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I bought my car with Matador tyres fitted and I threw them out quickly as they were completely useless - i really feared to use those. Continental ContiPremiumContact give me a feeling of safety and driving comfort. I've been using them for the third season now and nothing happens to them, i can't se emuch wear. I think it's a credit of abs and asr. It's hard for me to say how would the tyre behave on cars without these systems. Also, i noticed that they behave even better if they get filled with nitrogen - their grip is just spectacular, then, not even a small screech. I can definitely recommend Continental ContiPremiumContact tyres as a great choice for every driver, especially for those who have powerful cars with large engines. Michelin returns to pole position in car tyre ratings.

But at this price, and at an angle of tyres for the winter, these are Excellent tyres, it will surely tyre next season 2012/2013. 830 Cotni with them as better or summer tyre for all seasons. Confident once rode a big fiat on universal tyre from Olsztyn now than Conti 830, seriously. Uphill driveway, riding on the snow is a disaster, the lack of certainty at all times. That's why i recommend only Frigo 2, it's really a revelation for the winter, especially if someone has to ride on the snow. Strings may safely lie in the trunk help with these tyres. Hello to all readers opinions. I had write a big problem with the choice of summer tyres could not decide, however, i thought of more expensive tyres and I'm very glad I bought ContinentalsportContact and I'm in shock still great tyres so i never had and i know that already next. Now I can write something about this tyre because i have been using it for some time now. Generally, there's only one thing I can say - they're marvellous!

tyre reviews

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Vans and motorhomes tyre reviews. Are we missing someone? Request a brand, is there a brand you think we should add? Let us know using the form below. I got these tyres from the previous season, so the car now, because i bought Conti 830 (disaster for the winter, which I had no junk). Behavior Frigo 2 last season the (about 25 Tkm) was sensational on the front, i was not even as good winter tyres (unless the same tread in UG5, years ago). So now the snow behaved flawlessly, although you need to take into account the possibility of a small "walk" back to the gaps, especially in the wet snow, rain or dry (greater speed on the hatch).

tyre reviews

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Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance. Falken ziex ZE914 Ecorun. Pirelli cinturato P7 Blue. Toyo proxes CF2. Cookies on the michelin Site, this website makes use of cookies to monitor website activity. For more information please view our cookie policy. Learn More, car tyre reviews 4x4 and suv tyre reviews.


Syron Bluetech 91v - rr: E  WG: C  N: 71dB. Toyo proxes CF2 91v- rr: C  WG: B  N: 70dB. Click on the menu to the left or below for our detailed review on each tyre we tested. Continental ContiPremiumContact. Dunlop Sport BluResponse. Bridgestone turanza t001. Kumho Ecsta hs51. Hankook ventus Prime3.

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Weight ratings were 91 and. Tyre label ratings for fuel economy (rolling resistance, rr) and wet grip (WG) are ranked a-g, with A the best. The pass by noise (N) rating is measured in decibels, lingkungan so the lower the figure, the better. All these ratings are spelled out here. Bridgestone turanza t001 evo 91v - rr: C WG: A N: 69dB. Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 91v - rr: C WG: A N: 71dB. Dunlop Sport BluResponse 91v - rr: B WG: A N: 68dB.

Falken ziex ZE914 Ecorun 91v - rr: C WG: A N: 68dB. Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 91v - rr: B WG: A N: 68dB. Hankook ventus Prime3 91v - rr: C WG: A N: 71dB. Kumho Ecsta hs51 91v - rr: C WG: C N: 69dB. Nankang as-2 94w - rr: E WG: B N: 71dB. Pirelli cinturato P7 Blue 91v - rr: B WG: A N: 71dB.

Dry braking was done on the proving grounds black lake: a tarmac area the size of several football pitches. We took an average of multiple stops from 62mph to get a result. Cabin noise, while the eu tyre label rating is for pass-by noise, we focus on more relevant cabin noise. With microphones either side of the drivers headrest, we coasted from 50-43mph over coarse tarmac measuring the frequencies generated by tyres. Fuel economy, the more power needed to turn a tyre, the more fuel required; thats why rolling resistance is key to economy. Our test is an average of two tyres assessed to industry standards.

As a rule of thumb guide, around a five per cent difference in rolling resistance results in a one per cent change in fuel economy. This is crucial for many motorists, but cost plays a small role in our safety-focused test. Our prices are from Black circles, which won our Issue 1,424 test of online tyre retailers, and the figures are fully fitted, include delivery and are correct at the time of going to press. Theyre what the company charges for each tyre or what it would do if it isnt part of its range. winter tyres test: reviews and prices. Thanks to, in addition to Bridgestone offering the facilites to make this test possible, we were helped by Alcar, which supplied its Enzo g alloys. What we tested, all the tyres we tested were 205/55R16, with speed ratings of either V (up to 150mph) or W (up to 168mph).

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How a tyre copes with deep water william is assessed in the aquaplaning tests, which look at review straight-line performance and when the tread grooves are distorted in corners. For the former, the car is accelerated with one wheel in water and the other on tarmac; over several runs, we record when the one in the water is turning 15 per cent faster than the other. For lateral aquaplaning, the car is accelerated through a curved flooded strip with the lateral g measured. The car is driven at ever higher speeds until all grip is lost. In the dry, the 1,888-metre dry handling track winds its way through grassland, providing various challenges, including long sweeps to assess balance plus elevation changes. There are also fast direction changes and hairpins to reveal all aspects of a tyres dry performance. An average of lap times formed the result.

tyre reviews

Braking was done in the latter. We writing measured the distance to slow from 50-12mph to eliminate any variance introduced by the abs. Our final result is the average of a series of stops. To assess pure cornering grip, we lined the car up on the inside edge of the 80-metre wet circle, and accelerated with a fixed amount of lock until it started to push wide. We timed a series of laps and took an average to get the result. tyre pressures and tread depths: your safety check guide. The 1,555-metre wet handling circuit brings together all the elements. It combines elevation changes with quick direction changes and a long, 270-degree turn that reveals the tyres balance. As with cornering, we take an average of lap times.

late entrant Kumho. So can the old guard outperform the new hopes? How we tested them, we test our tyres across nine disciplines, in the wet and dry, and taking into account cabin noise and rolling resistance. The test results are then converted to percentages to reflect each tyres relative performance fairly. These are added up to find a winner. The tests are weighted so a win in a test like aquaplaning, where over 30 per cent can separate best and worst, counts the same as dry handling or noise, where the difference can be less than three per cent. When you brake as the motorway traffic ahead slows in the wet, you want to know your car will stop. Our tests also rate cornering and tyre performance in deep and shallow water.

Which are the safest, most fuel efficient and quietest tyres for your car? Thats what our annual tyre test aims to find out and its more comprehensive than ever as weve introduced some new names to take on summary the established contenders. This year, we concentrated on the big-selling 205/55R16 size found on many medium-sized family cars. Familiar designs nearing the end of their production lives took on products from brands that are new to the test - like syron and Nankang - as well as a fresh tyre from Bridgestone. Michelins absence can be explained by an upcoming new design. All-season tyre test, in total, we shipped over 100 tyres to Bridgestones state-of-the-art proving ground in Italy in order to determine the winner. We may have all-new entrants, but the tests are exactly the same. While eu tyre label ratings cover just three elements of performance, we have nine variables in order to get a complete picture of how good a tyre. All were done by auto Express drivers, apart from the deep water aquaplaning tests, which require specialist training.

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When it comes to trying essay new things in tyre tests, the german publication Auto bild leads the way, and with their latest suv 4x4 all season tyre tyre test they are once again pushing new ground. Not only do they test six all season tyres in the suv / 4x4 size of 235/60 R18 and include reference summer and winter tyres, but they also include two all terrain (AT) off-road tyres. These at tyres aren't specifically designed to work in snow and ice like the all season tyres have been, instead they have a more off-road bias to their performance bend. Even with this added off-road performance, they still qualify as legal all season tyres thanks to them being marked with the "three peaks mountain and snowflake" symbol. As a result, the at tyres have a very different performance blend to the all season tyres on test, and while their snow performance was surprisingly ok, this test shows how badly they perform on-road, specifically in the wet. Read on for the full details! For reference, the two at tyres are the yokohama geolander at g015, and the general Grabber AT3.

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