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Imagine living in this city. Click to magnify (01/16/12) lovecraft meets 3-D fractals (01/15/12) How would you like to climb the highest mountain in the entire solar System? (01/14/12) Stephen Hawking will now take your questions (youtube) (01/13/12) Photo. Before you drift to sleep tonight, meditate on the beauty of the universe (01/12/12) Cows, intelligent tongues, and the quest for transcendence (01/11/12) Mystery cat, high above the trees, transcends space and time (01/10/12) Very nice harmonies as the unusual song progresses: "Mumford and Sons. A mysterious and wonderful proof that pi4. At which step does it go wrong? (01/08/12) Controversial retired bishop John Spong discusses the deepest mysteries of Christianity (youtube) (01/07/12) Two artificial intelligences, with facial expressions, are unexpectedly placed face to face. Here is Another Example of what happens when you let two artificial intelligences have a conversation (01/06/12) beautiful math: Why your Friends have more Friends Than you do (And why your girlfriend is a whore) (01/05/12) Alan moore, reality, sock-puppet snake god, terence McKenna, science.

It worked (02/12/12) Mystical time-lapse video of the milky way traversing the sky above south dakota. Dream with me (02/10/12) 1,344-page graphic-novel condensation of all great Western literature! (02/09/12) For the math curious: a coffee cup that is not topologically the same as a donut (02/08/12) Women In Science: Why so few? (video) (02/07/12) "Math is sexy! The 5ive best Popular books on the subject women That Prove it (02/06/12) Pretty mandelbrot Set. (Click to mag.) (02/05/12) mavericks of the mind: Thought Provoking Interviews on Consciousness by david jay brown (02/04/12) Toto's Africa by perpetuum jazzile. Worth listening to (02/03/12) If you are exposed to the color red when you take iq test, your iq is lower (02/02/12) The Greatest books of All Time, as Voted by 125 Famous Authors (02/01/12) Circumcising men is one of the most effective "vaccines" against. Giant Gummy bear (01/27/12) "Physical books are tokens of our identity, a kind of continuity over a lifetime, a bearer of memory." (01/26/12) Enjoy this relaxing gif of a holstein enjoying a nice essay brushing: (01/25/12) Insane puzzles for kids of all ages! (01/24/12) Impress your friends at your next party with this awesome and bizarre phrase: "weakly hyper-woodin cardinals." Enjoy (01/23/12) The mathematical Papers of the deadly "Unabomber" (01/22/12) 16 of the smartest children in history (01/21/12) Woman, geometry, hands, pattern (01/20/12) New monkey species discovered, and. (01/18/12) Huge subcontrabass saxophone: "the mother of all saxophones" (01/17/12) your insane fractal apartment building of the far future.

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What will humanity find in their deepest explorations? (02/23/12) Intriguing "pictures of math" blog (02/22/12) Fascinating and educational. The physics of dropping a slinky (02/21/12) Strange, strange world, for us to inhabit. (02/20/12) Brain made out of hands (02/19/12) Super-super-genius Ed Witten sits in an armchair and explains string theory to you and. Time mba magazine calls Witten "the greatest theoretical physicist in the world." (02/18/12) The lego hadron Collider (02/17/12) bizarre fractal fractions that crush the cerebellum into submission (02/16/12) 10 reasons why you might want to drink coffee (02/15/12) Creeping mysterious manure foam causes pig farms. Pig Big Bang (02/14/12) 7 billion people walk on dot on the left. 12 of them have walked on the dot on the right (02/13/12) Man proposes to the love of his life in Binary code.

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And what might that have to do with religion? (04/02/12) Strange headline of the week: "Ants' dying queen Mated With As Crab Spider Eats Her head-First (video) (04/01/12) Impossible ledge (03/31/12) The feynman point is a sequence of six 9s that begins at the 762nd decimal place of pi (03/29/12) Worlds Largest Sushi roll. (Click to magnify) (03/26/12) Richard feynman: The last journey of a genius (03/25/12) Imagine taking dmt, looking into a mirror, and seeing this as your reflection (03/24/12) Life-like glass heart, with ventricles for flower stems. (Click to magnify) (03/23/12) This is what happens when you give thousands of stickers to thousands of kids (03/22/12) rainbows, physics, god (03/21/12) A 1-minute film on fractal cosmic strings bends our minds and souls (03/20/12) If Satan plays miniature golf, this is his favorite. Math book and Physics book ranked 1 and 2 today at Scientific American (look before they run out of copies) (03/17/12) All of human achievement - all our hopes, dreams, and fears - in one graph (03/16/12) I like this mysterious photo of a moonrise. Mysterious (03/07/12) Imagine exploring this futuristic city tonight, with someone you love (03/06/12) Girl, alien, flower, psychedelic, tendril eyes, pretty (03/05/12) The crying of alien fish (03/04/12) Why math is better than drugs and can be a spiritual experience (03/03/12) Anatomical Cross-Sections Made with quilled. (02/28/12) Micrograph of the surface of a kidney stone showing tetragonal crystals of Weddellite. (02/27/12) Solve the peacock puzzle in less than 9 minutes, and you're a genius (02/26/12) 35 Inspiring Color Palettes from Master painters for to use and become a genius yourself (02/25/12) Please learn about fractals and mathematics. They will set you free (02/24/12) deepest Mandelbrot zoom ever:.1x10275 (or 2915).

Insane fractal (04/15/12) "Forgive me father, for i have sinned." Artwork by Cliff Pickover (04/14/12) Wow. Rubik's Cube set of drawers (04/13/12) New at Pinterest. "World of Cliff Pickover." Science, science fiction, technology, strange reality, futurism, innovation, mathematics. Follow me, or visit each day for transcendence. (04/12/12) Anatomical heart teapot makes us scream (04/11/12) Nassim Taleb's 10 tips for changing your life. (04/10/12) "Fractals and The cat in the hat" (04/09/12) take 3 pinches of dmt, stir in pencil lead of Escher, add mathematics and a fractal portion of science-fiction vibe, and mix well (04/08/12) After the death of Nobel-Prize winning physicist Richard feynman, these words were. Salvador Dali illustrates "Alice in Wonderland" (04/05/12) Man walks all day to create spectacular fractal snow patterns (04/04/12) Wow. Proof that the earth is smoother than a billiard ball (04/03/12) Are we living in a mathematical object?

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Write a short note on

Animated gif (05/08/12) Mobius cake, mobius Bacon, mobius Ship (05/07/12) Wonderful math theorems that sound like kids should know about them (05/06/12) When Einstein Met Rabindranath Tagore - truth and beauty and science and spirituality (05/05/12) Study determines that this is the most relaxing song. Here is her colorful channel (05/03/12) Wow, ancient Sumerian proverbs (pdf) (05/02/12) Intriguing. Flame-throwing musical trumpet (05/01/12) The vikings didnt wear horned helmets, napof wasnt short, and other historical myths debunked (04/30/12) "With matter, as with people, we see only the skin of essays things; we can't see into the 'engine room. (04/29/12) Most Highlighted Passages of All Time on Amazon Kindle! (04/28/12) Let's get together, and enjoy the pizza theorem (04/27/12) A conversation with physicists/authors Brian Greene lawrence Krauss. (like the jewish doctor joke.) (04/26/12) bizarre "cyborg clams" power motor, setting stage for mythopoeic molluscan marvels beyond imagination (04/25/12) Insane brain Rubik's Cube shocks and delights (04/24/12) A strange book on fish nearly killed Isaac Newton's career (04/23/12) Provocative.

Dietary saturated fat not associated with increased risk of heart disease? (04/21/12) In-depth discussion of the most famous guitar cord in rock history (04/20/12) Just-published store issue of "ibm journal of Research development" on Watson/Jeopardy and futuristic artificial intelligence (AI) (04/19/12) Martin Gardner, The beauty and Mystery of Mathematics, free ipad app (04/18/12) Glimpse of the future. Shanghai 1990 vs 2010. 51 of people diagnosed with cancer die of cancer. 49 die of something else (04/16/12) Inflate thin balloon.

(06/09/12) Are you interested in "The medical book: From Witch Doctors to robot Surgeons"? If you have a popular blog, maybe i can get you a review copy (06/08/12) The 11 Best Science books of 2011, by maria popova (06/07/12) Shiver in awe. Is the smallest 3-parastic number humans will ever find (06/06/12) Einstein explains Emc2, in rare original audio (06/05/12) Nibble on fractal pancakes for an eternity (06/04/12) poisoned, paratrooper mice descend upon humanity (06/02/12) wikipedia's list of misconceptions about illegal drugs (06/01/12) the medical book: From. Pre-order today to lock-in a great price for a 528-page hardcover color book. Topics: near-death experiences, leech therapy, self-experimentation, test-tube babies, face transplants, biological weapons, circumcision, and more.

(05/31/12) The delta of the lena river in northern Siberia (left) and a cast of a human lung (right) (05/30/12) Strange title of the week: "zookeeper reportedly licks baby monkey's anus for over an hour" (05/29/12) Unbelievable physics of domino fallings. Can you really knock over the Empire State building with 1-inch domino? (05/27/12) head blood vessels, floating forlornly in a sea of eternity (05/26/12) 100 billion times more viscous than water (05/25/12) Hartverdrahtet: an audio-visual trip into a procedural fractalverse, compressed into a minuscule software fragment (05/24/12) Meth king spends drug empire's money on 18,753 comic books. Last 10 Seconds of every Episode of 1st season of "Star Trek: Next Gen" (05/18/12) Mysterious Himalayan Honey hunters, risking their lives to harvest Earth's largest honeybees (05/17/12) Where do muslims exist on Earth today? (cartogram) (05/16/12) For some reason, i just love photos of complex, moog synthesizers. (05/15/12) Clifford Stoll: 18 minutes with an agile mind (05/14/12) A list of members of the cursed "27 Club" (05/13/12) Which books were on the nyt bestseller list the day you were born? Disappearing Pencil puzzle drives the world crazy. Try it on your friends (05/11/12) A number so large it will cause your head to collapse into a black hole (05/10/12) round peg fits better into square hole than square peg into round hole, up to the 9th dimension (05/09/12) does this path have.

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(one long number, with no spaces) is prime (07/19/12) Anton's Brain Syndrome: when blind people deny they are blind, despite evidence (07/18/12) Random people on the Brooklyn streets try to guess what writing the higgs Boson is (07/17/12) Exoplanets: all known planets arranged in a delicious. Lovecraft fans (07/12/12). Lovecraft answers your relationship questions (07/11/12) "A thetan weighs about.5 ounces 45 grams says doctor who weighed people after their deaths (07/10/12) Poll asked voters which us presidential candidate better at repelling space alien attack (07/09/12) 5 people playing a single guitar, together (07/08/12). The vortex Age has begun (07/06/12) give a spiral make Klein bottle to someone you love, in this dimension or the next (07/05/12) Why make passwords hard to remember, when this approach is so simple secure? If you put all earth's water in one place, it'd look like this (07/02/12) "So damn attractive." The Physics book: From the big Bang to quantum Resurrection (07/01/12) Why "Nigerian" email scammers actually say they're from Nigeria (06/30/12) Net sales revenue from ebooks surpass hardcover. Also see hardest piano song ever (06/19/12) Surreal photo makes Mexico city's densely populated hills look like an urban ocean (06/18/12) Sam Harris - death and the Present Moment (06/17/12) living in a strange universe filled with uprisings of sausages and hotdogs (06/16/12) Don't you. (06/15/12) The fractal gears of the sentient universe turn endlessly. (Also see this one.) (06/14/12) Birds fly from my eyes, into the ocean of reality (06/13/12) Autism-God Study. Why autistic people don't believe in God (06/12/12) head of Benoit Mandelbrot, fractal pioneer, represented as a fractal (06/11/12) revealing the lost codex of Archimedes (06/10/12) What is it like to have an understanding of very advanced mathematics?

If you order this, please mother let me know what you think and which image is your favorite! (08/10/12) More than 1,000 Earths could fit inside jupiter. Cool visualization for kids of all ages (08/09/12) cool math teacher, and cool math (08/08/12) How to draw a surprisingly lifelike horse, in 5 easy steps (08/07/12) keep watching until end. Looks almost like science fiction: mind-boggling movie made from the iss (space station) (08/06/12) Breathtaking view of the milky way from the surface of Mars (08/05/12) The curta calculator was created by a prisoner in a german concentration camp. Take a look (08/04/12) Vast fungal networks form hive mind for tree-to-tree communication: a behemoth botanical brain (08/03/12) Aliens factor prime numbers in dmt-induced reality (pdf science paper) (08/02/12) The tiger walks slowly, to the burning bush of an apocalypse (08/01/12) "Behind every man now. (07/30/12) Alien Lights: Illuminated Landscapes by benoit paille (07/29/12) Translucent ants photographed eating colored liquids (07/28/12) North Korea children playing the guitar (07/27/12) What would happen if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90 the speed of light? (07/26/12) This tv weather report is sure to appeal to those with apocalyptic interests (07/25/12) Fascinating. The Charlie rose Brain Series (07/24/12) Somewhere over the Brainbow (07/23/12) Humans will never find a factorion number larger than 40,585 (pdf) (07/22/12) A phantom period of 300 yrs has been inserted between 600AD-900AD? (07/21/12) 69,696 is the largest undulating square humans will ever find (pdf) (07/20/12) Scream in ecstasy.

fractal that looks archeological but is generated from pure math (by suicidebysafetyPin) (08/17/12) A fractal flower for your higher-dimensional lover (08/16/12) Man tattoos leviticus 18:22 that forbids homosexuality on his arm. But leviticus 19:28 forbids tattoos. (thanks Matt Parker) (08/15/12) Sunrise as no human has ever seen it - on Mars (08/14/12) "lsd absolutely helped mathematicians, artists, scientists solve their complex, seemingly intractable problems" (08/13/12) Teja Krasek, a slovenian artist, created a video review of "The medical book highlighting her favorite. (08/13/12) Extinct Cephalopod falls in love within mathematics and geometry (08/12/12) Wow. Urine Escher (08/11/12) Celebrate! Finally available, in living color. Near-death experiences, leech therapy, carl Jung, face transplants, bio-weapons, test-tube babies, positrons!

(08/29/12 wouldn't it be fun to go on a date with someone wearing an intestine necklace? (08/28/12) "Not a single one of the cells that compose you knows who you are, or cares." Dan Dennett (08/27/12 what really happen when you type Askew into google search? (08/26/12 green T4 Bacteriophage earrings - for your viral lovers (08/25/12 fractals are extremely intricate, with lots of details to explore (by halTenny) (08/24/12). If the moon were made of spareribs, it would have.34x1026 calories. Here's short how I found out (08/23/12 can space-time paths of 6-photon scattering form great art? (08/22/12 renfield's Syndrome: a mysterious Case of real-Life vampirism (08/21/12) A class of 4th graders was asked to write haikus. One child wrote this.

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(09/15/12 continue to look into the eyes of this 3D cat, until your soul and mind turn into subatomic transcendent mush (09/14/12 did you know that mammoths were alive until 1650 bc - after the pyramids of Egypt. (09/13/12) 6 Small Math Errors That caused Huge disasters (09/12/12 believe it or not, this is an image of salt and pepper (via m) (09/11/12 the marvel of nature humanity: water drop collision, under a soap bubble, in a glass of water. High-speed photography: Worlds within worlds (09/10/12 a photographic gallery of fractals found with google earth (09/09/12 if you've not heard about Benford's Law before, you're in for a real treat with this post (09/08/12). Write a letter to your future self (09/07/12 wondrous visualization of mysterious patterns in prime numbers (09/06/12 can we wind back the hands of time, using colored liquids, and find the beings who created the fabric of reality? (09/05/12 the history of physics is the history of modern civilization. The Universe in a nutshell (09/04/12 beautiful video by jason Silva on the power of Awe (09/03/12 gorgeous circuit board table (09/02/12 review of my latest book by a supercentenarian-ologist. I don't know what this photo shows, but it is curious looking (08/31/12 fractal mathematics gives rise to surface of immense complexity (by 0Encrypted0) (08/30/12 biology review cell cake.

write a short note on ramanujan
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  4. Reality carnival: Clifford,. Pickover s headlines at the borderlands of science: from parallel universes to exotic sushi to religion, science, and psychedelics.

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