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Compiler Construction and Information Retrieval. Construction lab sessions last semester required the design of a compiler for C programs that were restricted to for loops, Switch case statements and simple input and output. The work involved in this, as well as the courses, formal Systems and Automata and Compiler. Construction, have lead me to appreciate the intricacies involved in this field. However, for my ms degree, i remain open to other topics as well. E project, i have decided to concentrate on my other area of interest viz. Im attempting to evolve a technique that, when employed in a search engine, will maximize the comprehensiveness and precision of the query listings.

This approach adds to the already immense potential for innovation that exists in this field. As a student in the final year of undergraduate study for a bachelor. Engineering degree in Computer Science engineering, i look to graduate study to refine my knowledge and skills in my areas of interest. I believe it will also serve to give direction to my goal of a career as a research hankin professional at an academic or commercial, research-oriented organisation. I intend to pursue an ms degree in order to reach that goal. Academic Background research Interests, in my undergraduate studies, i have benefited from the breadth. Shivaji Universitys syllabi content that has given me a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Computer Science and a strong conceptual understanding of the same. In these three and half years of study, i have strived to maintain an approach of expending independent effort in all my endeavors. Learning by myself and sharing my knowledge with others has been most worthwhile, when comprehending a concept. Over the past two years, i have developed an interest in the areas.

statement of professional interest

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In some cases it may be determined that after full disclosure, the Universitys interests are best served by participation of the employee despite the conflict or appearance of conflict. The employee may appeal the administrators decision to the President (Chancellor for System Office employees). The employee must report any significant changes in the outside interest that occur during the year and consult with the appropriate administrator if the undertaking of a new outside interest is considered. Any significant violations of this will policy shall be reported to the Chancellor for System Office employees and Presidents, to the President for university employees and to the human Resources and Labor Relations Committee of the board of Trustees for the Chancellor. Related Documents: Situations which may constitute a conflict of Interest. Purpose of Study professional Plans. The boundless possibility of trying out and the instant knowledge of the outcome that stimulates one for further analysis of a rationale in question, is what I find most appealing about Computer. Keeping up an inquisitive and explorative attitude, i believe, leads to a constant learning process.

statement of professional interest

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A conflict of interest may exist when an employee, a close relative, or a person or organization with whom the employee business is associated has an existing or potential financial or other interest which involves the employees University responsibilities. The policy does not prohibit an employee from freely pursuing those teaching, research, and professional and public service activities which will not result in such a conflict, nor prohibit an employee from accepting pay, compensation, fees, honoraria, or reimbursement of expenses which may be offered. Procedures: Disclosure and Consultation: The following procedures apply except in situations where a procedure is otherwise provided by a collective bargaining agreement. Each university shall develop its procedure for disclosure and consultation within the following parameters. If an employee believes that he or she may have a conflict of interest, the employee shall promptly and fully disclose the conflict to the appropriate administrator (Chancellor or Presidents designee) and shall refrain from participating in any way in the matter to which the. When it appears that a material conflict may arise between the personal interest of an employee and his or her responsibilities to the University, the employee shall notify the appropriate administrator by submitting a written statement describing the nature of the possible conflict. If an apparent conflict comes to the attention of the administrator, that individual may request a written statement from the employee. If an employee is in doubt as to whether he or she is confronted with a potential conflict of interest, the employee shall consult with the appropriate administrator to determine if the outside interests could conflict impermissibly with employees obligations to the University. The appropriate administrator promptly shall notify the employee or associate in writing that: (a) there is no conflict and the employee may proceed; or (b) there may be a conflict and further consultation is necessary prior to reaching a determination; or (c) there.

Conflict of interest situations, or the appearance of conflicts of interests, have the potential to result in serious harm and direct losses to the University. The losses are often difficult to detect and include not only direct monetary losses and loss of confidence in the University, but also negative publicity and erosion of employee morale. It is the policy of the University that its officers, faculty, staff and others acting on its behalf have the obligation to avoid ethical, legal, financial or other conflicts of interest and to ensure that their activities and interests do not conflict with their obligation. This policy applies to all University officers and employees. The policy also applies to persons affiliated or associated with the University, including members of advisory boards to the University. All provisions, except those relating to outside employment, apply to persons affiliated with the University. This policy does not apply to the board of Trustees who are already covered by similar provisions in the boards Financial Code of Ethics and State law. The policy is to be interpreted and applied in a manner that will best serve the interests of the University and that distinguishes between those minor and inconsequential conflicts which are unavoidable and those conflicts which are substantial and material.

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statement of professional interest

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At the same time, i study the art of literature by taking part in the creative process, experimenting with the tools used by other authors in the past. In terms of a career, i see myself teaching literature, writing criticism, and going into editing or publishing poetry. Doctoral studies would be valuable to me in several ways. First, your teaching assistant ship program would provide me with the practical teaching experience i am eager to acquire. Further, earning.

In English and American literature would advance my other two career goals by adding to my skills, both critical and creative, in working with language. Ultimately, however, i see the. As an end in itself, as well as a professional stepping stone; i enjoy studying moon literature for its own sake and would like to continue my studies on the level demanded by the. Human resources and labor relations, section 410 Conflict of Interest, effective: 5/20/91. Last revised: 11/16/98, responsible Office: Human Resources, policy Statement: applies to: All Officers and Employees. To ensure continued confidence of the people of maine in the University and its personnel, individuals serving the University shall at all times act in a manner consistent with their public responsibilities to the University and shall exercise particular care that no real or perceived.

For the oral section of my comprehensive exams, i specialized in nineteenth century novels by and about women. The relationship between "high" and folk literature became the subject for my honors essay, which examined Toni morrison's use of classical, biblical, African, and Afro-American folk tradition in her novel. I plan to work further on this essay, treating Morrison's other novels and perhaps preparing a paper suitable for publication. In my studies toward a doctoral degree, i hope to examine more closely the relationship between high and folk literature. My junior year and private studies of Anglo-saxon language and literature have caused me to consider the question of where the divisions between folklore, folk literature, and high literature lie.

Should i attend your school, i would like to resume my studies of Anglo-saxon poetry, with special attention to its folk elements. Writing poetry also figures prominently in my academic and professional goals. I have just begun submitting to the smaller journals with some success and am gradually building a working manuscript for a collection. The dominant theme of this collection relies on poems that draw from classical, biblical, and folk traditions, as well as everyday experience, in order to celebrate the process of giving and taking life, whether literal or figurative. My poetry draws from and influences my academic studies. Much of what I read and study finds a place in my creative work as subject.

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It is in r d that I believe i can make the greatest contribution, utilizing my theoretical background and creativity as a scientist. I am highly aware of the superb reputation of your school, and my conversations with several of your alumni have served to deepen my interest in attending. I know that, in addition to your excellent faculty, your computer facilities are among the best in the state. I hope you will give me the privilege of continuing my studies at your fine institution. 38-39 statement 2, having majored in literary studies (world literature) as an undergraduate, i would now like good to concentrate on English and American literature. I am especially interested in nineteenth-century literature, women's literature, anglo-saxon poetry, and folklore and folk literature. My personal literary projects have involved some combination of these subjects.

statement of professional interest

I've also had the opportunity to study a number of subjects in working the humanities and they have been both enjoyable and enlightening, providing me with a new and different perspective on the world in which we live. In the realm of engineering, i have developed a special interest in the field of laser technology and have even been taking a graduate course in quantum electronics. Among the 25 or so students in the course, i am the sole undergraduate. Another particular interest of mine is electromagnetics, and last summer, when I was a technical assistant at a world-famous local lab, i learned about its many practical applications, especially in relation to microstrip and antenna design. Management at this lab was sufficiently impressed with my work to ask that I return when I graduate. Of course, my plans following completion of my current studies are to move directly into graduate work toward my master's in science. After i earn my master's degree, i intend to start work on. Later I would like to work in the area of research and development for private industry.

largely the same. Below are samples of personal statements. You may also select "Sample Statement" in the media box above for a pdf sample. Statement 1, my interest in science dates back to my years in high school, where i excelled in physics, chemistry, and math. When I was a senior, i took a first-year calculus course at a local college (such an advanced-level class was not available in high school) and earned. It seemed only logical that I pursue a career in electrical engineering. When I began my undergraduate career, i had the opportunity to be exposed to the full range of engineering courses, all of which tended to reinforce and solidify my intense interest in engineering.

The Office of the regulator of Community Interest Companies decides whether an organisation is eligible to become, or continue to be, a community interest company (CIC). It is responsible for investigating complaints - reviews taking action if necessary - and it provides guidance and assistance to help people set up cics. Cic regulator works with the, department for Business, Energy industrial Strategy. Read more about what. Follow us, documents, ceri witchard, regulator of Community Interest Companies, contact cic regulator. Make an foi request, read about the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act and how to make a request. Check our previous releases to see if weve already answered your question.

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24 november 2017 — guidance, community interest companies: forms and step-by-step guides. The processes you need to follow, and the documents you need to submit, when you are a community interest company or you wish to form (or convert to) a community interest company. — guidance, community interest companies: guidance chapters, comprehensive information for people who want to form a community interest company (cic other stakeholders and those giving professional advice about cics. Big Society capital - raising awareness of Social Investment Tax Relief (sitr). Social Investment Tax Relief (sitr) is plan the governments tax relief for social investment. It encourages individuals to support charities and social enterprises. Individuals receive a 30 tax break when investing in an eligible organisation.

statement of professional interest
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This statement of integrity is meant to provide an overarching declaration that informs specific policies and procedures regarding conduct, enforcement, and accountability. 2016 Purdue university an equal access/equal opportunity university integrity. Such statement may be included in the conflicts management plan.

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  1. Statement in the media box above for a pdf sample. My interest in science dates back to my years in high school, where i excelled. Statement :.and further consultation is necessary prior to reaching a determination; or (c) there is a conflict and the employee shall not proceed with his or her personal interest.

  2. Examples of community interest company (CIC) success stories. Community, interest, companies and the confirmation. Ceri witchard appointed as Regulator of, community, interest, companies. You may also select sample.

  3. Two applications need to be submitted to be accepted into the program. The first application needs to be completed at the uga graduate school. Editors may use information disclosed in conflict- of - interest and financial- interest statements as a basis for editorial decisions.must have no personal, professional, or financial involvement in any. Exceptions: While the requirement for reporting the following transactions is still mandatory, they are nevertheless considered not to be conflicts of interest :.

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