Radio advantages and disadvantages essay

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Conclusion: Although media has many advantages it also has its limits. It is up to us, the users, to decide to use it wisely for the best impact. By Alison Green; Updated September 26, 2017. Internet or online radio stations provide an advertising platform with a large potential audience. Approximately 143 million, americans listen to Internet radio, according to Edison Research. Although Internet radio advertising allows businesses to reach a targeted audience and can generate high ad response rates, it lacks the visual appeal associated with television advertising and advertisers have to contend with a highly fragmented audience. Internet Radio advertising Advantages, targeted reach : Through Internet radio advertising, advertisers can reach a target audience of young adults effectively. According to a 2015 survey conducted by Edison Research and Triton Digital, 77 percent of 12 to 24 year-olds listen to Internet radio monthly.

This can lead to decrease in peoples productivity. Prolonged watching of television can lead to eyesight problems and radio listening using earphones exposes one to possible hearing defects. It glamorize workabroad drugs and alcohol. Some language programs make the use of these things appear cool. It can lead to personal injury. Some people decide to follow the stunts that are showcased in the media. This can lead to injuries. It can lead to ruin of reputation. It is possible for one to create an anonymous account. Such accounts can be used to for malicious reasons such as spreading rumors. This can lead to ruin of reputation of an individual or a company.

radio advantages and disadvantages essay

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People spend too much time on the internet and watching television. As a result, socialization with friends, family and neighbors is affected. Some media contents are not suitable for children. Limiting childrens access writing to such content can be difficult. Newspaper is geographically selective. Increase in advertisements in television and radio is making them less attractive. Internet as a form of media opens up possibilities of imposters, fraud and hacking. Media can be addictive,. Some television programs and internet.

radio advantages and disadvantages essay

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This can in turn increase sales of improve the product. Serves as a good source of entertainment. People get entertained through music and television programs. Television allows electronic duplication of information. This reduces the production cost making mass education possible. Media leads to diffusion of different cultures. Media showcases different cultural practices. It helps people around the world to understand each other and embrace their differences. It leads to individualism.

People get the latest news in a very short time. Distance is not a barrier. People get news daily through the media and this keeps them updated on the happenings around the world. People get to bring out their hidden talents. Through media showcase their talents such as comedy, acting and singing. Children can learn from quiz programs, animal programs and. Radio is convenient as people do get short news and with a mobile phone one can access. Great in promoting mass consumer products.

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radio advantages and disadvantages essay

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Nevertheless, many recent researchs point out the parts negative effects of television. Kids, as the typical example, who switch on tv very soon may have the aggressive behaviors if they watch unappropriate programs, for instance, violent films or gameshow, the list goes. As far as i am concerned, television influences people the most beside others media. With the bomb in technology development, human can find many others tool to communicate, but television still have the strong effects for the next long time. Category: Blog, by various Contributors, introduction: Long ago, people used to perform folk songs and drama in various cultures. It was then that media was first used to communicate messages to a wider group of people. Print media followed and then mass media and social media.

Media refers to various means of communication. It also refers to communication devices. Communication devices are used to interact and communicate among people. The most common forms of media today are radio, internet, newspaper and television. Media is an important part of our lives. It is also two-sided meaning that it has a positive side and a negative one. Through television and radio programs, people get to learn about health matters, environmental conservation, and much more.

In the modern life, there are many technology advances that they are used for communicating, such as television, radio and books. Althought the primary usefulness of them is spreading information, actually they can affect people in many ways depending on our purpose to use them. It is no doubt that most of our basic knowledge comes from books. Picture books, novels, academic criteria, etc., from which we can achieve a lagre amount of information as a little kid to a mature are printed in paper. Books teach us about the surroundings with the unlimited imagination. However, in some cases, books seem to be unabblianced and out of reach for the poors and illiterates.

As regard to radio, it can be finded more interesting than books as a informative tool. Radio can surve human beings with the updated information and the enjoyable music. Moreover, it is useful to listen radio anywhere and anytime just with a headphone or mobilephone. On the other hand, there are less people listen to radio than thay do before as the result from poor sounds in the noisy place. Personally, i believe that television is the fantastic invention in 20th century for its advantages. In these days, one can stay at home and watch what happens in the different parts of the world with the vivid image and exciting sound. In addition, we can relax after the hours in work place to enjoy wide range of channels and attractive shows.

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Advertisements in the midst of interesting programmes only irritate the viewers. Using the remote, they either switch off the tv or change the channel during twist advertisements. Too many advertisements at a time may not give prominence for any one. As television advertisement is expensive, it has to be brief. Therefore, every relevant information about the product cannot be given. There is also a criticism that the audio-visual effects are used to glorify a not so good product. Topic: Compare the advantages and disadvantages of tv, books and radio as media for communication information. State which you consider to be the most effective.

radio advantages and disadvantages essay

The advertiser can select the programme in which he wants to advertise. He can also select the channel and advertise so as to create the best possible impact on the people. Goods meant for children can be statement better advertised in the cartoon network Channel. It is also possible for the advertiser to sponsor a popular programme. As a result, his product will come to be identified with the programme. This, indeed, is beneficial for the advertiser. For example, airtel super Singer, has come to be a very popular programme on Vijay. Disadvantages of Television Advertising. Television advertising is very expensive.

channel is flooded not only with interesting programmes but also with numerous advertisements by Indian as well as international companies. Television Advertising Advantages, disadvantages, advantages of Television Advertising. Like radio, television also provides a wider coverage. These days television is a common household item. Television advertising can reach every one including the illiterate people. Both audio as well as visual effects can be created through television. Therefore, the advertiser can create the best impact on the viewers.

The advertisement can be broadcast at the regional, national or international levels. Disadvantages of Radio advertising. Television has now taken the place of radio. Radio has become a less gpa sought after medium. Products requiring technical knowledge cannot be advertised successfully through radio. The advertisement has to be brief. Therefore, all the relevant information cannot be given. As visual effects are totally absent, the advertiser cannot expect the desired impact. Often too many advertisements are broadcast at a time.

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Advertising in Radio, radio has been a traditional medium of advertising in India. Vividh Bharathi and fm are some of the most popular commercial networks of All India radio. Radio advertising Advantages, disadvantages, trunk advantages of Radio advertising. Of the various media of advertising, radio has the widest coverage. It can reach any household. Radio advertisement can reach even illiterate people. The advertisement appears in the midst of an interesting programme. Therefore, those who listen to the programme also listen to the advertisement. As the advertisement matter can be presented as a song or as a short story or in some other interesting form, it enhances the memory value.

radio advantages and disadvantages essay
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  1. The most common forms of me dia today are radio, internet, newspaper and television. Radio advertising can provide business owners with effective, affo rdable promotion. There are some drawbacks, however, including the lack.

  2. It can reach any household. Internet radio advertising delivers high listener attention levels and highly targ et audiences. On the flip side, internet outages reduce ad reach. Media: 10 Advantages and 10 Disadvantages of Media.

  3. Essay type: Comparing the advantages disadvantages discussion. One obvious disadvantage is that it lacks a visual component, although this can ac tually be an advantage because one can consume radio without having. Advantages of Radio advertising. Of the various media of advertising, radio has the widest coverage.

  4. Advantages and Disadvantages of Radio. Can be enjoyed at home, at work, and while driving. Comics, books, radios, televisions, film and theatre are all very.

  5. So let us check it out some of the advantages and disadvantages of radio to know more about Radio. Advertising on Radio has a lot of advantages. Usually, it is cheap er than other media, it can be aimed at a narrow audience and can reach.

  6. Topic: Compare the advantages and disadvantages of tv, books and ra dio as media for communication information. State which you consider. Overview of Advantages and Disadvantages of Radio.

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