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Fanfare, get the most up-to-date information about the navy band and the navy music synthesis Program in the twice-yearly fanfare magazine. Listen to some newly digitized music from international Port Authority, the navy's soul rock band from.

navy biographies

Navy, coast guard, merchant Marine, biographies

Certified Energy manager, leadership in Energy and summary Environmental Design (leed) Accredited Professional. Member of Defense Acquisition Professional Community. Awards: Defense meritorious Service medal, meritorious Service medal (2 navy and Marine corps Commendation Medal (6). Navy achievement Medal (2 various campaign and unit awards). Upcoming events, view Full Calendar, ensembles, get to know the navy band's six different performing units. National tour, find out when the navy band will be at a place near you on the annual National tour. Meet the musicians, musician Rosters and biographies of some of the finest performers in the world.

navy biographies

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Program Manager and Projects Officer, Afghan National Police Installation Management Branch, cj7, combined Security Transition Command Afghanistan, kabul, Afghanistan; 2007. Navy base point Lomas Facilities Engineering and Acquisition division Director, san diego, ca;. Civil Engineer Corps West coast Accessions Officer, navy personnel Command, best san diego, ca;. Communications Officer, thirtieth naval Construction Regiment, pearl Harbor, hi;. Junior Officer, naval Mobile construction Battalion seventy-four, gulfport, ms;. Assistant Public Works Officer, naval weapons Station Charleston, sc;. Education: Master of Science, engineering (Engineering project Management University of California at Berkeley; 2009. Bachelor of Science, electrical Engineering, polytechnic University of puerto rico; 1998. Professional qualifications: seabee combat Warfare Officer, registered Professional Engineer in the state of California.

He was commissioned through Officer Candidate School in 1998 and reported onboard 30ncr in August 2016. Career History, executive officer and Public Works Officer, naval Support Facility deveselu, romania;. Deputy Branch head and Facilities Planning Action Officer, Strategic laydown dispersal Integration and Assessment Branch, Chief of naval Operations (Fleet readiness logistics) Shore readiness division (opnav n46 washington, dc;. Shore Energy Program Action Officer, opnav n46, washington, dc;. Executive officer, naval Mobile construction Battalion seventy-four, gulfport, ms;. Executive assistant, naval Facilities Engineering Command, Atlantic, norfolk, va;. Post Graduate Student, University of California, berkeley, ca;. Operations and Military support Officer, navfac southwest, san diego, ca; 2008.

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navy biographies

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His shore assignments include the bureau of naval Personnel, the staff of the Chief of naval Operations in the Strategic Plans and Policy directorate and the staff of the vice chief of naval operations. His joint assignments include the White house where he served treasury as lawyer naval aide to the President; and executive assistant to the chairman of the joint Chiefs of Staff. As a flag officer, he served as director of Operations at natos joint Force command in Lisbon, portugal, and as chief of staff for naval Striking and Support Forces nato. Gildays last tour was as director of Operations, J3, for. He assumed command. 10th Fleet in July 2016. He is the recipient of various personal, unit and campaign awards including the defense superior Service medal (three legion of Merit (three bronze star, navy and Marine corps Commendation Medal with Combat v and the combat Action Ribbon).

Naval Construction Group two (ncg 2 an Echelon iv command reporting to navy expeditionary combat Command (necc serves as administrative immediate superior in Command (isic) for Active and Reserve atlantic naval Construction Forces (NCF). Ncg 2 includes an organic, embedded deployable battle Staff (22 ncr) capable of executing combat service support missions across the spectrum of joint and combined environments while providing command and control (C2) over necc units operating in a specific military operation. The role of the ncg is to organize, man, train, maintain, and equip naval Construction Regiments (NCRs naval Mobile construction Battalions (nmcbs the construction Battalion maintenance Unit (cbmu the Underwater Construction team (uct and Expeditionary combat Camera to provide supported commanders with expeditionary engineering forces. The ncgs also provide the required engineering support our navy and nation needs to construct and maintain base facilities, to repair battle damaged facilities, to conduct defensive operations as required, and to meet disaster preparedness and recovery missions. Ncgs provide Administrative control (adcon) oversight of seabee forces as well. Commander Santiago is a native of bayamon, puerto rico.

H., rear Admiral Welch, david., rear Admiral Wetherald, hugh d, rear Admiral Wheeler, william. "Trey iii, rear Admiral White, michael., rear Admiral White, timothy "T.J. vice Admiral Whitesell, kenneth., rear Admiral Whitney, mark r, rear Admiral Whitworth, Frank., rear Admiral wikoff, george m, rear Admiral Williamson, Stephen., rear Admiral Williamson, rick, rear Admiral Wilson, jesse.,., rear Admiral Winter, mathias. "Mat vice Admiral Wolfe, johnny.,., vice Admiral yuen, jonathan., rear Admiral Zarkowski, michael., rear Admiral Zirkle, matthew., rear Admiral). Michael Gilday is the son of a navy sailor and a native of Lowell, massachusetts. A surface warfare officer, he is a 1985 graduate of the.

Naval Academy and holds two masters degrees. He is a graduate of the harvard Kennedy School and a distinguished graduate of the national War College in Washington,. At sea, he served on cruisers, destroyers and aircraft carriers including deployments to the mediterranean and Arabian seas, the Indian Ocean and the western and south Pacific. Prior to command, his sea tours include deployments on uss chandler (ddg 996) supporting. Flagged tanker convoys during the Iran-Iraq War; uss princeton (CG 59) during Desert Shield/Storm when it was damaged by Iraqi mines; and uss gettysburg (CG 64) during Operation Desert Fox. He commanded the destroyer uss higgins (ddg 76) during the initial combat operations of Iraqi Freedom and later uss benfold (ddg 65). Both destroyers earned the battle Efficiency "E" Award. Subsequently, he commanded Destroyer Squadron (desron) 7 serving as sea combat commander for the ronald reagan Carrier Strike group. Most recently, he commanded Carrier Strike group 8 embarked on uss dwight.

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"Jack rear Admiral Morley, francis., rear Admiral moulton, terry j, rear Admiral mueller, Andrew j, rear Admiral muilenburg, Bret., rear Admiral Munsch, Stuart., rear Admiral Mustin, john., rear Admiral myers, ross., rear Admiral neagley, john., rear Admiral Norton, nancy. Dean, vice essay Admiral piercey, patrick. "Pat rear Admiral Polowczyk, john., rear Admiral Price, gene., rear Admiral Pringle, cedric, rear Admiral Pyle, fred., rear Admiral reyes, Alan., rear Admiral Richard, Charles. "Chas vice Admiral Ring, john., rear Admiral Rock, charles., rear Admiral Rodriguez, richard., rear Admiral roegge, frederick. "Fritz vice Admiral Rogers, michael., Admiral Ross, Erik., rear Admiral Rowden, Thomas., vice Admiral Ruth, jeffrey "Jeff rear Admiral Sadler, Chris "Tree rear Admiral Sawyer, Phillip., vice Admiral Schlise, paul., rear Admiral Scholl, ryan, rear Admiral Schommer, wallpaper john., rear. "Jack., rear Admiral Scott, kevin., vice Admiral Scott, Brent., rear Admiral Selby, lorin, rear Admiral Shaffer, gayle., rear Admiral Sharp, robert., rear Admiral Shelanski, herman., vice Admiral skillman, john B "Brad rear Admiral skubic, michelle., rear Admiral Small. "Rick rear Admiral Sohl, paul, rear Admiral Sommer-Weddington, linnea., rear Admiral Squire, todd., rear Admiral Stamatopoulos, peter., rear Admiral Stearney, scott a, vice Admiral Studeman, michael, rear Admiral Swap, Anne., rear Admiral Swift, Scott., Admiral szymanski, tim, rear Admiral Tammen. G., rear Admiral Waters, james p, iii, rear Admiral Webber, diane.

navy biographies

Forrest, iii, vice Admiral thesis Faller, Craig., vice Admiral Fanta, peter, rear Admiral Fenton, Gregory. "Fence rear Admiral Filipowski, sean., rear Admiral Fillion, daniel., rear Admiral Foggo, james., iii, admiral Fort, Brian., rear Admiral Franchetti, lisa m, vice Admiral Fritzemeier, ronald., rear Admiral Fuller, john., rear Admiral Fuller, Bryant, rear Admiral Fung, mark. "Brian rear Admiral Herb, martha, rear Admiral Hill, jon., rear Admiral Hitchcock, marcus., rear Admiral Holland, michael., rear Admiral Holsey, alvin, rear Admiral Horan, dale., rear Admiral houston, william., rear Admiral Howe,. Gardner, iii, vice Admiral Hughes, jeffrey., rear Admiral Ishee, thomas., rear Admiral Jabaley, michael e, rear Admiral Jablon, jeffrey., rear Admiral Jackson, ronny., rear Admiral Jackson, lawrence b "Larry rear Admiral Jackson, mary., vice Admiral Jansen, Adrian., rear Admiral. "Jim rear Admiral Kitchener, roy., rear Admiral koehler, Stephen., rear Admiral Kohler, matthew., vice Admiral Korka, john., rear Admiral Kreitz, jon., rear Admiral Kriete, dave, vice Admiral kuehhas, timothy., rear Admiral Kuhlmann, dietrich., iii, rear Admiral Lahti, carl. Malloy, james, rear Admiral Manero, david., rear Admiral Marotta, thomas., rear Admiral mayes, gary., rear Admiral McClelland, Troy., rear Admiral McClelland, jacquelyn, rear Admiral McCollum, luke., vice Admiral McCormick-boyle, rebecca., rear Admiral meier, john. "Oscar rear Admiral Mercado, victorino. "Vic rear Admiral Merz, william., vice Admiral Mewbourne, dee., rear Admiral Miller, dewolfe, iii, vice Admiral Monahan, Brian., rear Admiral moore, thomas., vice Admiral Moran, michael t, rear Admiral Moreau, thomas.

Admiral. Carter, matthew., rear Admiral, cashman, Edward, rear Admiral, caudle, daryl., rear Admiral Chase, grafton D "Chip., rear Admiral Chatfield, Shoshana, rear Admiral Chebi, carl., rear Admiral Cheever, daniel., rear Admiral Chinn, colin., rear Admiral Christenson, john., vice Admiral. Davidson, philip., admiral DelToro, moises, iii, rear Admiral dewalt, rodney p "Tool rear Admiral Dillon, william., rear Admiral Dodgen, joey., rear Admiral Donegan, kevin. "Kid vice Admiral Downey, james p, rear Admiral Druggan, tom, rear Admiral duane, shawn., rear Admiral Dumont, michael., rear Admiral Durand, robert. "Roberto rear Admiral Dwyer, daniel., rear Admiral evans, Stephen., rear Admiral faison,.

Anderson, Edward., rear Admiral, report anderson, tom, rear Admiral, antonio, brian., rear Admiral. Aquilino, john., Admiral, aucoin, joseph., vice Admiral, baker, Stuart., rear Admiral. Banaji, darius, rear Admiral, barrett, danelle, rear Admiral. Batchelder, Bret., rear Admiral, beal, douglas "Woody rear Admiral, becker, Christian "Boris rear Admiral. Bernacchi, michael., rear Admiral. Bipes, mark., rear Admiral, black, eugene. Bolivar, babette "Bette rear Admiral, bono, raquel., vice Admiral, boxall, ronald., rear Admiral. Boyle, michael., rear Admiral. Brakke, brian., rear Admiral, breckenridge, richard., vice Admiral, brown, Brian., vice Admiral.

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Biographies of senior navy leaders and flag officers are linked from the list below. . Please select on the right-hand column the first letter of the last name to obtain faster access to the biography you're looking for. For the biographies of retired navy leaders and flag officers, click here: For the biographies of Department of the navy civilian senior executives homework (ses click here: For questions about the senior executive service or requests for additional information, click here. Flag officers' staffs: Select this link for information on submissions. Aeschbach, kelly, rear Adm. Ailes, john., rear Admiral, alexander, john., vice Admiral, allen, russell, rear Admiral. Alvarado, christina m "Tina rear Admiral.

navy biographies
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Navy, expeditionary combat Command (necc serves as administrative immediate superior in Command (isic) for Active and Reserve atlantic naval Construction Forces (NCF).

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  1. This is an official. Navy website This site has been approved by the public Affairs Office, navy, band, washington,. For technical issues email the webmaster. Naval Construction Group two (ncg 2 an Echelon iv command reporting.

  2. The Chief of, navy. Australia is the most senior appointment in the. Royal Australian navy, responsible to the Chief of the defence force (CDF) and the secretary of Defence.

  3. He was commissioned through Officer Candidate School in 1994. And reported onboard 30ncr in June 2016. Following is a list of all biographies available on royal, australian navy 's website.

  4. Naval Academy and holds two masters degrees. Biographies of senior, navy leaders and flag officers are linked from the list below. Please select on the right-hand column the first letter of the last name to obtain faster access to the biography you're looking for. Captain Kilian is a native of Spokane, washington.

  5. Michael Gilday is the son. Navy, sailor and a native of Lowell, massachusetts. A surface warfare officer, he is a 1985 graduate of the.

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