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How to select the most profitable niches to write about. How to get paid straight to your paypal email address when you are starting out. How to get your writings published in sought after magazines - with zero effort. How to sell your first article and get paid for it immediately. Entrepreneurship for Writers, copyrights and the rights you are selling. How to streamline and make a profitable business out of your solo writing career. How to overcome writers block, research a topic and write as an expert in under 10 minutes.

And the results are simply amazing. Here are some of the things you can enjoy, once you get year your hands on this book. Find out how you can explore freelance opportunities, learn the minefields to step away from, chart your course, and navigate a profitable and successful writing career. Specifically, you will discover. Where to find the best freelance writing jobs. How to raise your rates and still be competitive. Speaking of competition, should you be worried? How to best use your limited time and energy. Check out the action steps some of the more successful freelancers swear. Show you the traps and minefields to absolutely honeywell avoid. How to write the perfect query to target the right market.

paid writing gigs

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Click here to get more! A bout the author: John White is the social Media marketing Director at Social Business Strategies and CareerToolBox usa, a dissertation proud dad, mba candidate, influential blogger, and creator of viral content. Please visit my profile to connect with me on LinkedIn and on Twitter @juanblanco76. For the latest in personal branding via social media and career related content, check out the blog I manage at CareerToolBox here. Dear Friend, It does not matter if you're a clueless freelancer looking for your first paid writing gig or a veteran freelancer. This book will reveal some deep secrets to the experienced writers, while hand holding and positioning the writer without any experience. The strategies and secrets I'm about to share with you are highly unusual, but 100 safe and legal. I made sure of that, when I painstakingly went through my research to uncover these secrets.

paid writing gigs

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As of the time i posted this there were 1500 freelance blogger listings on Elance. Here are a few more resources of blogger specific sites and job boards to check out: t, m,. Also, use the major job search sites. Do a keyword search for "blogger" or "writer.". Blogging is a lot of fun and there are many intrinsic benefits. However if you can, why not get paid for doing something you love? I wish you nothing but blogging success in 2015! Please feel free to reach out to me directly if I can be of any help to you in your blogging endeavors. Like what youve been reading?

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paid writing gigs

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Many of their best gigs come from the right person seeing them perform. I have landed writing jobs in a analyst similar fashion. When you share your blog on social media you never know who might see. My best gigs have come from people seeing my writing that I have shared on social media, and then contacting me about blogging on their site. Turn your personal blog into a sales tool.

Of course don't oversell, but make sure that people know that your services as a writer are for hire. Yes, being a pro blogger involves a good amount of self-promotion. However, if potential employers global don't know that you are seeking work as a writer, they won't know to contact you about an opportunity. Even mega bands like fleetwood Mac had to promote themselves to land gigs at one point. However, chances are you will need to do some searching yourself. Elance to search and apply for freelance gigs.

If you start generating traffic to their website or blog, they will notice you. Once you have engaged with them and they know who you are, reach out with a personal message. Make sure to use a little flattery in your message. Mention how much you enjoy their blogs and how they have benefited you. One of the best career moves i ever made was starting the. Publishers bloggers group on LinkedIn.

The connections I have made there have proven instrumental in my development as a writer. Joining and participating in online communities with other bloggers is fundamental to your success. Think like a rock band that is trying to land a gig! Send out demos to the connections you've made. Make sure the demos are professional and showcase your best work. I usually send out the link to my publisher page on LinkedIn along with a note of the titles of the blogs I would like to make sure they see. For the more formal gigs, i have developed a portfolio that showcases a few of my best performing posts. A rock band that is playing live never knows who might be in the audience on that night.

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Now let's move on to strategy: If you haven't already done so, start a personal blog via wordpress or LinkedIn. You will need to have a substantial following and documented success with your personal blog, before anyone will hire you to write on their site. Identify the websites you would like to be blogging. Then begin networking with other bloggers and editors on each site. Use the advanced search tool on LinkedIn to help identify key people within each company. Then start by following them twist on LinkedIn and Twitter. Engage with them by commenting, liking, and retweeting their blogs.

paid writing gigs

Not only can the positive criticism give you the writing blues, but interacting with trolls can be a huge productivity drain. You will need the social skills to strategically deal with detractors. Pro tip: read my blog on how to deal with trolls here. 6 content Creation: As they say, "content is king." Pick topics that your audience will relate to and derive value from. Stay in tune with trending topics and news within your areas of expertise. Picking a completely unique topic is nearly impossible. Instead focus on how to make the topic your own by adding in your expertise that you have acquired during your professional journey.

strategy based off the numbers. Google analytics is a free tool that will give you insights into critical performance metrics. 5 thick skin: Yes, this is a skill! If you are easily offended or cannot take criticism, blogging may not be for you. When you put out a blog you are opening yourself up to public opinion. You will have many critiques that disagree with your point of view or simply just don't like your writing. Worse are the trolls whose sole purpose in life is to drag people down.

Let's start with six essential skills you will need: 1 social Networking : Companies that are hiring bloggers are looking for people with large social following. Your employer will be counting on you to share your blogs within your network to drive traffic to their website. 2 be good at Writing : This one kind of goes without saying. However, it is not dissertation that simple. In order to develop this skill follow the work of your favorite writers. Study what they do well and incorporate the best of the best into your own writing style. 3 sEO: you must understand seo and how to drive traffic.

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There are many people around the world that get paid to write blogs. Some of them are full-time writers that blog for many sites. While others do it as a part-time gig to supplement their income. Then there are those that write blogs as part you of their job responsibilities as a content creator within their company's marketing department. Regardless, making the leap from a blogger to a pro blogger can be difficult. However, with content marketing strategies in full swing at companies all across the world, there is surely to be lots of paid blogging gigs available this year. If one of your professional goals in 2015 is to get paid for your writing, consider these tips.

paid writing gigs
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If all you can find are low- paid keyword article assignments on Craigslist, guess what —. On "How to get Lucrative freelance. Writing, gigs — no matter.

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  2. How much better would your freelance writing career be if you had an endless supply of writing jobs. You have to complete 30 low paid gigs and maintain. Jun 16, pay 15, writing gigs on a writer.

  3. Ive been freelance writing for over three years now and ive learned through trial and error where to find profitable and high-paying writing gigs. However, with content marketing strategies in full swing at companies all across the world, there is surely to be lots of paid blogging gigs. A while back, i asked writers on Freelance success, a members-only writers message board, about their paid blogging gigs., freelance, writing, jobs.

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