, but more cumbersome 'british citizens of West Indian or Asian origin'. It should be borne in mind that virtually all of the 'west Indian' children about whom this report is concerned and the vast majority of 'Asian' children were in fact born in this country. The term 'Asian philosophy unless otherwise specified, is also used as a collective term to cover a range of ethnic minorities whose cultural translation roots emanate from the Indian sub-continent, India, pakistan and Bangladesh; although some came to Britain from East Africa and elsewhere. The religious affiliations of these groups include Islam, hinduism, sikhism and others and their languages include Urdu, punjabi, gujerati, bengali, pushtu, sindhi and others. In addition we refer to the ethnic majority as the 'white' or 'indigenous' majority.

Mr pa newsam (resigned July 1982 on appointment as Chairman of the commission for Racial Equality) Education Officer, Inner London Education Authority. Mr r pal (resigned October 1979) Managing Director cts leasing Ltd., reading, berkshire. Dr b parekh (resigned november 1981 to become vice Chancellor, University of Baroda) Senior Lecturer, department of Political Studies, University of Hull. Mr j phillips, cbe formerly Chairman, distributive industry Training board. Mr ejb rose, cbe (resigned June 1981) Chairman, penguin books.

Mr ajb rowe member of Parliament for Mid Kent. Mrs y sheikh (resigned January 1981) Peripatetic teacher of English as a second Language, london Borough of Croydon. Dr gk verma (appointed may 1982) reader in Education, University of Bradford. Mr d wong (appointed June 1981) Research Officer, Special Projects (Ethnic Minorities Education Department, manchester City council. Assessors Mr bl baish Department of Education and Science. Page v mr ej bolton (until September 1981) Her Majesty's Inspectorate. Mr p singh (from October 1981) Her Majesty's Inspectorate. Secretariat Mr dg halladay department of Education and Science. Miss ca bienkowska department of Education and Science.

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Commissioner, commission for Racial Equality. Professor ew hawkins, cbe (resigned may 1981) Formerly director of Language teaching Centre, university of York. Appointments shown are those held by members at the time of submission of the report to the secretary of State or at the time of their resignation from the committee. Page iv professor ph hirst (appointed november 1981) Professor of Education, University of Cambridge. Father m hollings (resigned november 1984) Parish tree Priest, bayswater, notting Hill, london. Mr ma khan-Cheema (appointed June 1981) General Adviser in Education with special responsibility for Multicultural Education, Bradford Metropolitan council. Mrs de mcAuslan srn; scm; health Visitor Certificate, lecturer in health Education, northamptonshire county council. Mr pkc millins, cbe (resigned may 1981) Formerly director of Edge hill College of Higher Education, Ormskirk, lancashire.

minority report book summary

Mr jp cornford (appointed August 1981) Director, nuffield foundation. Mrs a dummett (resigned november 1984) Research Worker, joint council for female the welfare of Immigrants. Mr cg duncan head, wyke manor Upper School, wyke, bradford. Mr db evans Inspector, ilea. Mr jg evans (appointed June 1981) Director of Education, derbyshire county council. Baroness faithfull, obe formerly director of Social Services, Oxford City council. Mr m feeley (resigned november 1980) Adviser for Multicultural Education, coventry Education Authority. Mrs s flather, jp councillor, windsor and maidenhead, commissioner, commission for Racial Equality. Dr fs hashmi, obe (appointed may 1982) Consultant Psychiatrist, All saints Hospital, birmingham.

may 1981 lord Swann, frse (From may 1981 members. Mr jp athisayam, behavioural Scientist. Mr t carter, senior Education liaison Officer, ilea. Adviser for the Education of Children in Early years, Bradford Metropolitan council. Ms y collymore, freelance Writer. Mr gl cooksey (appointed June 1981 principal, Greenhead College, huddersfield, west Yorkshire.

The committee's report explores in detail how this principle may be made good, marshalling in the advantages process a mass of evidence. At my request Lord Swann himself has written a brief guide which draws the reader's attention to the main issues in the report and to its central findings. We can all be grateful to lord Swann and his colleagues for their hard work over a long period of time. They have done a great service in drawing the issues affecting ethnic minority pupils to public attention. Keith joseph, march 1985 page unnumbered 19th February 1985, dear Secretary of State, i have the honour to present the final Report of the committee set up in 1979 to inquire into the Education of Children from Ethnic Minority Groups. I should like to take this opportunity of expressing our warmest thanks to a number of your staff, in particular to our Secretariat: Mr david Halladay, miss Christina bienkowska, mr Peter Connell and Mrs Angela Craig, as well as to our Assessors at various stages. All of them have been of inestimable help to the committee and to me, in our long drawn-out endeavours. Michael Swann (Chairman the Rt Hon Sir keith Joseph Bt mp title page, education for All, chairman: Lord Swann frse. The report of the committee of Inquiry into the Education of Children from.

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The Swann Report (1985 education for All, report of the committee of Enquiry into the Education of Children from Ethnic Minority Groups. London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office 1985. Crown copyright material for is reproduced with the permission of the controller of hmso and the queen's Printer for Scotland. Page unnumbered, foreword by the secretary of state for education and science. This report is about a complex and important subject. The response of the education service to ethnic diversity concerns all who have responsibilities in education as well as all parents and their children. The government is firmly committed to the principle that all children, irrespective of race, colour or ethnic origin, should have a good education which develops their abilities and aptitudes to the full and brings about a true sense of belonging to Britain.

minority report book summary
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