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As set out above, all credit card transactions are handled on Paddle's behalf by pci compliant providers. We accept paypal as well as any major debit or credit card. If you have any questions, feature suggestions, or feedback, please get in touch using this form or email. Resume Writing / Editing, professionally handcraft resumes and cover letters for the uniqueness of each job seeker to advance their career. Incorporate proper "buzz" words, descriptive phrases, and bullet points directed at job-specific criteria. Accurately relay core competencies, transferable skills, education, professional training, job-related achievements that motivate prospective employers. Offer 12 effective multi-tier level resume packages built in accurate position specific and/or directional formatting.

Company names and project specifics were changed for homework confidentiality. Do not outright lie on your resume. It may be tempting to find a really powerful line on this site and use it as is on your resume, even if it does not reflect your true experience. Please do not do this. Remember that you will be still asked about your resume in the interview. The goal of Resume worded is only to provide inspiration and help you paint the best picture of yourself. How do you process payments? We use paddle to process payments. Paddle or Resume worded never view or store any customers full credit or debit card details on our platform. Paddle uses a number of payment Card Industry essay (PCI) compliant providers to process credit and debit card transactions and as an additional security measure uses a third party tokenisation service as a layer between Paddle and the providers. We are pci compliant and adhere to the payment Card Industry data security Standard.

resume works pro

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Of those, we handpicked the most impactful lines from each. We went one step further and improved each resume line to ensure their effectiveness. Can i advertise / sponsor Resume worded? Use this form or email us to get in touch. Can I copy these lines directly? Please refrain from using any line word for word on your resume. Tweak and edit the line to suit your experience, instead of directly plagiarising. Remember that every line on Resume worded is a real tree line used by a successful candidate on a real resume.

resume works pro

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For top tier jobs, "standard" resumes work best. We recommend this template, which is directly from Harvard's Career movie Services. I want more resume tips! Sign up to our monthly newsletter here! We send out tips, real resumes and advice from recruiters, hiring managers and employees. What is the source of your resume lines? The resume lines are sourced from several hundred resumes from employees at top companies and business school students in our network.

If you want to land interviews at top companies, your resume needs to demonstrate impact to stand out. We explained how to do this here, but the gist of it is that you need to use numbers and metrics that provide quantifiable examples of your achievements. This helps employers know what kind of impact you can have at their company. But, i'm not in a sales/finance role and I don't have access to revenue numbers or financials! What do i do?! Our team gets asked this all the time. And this is why we've built Metrics : a handpicked list of metrics that you can use to quantify your achievements for all jobs. We explain exactly why and how to use each metric too. What template should i use?

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resume works pro

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Our 250 resume lines span the following job types: General (applicable to all Investment Banking, Trading, Investment Management, research (Investment Private Equity, marketing growth, Product Management, consulting (Strategy data Science analytics, software development, sales, business development, and Operations. They span the following skills: leadership, Entrepreneurial, teamwork, communication, Problem Solving, Analysis, Strategic Thinking, business Analysis, Project Management, Process Improvement, quantitative analysis, modeling, Product development, market Research Our 50 metrics span the following industries: All (Metrics applicable to all jobs Product Management, software Engineering, data. Please write to us here with the job type or skill youre looking for and well let you know when we add real resume lines for that category to our database. In the meantime, we encourage you to use the other lines that we have available across all the other categories for inspiration. You can also search using keywords. Can I see sample resume lines or metrics before i purchase resume worded Pro?

We offer free resume lines on our homepage which are a subset of all the lines (250) in our database. Pro users have the same interface with search and the filters. Similarly, you can find 10 metrics here which are a subset of all the metrics (50) we have in our database. Free users get access to the explanations and of the metrics we offer for free. Pro users get explanations for all 50 metrics plus real line examples for each one. How do i use the resume lines?

Before resume worded, i used to spend weeks trying to find relevant resume examples online and through friends. Now, i have a list of lines that are relevant to me in one place. I'm not a native english speaker and have paid over 300 on resume writing services in the past. None of those services have helped me as much as Resume worded. I was able to go through several examples of resume lines and be confident that my resume was effective. Login using one of the below buttons to purchase Pro sign in with Facebook or What you get.

Features Free pro number of real resume lines from top candidates 15 250 Number of metrics 10 60 Number of resume reviews with Score my resume 1 Unlimited Access to our Resume Checklist search and filter resume lines Access to the line-by-line Analysis Engine Access. Sort resume lines by Impact Scorewe worked with an ex-McKinsey recruiter and an ex-google hiring manager to analyse and rank each and every line on Resume worded. With Pro, you'll be able to quickly sort all resume lines in the database by their 'Impact Score'. Know which resume lines stand out to recruiters. Suggested resume lines relevant to your resume Access to explanations for all 60 metrics Access to resume line examples for all metrics Access to future Pro featuresWe're adding to resume worded Pro all the time. This includes, more resume lines, huge improvements to Score my resume, and more! Your Resume worded Pro purchase entitles you to all future features we are going to include into Pro. Access LengthIt's a one time payment, and with it, you get a full year of access to resume worded Pro. 1 year Login using one of the below buttons to purchase Pro sign in with Facebook or faq what job types and skills do you resume lines cover?

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You're the type of person who works resume best with examples. You need ideas of accomplishments worth mentioning. You are applying to multiple industries and need to create multiple tailored resumes. You are trying to switch industries and need more proven examples of lines that worked. One time payment, access for a full year Login using one of the below buttons to purchase Pro sign in gpa with Facebook or What users have said Unlike the countless articles and tips online which just say generic things like 'be impactful' or 'use numbers. No fluff, just solid resume lines and metrics. Thanks for the product!

resume works pro

Ats software are recommended by top recruiters hiring managers we work with, used by top applicants and meet key resume formatting standards. Please login using one of the below buttons to purchase Pro. Sign in with Facebook or, full feature table, pro is the perfect for you. You want to improve your resume step-by-step and be able to continuously re-score your resume, you want examples of how to quantify your value, even if you work in non-technical fields. You want to ensure your resume is accomplishment-driven. You are applying to very competitive employers and want to ensure your resume stands out. You don't think you are a good writer. English is not your first language. You need a resume overhaul.

side as you update your resume. Quantify your resume with Metrics, if you want to land interviews at top companies, your resume needs to demonstrate impact to stand out. To do this, you need to use numbers and metrics that provide quantifiable examples of your achievements (e.g. We recognise how difficult this can be, particularly if you don't have access to your employer's financials. With Resume worded Pro, we explain over 50 metrics you can use to quantify your experiences, even if you don't have access to hard numbers at your current company. Line-by-line Analysis Engine, pro users get an even deeper analysis via our Line-by-line Analysis and feedback Engine, which gives you access to feedback on each individual bullet point. This enables you to review and improve your resume one line at a time. The templates we've created are designed to pass automated resume screening software (i.e.

It's important to demonstrate core competencies (such as leadership) to your employer. This can be difficult especially because they are soft skills which are hard to put into words without sounding overly clichéd. Resume worded Pro enables you to filter our database of 250 resume lines by specific skills, such as leadership, teamwork and Problem Solving. Learn how top candidates have shown these core skill sets through real examples they have used. Unlimited resume analyses with Score my help resume. There are people who claim to be 'professional' resume reviewers (but have zero experience as recruiters at top companies) and charge upwards of 500 for generic, outdated advice. Instead of using those services, save hundreds and get your resume analysed and scored as many times as you'd like with our ai-powered proprietary technology, score my resume.

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"By far the single most helpful resume writing product i've used" 250 real resume lines from top resumes. Successful job applicants have already spent hours crafting the perfect resume lines that got them interviews at top-tier companies. Now imagine if you had a list of these resume lines that you could use as inspiration for your own resume. With Resume worded Pro, you get a searchable database of 250 real resume lines (and growing!) across a range of industries. The lines have been selected and scored by hiring managers at top companies. See our homepage for a list of industries we have resume lines for. Learn how to demonstrate core skills.

resume works pro
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  2. A great resume does more than simply list your work experience and education. This means going over your ability to investigate claims, interview claimants, wor k with other professionals, and make tough decisions. Find out how other.

  3. Resume Pro resume Writing Service Brenda@Resume-Pro. A strong Resume is everything. How it Works in 4 Easy Steps. You may be a pro when it comes coding, but that doesn t mean you know how.

  4. Resume maker Pro works for every career and at any stage of your career, whether. Write a new resume or import an existing resume from Word and use the. Expert fashion a unique resume that sets you apart; Resume Editing Hel p: That tired old template didn t work, did it? When we finish our renovation.

  5. You need a resume That Works. At only 195 dollars, package already includes unlimited professional resume. If your going to get a good resume writing service, i think you are looking at close to 700 for a pro. And that works that way too, if a woman is very competent.

  6. Standard Resume Pro - modern professional resumes without. have to be 1 page or would 2 work depending on the length of the resume? The nations 1 source for Expert Professional Resumes - serving both civilian and transitioning military.

  7. With Resume worded Pro, you get complete access to 250 handpicked resume lines. You want examples of how to quantify your value, even if you work. I help job seekers and career changers create their future with resumes that stand out, linkedIn profiles that get noticed, and interviews that nail.

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