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A followup to The luxury of Ignorance: An Open-source horror. Story in which I discuss the community reaction, develop the concept of the luxury of ignorance further, and call for a sea-change in attitudes towards. I offered the Alexis de toqueville instutute a private critique of their book on the supposed theft at the heart of the linux operating system, in the fond hope that they would correct the errors. In early 2004 Sun Microsystems and Microsoft started talking up a vision of the future in which hardware would come free with software subscriptions. This essay makes clear why this offer is a dangerous trap. Who use the terms "open source" and "free software"? What is their relative frequency on the web?

My talk at AgileCultureCon on culure-hacking and linguistic maps. Some thoughts on Sam Williams's excellent biography of Richard Stallman. A transcript of my conference call with some big-time Prudential Securities investors. If you're looking for an example of how to do effective advocacy to a business audience, this interview is representative of how I. An essay examining the convergence between open source and agile programming. At Sun's February 2004 meeting, ceo scott McNealy said "The open-source model is our friend". This is the open letter I wrote to urge him to demonstrate that. The biggest obstacle about between open-source software and world domination is not Microsoft, it's our own endemic cluelessness about how to design software that won't make nontechnical users run screaming. I ran into a particularly poignant example when I tried to configure cups for remote printing. A glitzy gui interface fails to compensate for some astonishing blunders. There are lessons here for other projects.

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I dissect a really bad article in First Monday that billed itself as a "Critique of Pure raymondism". After the quake 1 source was gpled, john Carmack reported that the release had enabled some cheats. Does this mean open source is a security problem? In this essay, i tree discuss the security lessons of quake. Because some visions are too audacious not to approached with a sence of humor. A senior Microsoft executive is telling lies in public. In other startling news, the sky is blue and water has been seen flowing downhill.

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Probably the most popular thing i've written. It's in demand in a lot of different forms, so i've given it its own subsite. Homesteading the noosphere, the magic, cauldron, and a brief History of Hackerdom. My original February 1998 beauty call to the community, issued immediately after the netscape breakthrough, to start using the term open source'. This is the beginning that osi and the mainstreaming of Linux built. And this is what followed, when the chieftains of the hacker tribes met and threw their weight behind "open source". An essay on Open source i wrote for the cyberian Express,.

I can play an important (however cameo) role in the objective essay. One very effective strategy in writing about literature, say, is to briefly chronicle what professional critics and other people (casual readers, friends, classmates, people we make up) have said about a novel; go ahead and set them up with their benighted opinions. And then tell the reader what you think "i, on the other hand, believe that." blowing away the blunderings of predecessors and revealing the best, true way of looking at things, your way. In this strategy, owning your opinions and dealing straight from the self, from. I, becomes a position of strength, not weakness. It would be a good idea to discuss this strategy with your instructor, however, before using. When I'm not being a hacker, i'm often a writer. Here are some of the screeds i've uttered over the years.

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The writer must learn to deal from strength or at least to appear to deal from strength. Writing objectively also means writing fairly. What you feel about a poem, say, can never actually be wrong. Feelings can, of course, be based on paper misconceptions, but the feelings themselves are neither right nor wrong. This makes it important to express things as if they were objective findings, not personal feelings, as what happens to some reader (any reader not what happened. Another part of objectivity is avoiding evaluation: it is the writer's business to point out how something works.

In doing so, we imply whether or not it works well. Writing about the kansas board of education's decision, we probably want either to praise the board members as independent thinkers who refuse to kowtow to the lords of Technology and Science or to condemn them as dunderheads, but it is better to describe as objectively. (That process can still be shaped by the words we choose or the order in which we describe things. In the paragraph above, for instance, the writer lets the board have its say, but the last word belongs to science. But that is another matter.). Having said this, we should be reminded that even in a largely third-person, objective essay the use of the first-person is not automatically to be despised.

The lines become completely suggestive in their wild blend of holiness, sensuality, prophecy, and danger. The poet and poem have have become their own "miracle of rare device and the reader has borne witness to the creative miracle. In truth, it would probably be a great strain to avoid using the first-person pronoun in such an essay at least in the first draft. It is ok to write "In my opinion "I think "I feel." In fact, it's probably a good idea; it helps us to sort out what we're feeling and thinking from the more impersonal facts involved in the experience of reading the poem. Then, when we have them down on paper all these thoughts and feelings we can go back through the paper and eliminate all the.

I think 's and all the in my opinion 's. Many writers will move from what. I think i think this shift in perspective is a purposeful attempt to trick us, and I feel confused. to a statement about the experience of a hypothetical third-person reader: The reader has borne witness to the creative miracle. to a simple assertion about the point of view The shift in perspective can be confusing. What begins as personal, subjective "guess "These lines feel to me like something completely suggestive." becomes an assertion of truth: "The lines become completely suggestive in their wild blend of holiness, sensuality, prophecy, and danger." we don't need to say that this is our opinion;.

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Taking an objective stance like this might be a relatively easy matter if you, the writer, are removed from the events of Kansas and hazlitt the creationism debate. What happens when your instructor asks you to write an essay about what you think about scientific theory versus creationism or about what is going on in a short story, or about some phenomenon in economics? How do you keep. I out of it? The mba vision of the poet is not just a private matter: "all who heard" and "all should cry." It is a collective enchantment with the poet at the center. The magic of the final spellbinding lines beyond explication is based partly on abracadabra incantation weave a circle round him thrice and our corporate recollections of holy visionaries. The poet compels the vision of the public, but at the same time he is an outcast among them untouchable and even cursed his flashing eyes, his floating hair!

I 's can feel oddly detached and cold. In objective, academic prose, however, that sense of detachment is often exactly what is called for. Here is the introductory paragraph to a brief article in the online version of the september 1999. Atlantic Monthly: The kansas school board's recent decision to drop evolution from the state's required curriculum represents the latest episode in an ongoing battle between religious fundamentalists and secular educators over whether public schools should teach "creation science" or evolution or both. The kansas school board claims that because evolution cannot be replicated in a laboratory, and thus cannot be directly observed, it should only be presented as theory rather than as fact. As a mere theory, they argue, it should be omitted from the curriculum or presented alongside other, competing "theories" (namely, creationism). Educators and scientists troubled by the kansas decision point out that many scientific assumptions like the existence of atoms cannot be directly observed in a laboratory, but are put accepted because they are supported by the best scientific evidence. In this paragraph, there is not a single use of a first-person pronoun. The writer's opinions are undoubtedly lurking somewhere behind the piece, but they are not visibly betrayed by personal statement.

mules, but they are still not valued the way they ought. Rivers' conclusion about society is allowed to grow out of his initial personal reflection; it feels personally justified. Here for the entire essay. (Please note, though, that the very short paragraphs are appropriate for newspaper writing, but that academic text would undoubtedly gather many of those small paragraphs into larger units.). On the other hand, to avoid any hints of subjective bias or a "this is just little ol' me talking" tone, most academic prose should feel as objective as possible. One easy test of objectivity in writing is the use of the first-person singular. I shows up over and over again will feel weighted with subjectivity, not objectivity. In the personal essay and the letter to Grandma, that is perfectly all right, and a personal essay without.

Neither lived to be 60 years old. Because of my parents' hard work, i walk along a less rocky path, which was their dream. My parents were walkers. When make I was a boy in Philadelphia, i'd go on long walks with one and then the other. When the three of us walked together, the trips were always short and full of purpose, like my parents' lives. But when I walked with just one of my parents, the trips sometimes became grand explorations of the city and life. Rivers then goes on to tell us how his father would point out day laborers to his son, hinting broadly that his son should grow up to work with his mind, not his hands: don't be like them, don't be like.'.

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You wouldn't think of writing e-mail or a letter to a friend without using the first-person singular. I, me,. If you were writing a letter to an editor or an essay in which it is appropriate and important to claim opinions and feelings as your own, you would, of course, use the first-person singular: I think, my opinion. The following paragraphs are mom taken from a labor day (2 September 1999) editorial by jeff rivers in the. Hartford courant: my parents were workers, union people, assembly lines and lunch pails, typing pools and greasy-spoon hot dogs. They worked as hard as they could for as long as they could. They gave out under the strain of their lives and dropped in the dust.

the danger of a single story essay
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  3. The danger to democracy comes only when moguls try to translate their media interests into political power. In this essay i show that our original sin is not murderousness but obedience. If you re politically correct you d better skip this - it might put you in danger of learning something.

  4. Criticism and the, essay. M leading custom essay and dissertation writing company and we are 24/7 open to serve you writing needs! What happens when your instructor asks you to write an essay about what you think about scientific theory versus creationism or about what is going on in a short story, or about some phenomenon in economics? I can play an important (however cameo) role in the objective essay.

  5. How to write a, argumentative, essay. The, negative effects of, television. An essay which has by these means achieved clearness may be pleasant to read but still lacking in power.

  6. Essay is available at Windling s website. Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie has published poems, short stories, and three novels, but she tak. The danger of a single story. Essay, topic: Free example of, argumentative sample essay on Slavery.

  7. Beware of the, single, story. Either we have a, narrator that tells a story that provides us with meaning and that invites us to collaborate on making that story real. I found reading about how a story evolves over time and across cultures absolutely fascinating.

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