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Today, i am looking forward to having lunch with a friend whom ive not been able to see for a while. Shes been asking to take me to lunch or dinner in honor of my retirement. Well, now that my retirement is finally here, i think the best part is that. Ive heard said that change is hard, especially if like me, one is retiring from a position of great responsibility (I was the administrator at a large urban school with over 800 students and 75 employees). For me the key will be to continue to be productive and to have a purpose greater than just playing all day long, although I do have to get better at playing, too. For so many years, my job took prominence in my life until I realized I did not have balance and my health was affected. All work, no play. So, in retirement I will strive to enjoy a life with more balance, a life that is simple but at the same time, rewarding.

Glad I didnt have to buy any of this stuff for my kid (DH). The program was spectacular, especially the trapeze artists and the acrobats. The only thing that bothered me in a way i cant really explain was to see the elephants, tigers, and horses performing. It seems unnatural, but the animals looked beautifully cared for and definitely not in any kind of distress. I guess this is just what a circus is about. The best part is that my 62 year old dh finally got to go to the circus and we had a blast. August 20th, 2008 at 08:14. Yesterday was my first official day of retirement and it feels a little weird to not have a million problems to solve, meetings to attend, and tasks writing to complete but it was a great day. In the morning, i spent two hours at a local spa, getting pampered. One great massage and deluxe pedicure later, i met dh for a romantic lunch at an Italian restaurant that we love. The best part is that i used gift cards that were given to me as retirement gifts, so i did not spend any money.

sit through timeshare presentation

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Dh asked me if Id ever been to one. I commented that yes, i had taken my dds to the circus several times when they were younger. Since i was certain I detected yearning in his voice when dh said hed never been, i immediately went online and bought tickets for the sunday matinee. So, this afternoon, we went to The Greatest Show on Earth. We were surrounded by thousands of children, parents, and grandparents, all of them having great fun. The one thing I realize though, is how very expensive it is for parents to do this type if activity with their kids. We paid 35 each tree for our tickets, 10 for parking, and.50 for popcorn. (It would have been more but I took water from home because it kills me to pay.75 for a small bottle of water). For parents, like the ones with three kids in front of us, it was much pricier: in addition to tickets and parking, i saw them shell out 12 for cotton candy, 15 for snow cones in an elephant cup, 22 for light wands, 15 for.

sit through timeshare presentation

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I will not tell her that on Monday, the opening day of school, i woke up at 7:15. M., a time i normally would have been at school. I made a delicious pot of coffee and leisurely enjoyed it on the patio will while i read. The morning air was clean and crisp, the birds at the feeder were flittering and chirping, and I reveled in the moment. Not having to be anywhere or do anything until I decide differently. August 24th, 2008 at 08:36. Last week dh and I were watching tv and an ad came on for the circus that was going to be in town for four days.

But my life goes on, too, and it is evolving, and growing, and getting better. My friend said, we all miss you so much! Its just not the same! Oh, i miss you guys, too! I say to be polite. The truth: I didnt miss being there at all, although this does not mean I dont care about the people i worked with. I do care, but there is so much I do not miss and will not miss. Yet, i cannot say this without hurting feelings, so i am careful with my words.

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sit through timeshare presentation

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Another time, dh and I had taken my dss to a basque restaurant for his birthday and while we sat enjoying our meal, i spotted a sign on the door that said Cash Only. The restaurant was out in the boon-docks, with no atm or bank open. The look of horror on DHs face told me industrial he only had his usual 40-80 on him. It was great to say, dont worry, i have some cash. Well, i will add the 60 I found to my 20 Challenge: Balance forward 155.43 8/25, nsd 3, ndd dbq 4, forgotten but found 60, new Balance 222.43. My goal by december 31, 2008: 2,500.

August 26th, 2008 at 11:52. A friend from work called me tonight to see how I was doing. How are you enjoying your retirement? Well, so far, ive been very busy, i said. She wanted me to know that school opened as planned and all went fairly well, almost as well as if youd been here! The world didnt end because i left. One thing i know and have known for quite a while: we are all replaceable and life goes on, as it should.

One caller said he had hidden 1,000 in a dvd to surprise his wife for a disney trip but she sold the dvd at their garage sale before he could surprise her! Another fellow called and identified himself as a senior citizen. He said he hides money in different places and for a variety of reasons only problem is he cant remember where. What was the most hed ever hidden? He said it was 2,000 hed stashed in a shoe for a home remodeling project. The dj nicely said, hey, it doesnt just happen to senior citizens!

Well, at 58, i do not think Ill call myself a senior citizen for at least 15-20 years (unless I can get an over 55 discount somewhere for it but I can sure identify with stashing money so safely i never find it again. The other day i found 60 in an old wallet I took out to put in the goodwill box. I got the same rush as I did last summer when I won 7 on the penny slots in Vegas. Actually, i mostly use the bank for keeping my money, so when I find money, it is more about having forgotten it was there to begin with. One thing I have done for the last 20 years: i keep a 100 bill folded behind my drivers license in my wallet. This is my dire and immediate emergency money. Ive had to break it out only three or four times over the years and it gets replaced if i use. Each time ive had to use it, ive been somewhere that takes only cash but I didnt pay attention until it was too late. Out of the blue, my pedicure place stopped taking CCs and had just placed a tiny sign by the cash register.

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I would never have opened it if I had known it was that expensive. (gee, i could have sold it on ebay!). Then, i reflected about how easy it is to put off strange living in the moment and enjoying the simple things in our lives, waiting for some vague "special time" that may never materialize. Now, if someone gives me a nice bottle of wine "for a special essay occasion i enjoy it sooner than later. Make your own special moments every day. Btw, i never did buy another bottle of the 1988 vintage, but when I retired, a friend gave me a bottle of 2004 Marilyn Merlot. August 27th, 2008 at 09:12. My favorite local radio station asks listeners a call-in question every morning. Today it was: Where do you hide your money?

sit through timeshare presentation

He and I had talked frequently about retirement and all things we would do and the fun we would have when the day finally arrived. For my df, that day never came, and his death made me take stock of my life and acknowledge how uncertain our future can be no matter how well we plan. So, i finally opened that bottle of 1988 Marilyn essays Merlot and toasted. The wine was exquisite. It exceeded my expectations. Over the course of a week, i finished the bottle. (DH was in Central America or I would have shared it with him.) Later, wanting more of this great vintage, i decided to buy another bottle to share with. To my utter amazement, when I got on the marilyn Merlot website, i saw that a bottle of 1988 Marilyn Merlot sells for 2,000! I was astounded and my first thought was.

going to the gym dh is always trying to get me motivated. August 28th, 2008 at 11:41. In 1992, a friend gave me a bottle of Marilyn Merlot, vintage 1988. I decided this wine would be worthy of consuming only for a very special occasion, like celebrating my retirement. Through the years, and through two moves, i stored it carefully, always monitoring the temperature. Then, one day in may of 2007, i drank it and for no special reason. A close friend had died the month before, suddenly and unexpectedly at age 55 while on vacation.

I, on the other hand, hate anything that makes me feel sweaty. Ive belonged to twist curves twice before but for me it was a waste of money. It always seemed that I was too tired, too busy, or the place was closed when I finally mustered up the energy or had the time. And, i am simply not disciplined enough to exercise at home in front of the tv, although I have plenty of exercise tapes. The only one who uses the Ab lounger that dh bought me last year is tc its her new favorite place to take her catnaps. DHs gym is having a special 49 to join and 10 a month for a year. Maybe i will give it a try. Now that Im retired I will have more time, so i cant use that as an excuse any more. The gym is about 5 minutes from the house so its definitely convenient and it opens early and closes late, so there goes another excuse.

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Home archive: August, 2008, august 29th, 2008 at 07:53. Always have, although when I was younger I loved to ice skate and bike ride. These seemed more like fun and not so much like a chore i guess what bothers me about machines is interests the monotony, but i know that I have to do something to improve my health. Reducing stress is only the beginning. I need to lose at least 20 pounds to get my bmi back under. And, dh is seriously talking about a trip to machu picchu in the next year or two, so unless I build up stamina, hell be hiking the Inca trail alone. Although i enjoy walks around our complex, this doesnt provide the strength training and aerobic exercise that will help me develop my lung capacity and a stronger heart. Dh goes to the gym about 5 days a week for an hour and he loves.

sit through timeshare presentation
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  1. The scenario was totally different a decade ago when the buyers used to buy timeshares through timeshare presentations hosted by timeshare developers. Branson Getaways lied and cheated us out of Branson Getaways gave us free show tickets if we would tour Wyndom resorts. Sold us on the fact we could transfer our timeshare points. Fixed footers without javascript.

  2. Sit back and relax as the wind carries you away from your worries! Sitting through a timeshare presentation has for a long time been associated with bringing home the freebies — anything from free umbrellas or televisions to free theme park tickets, free lodging for one or more nights to a free cruise — whether you purchase. Worldwide, approximately.5-million households own vacation. Timeshare _Resale_Vs_buying_from timeshare _Resort.

  3. The timeshare presentation was low-key and of course, we declined to purchase. Know your Ememy before you go. Review submitted through contact Us will not get published on the site or forwarded. Wifi remote presentation powerpoint iphone nokia s60 e-series n-series windows-mobile mobile.

  4. There is a very informative item in the july-august aarp bulletin concerning the thousands of complaints filed in Florida with the central Florida better Business Bureau against the ramada timeshare program. Here is what other tds readers had to say about their experiences sitting through timeshare sales pitches. Tds timeshare owners reveal whether they d recommend purchasing a timeshare based on their own experiences. The four of us agreed to sit through a 90-minute timeshare presentation in exchange for 200 worth of gift certificates that we used at local restaurants.

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