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Collusions at all management levels have led to a situation where it is hard to determine which firm is telling the truth at the institution level. Many colleges have now introduced fraud detection as a course due to the rising cases. Financial Statement Fraud is a deceitful manipulation of the debit and credits documents. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners conducted a study which revealed that, among the white collar crimes, financial statement fraud took 10 of the fraudulent activities. They further defined fraud as deception or misinterpretation that an individual or entity makes knowing that the misinterpretation could result in some unauthorized benefit to the individual or to the entity or to some other party. Many companies that commit fraud in their accounting documents may do so in order to uplift the companys financial image for growth or to succeed in a merger.

Table: Some of the most popular financial statement fraud scandals since 1980s. Company, assets (Billions date filed. WorldCom 103.9, professional july 2002. Financial Corp of America.9, sept. Global Crossing.2, jan. Pg.8, april 2001. Adelphia.5, june 2002. Mcorp.2, march 1989. A lot of money has been silently lost in the process of fraudulent behavior. Due to these cases of fraud, investors no longer have confidence in the financial statements of an organization.

business statement

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Enron was also a mega company and was involved in fraudulent scandals. Fraud is a criminal offence and most countries have a well laid legal framework to work out such cases. If found guilty, heavy fines are imposed, professional licenses such as auditing are cancelled, companies are declared bankrupt, among others. The perpetrators may be condemned to serve jail terms. Other companies that have been caught up in the fraud mires include Adelphia, global Crossing, xerox, Qwest, waste management, cendant, Anicom, esm, lincoln savings, sunbeam, to mention a few. Since the 1980s, cases of fraud have been continually reported. The table review below shows some of the major cases and the amount of money each case involved. The table shows that there are more cases reported in the recent past than in the earlier years.

business statement

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The main ones include an income statement, a pdf balance sheet, a shareholder's equity statement, and a cash flow statement (Alexander and Britton). The statements are used to lure investors into the system, and they are used to increase the value of the business in the stock market. When the position of a company is very good, investors are pleased, and in most cases, it improves and obtains new markets and expansions. The contrary is also true. Over the past few years, cases of financial fraud have increased significantly, making investors worry as they cannot surely know whether the companies statements are correct and accurate. A more worrying trend is the collusion between people to cheat on the public over the status of an organization by providing either incomplete statements or mutilating them to show a better position of their company in the industry. The recent and well-known cases of fraud in large corporations include the worldCom and Enron scandals. WorldCom was among the leading companies in the technology industry in the world and was a major benchmark for other players in the industry.

It is usually used to conceal illegal or unethical behavior in the management positions. Many people engage in fraud for personal gain, with an aim to victimize others or conceal their incompetence in their areas of professionalism (Alexander and Britton). This paper will broadly discuss types of financial statement frauds detection methods and respective mitigation measures. Examples of companies and corporations where these fraudulent activities have been detected in the past will be also included to provide a complete and concrete overview of the subject. There are many forms of fraud, with financial fraud being among the major forms of the vice. Many managers have tried to conceal the poor image of their companies or businesses from the eyes of the public and investors to encourage them to invest in the company. Companies that make losses are often caught in fraudulent activities as they try to conceal their situation and ensure that the public has no idea about the financial position of the company. Financial fraud can take place in many forms, but the main form that firms use is mutilation of the financial statements. Financial statements are usually prepared at the end of a financial period and they are used to show the financial strength possessed by an organization.

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business statement

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balance sheet is usually prepared at the end of the financial year. Statement of affairs is prepared for the date when the order is given against the debtor. a balance sheet has to listhesis obey accounting practices, standards, concepts and policies. A statement of affairs has to be prepared according to the insolvency act. balance sheet adheres to going concern concept believing that these assets and liabilities will remain with the organization for a period. Statement of affairs considers realizable and payable values of the assets and liabilities to the present date, which is against to the going concern concept. balance sheet is prepared as the final financial statement of the general manual accounting procedure.

Statement of affairs is prepared before the preparation of profit and loss statement. Statement of Affairs vs Balance Sheet Summary. Balance sheet and statement of affairs are two statements prepared to assess the financial position of a particular business entity. Balance sheet is a mandatory requirement under accounting procedures, which is prepared by aggregating balances of all the ledger accounts. In contrast, statement of affairs presents the insolvency level of a business entity, emphasizing the net realizable and payable values of assets and liabilities. Both of these statements help decision makers to make financial and investment decisions in a substantial manner. Introduction, fraud refers to the submission of wrong information to misguide another party for ones benefits.

Therefore, by analyzing balance sheet figures, the stakeholders can arrive at various decisions particularly for planning volatility of future earnings. What is a statement of Affairs? Statement of affairs sOA ) is also identified as a record of financial position of a particular business entity at a given time. The key purpose of soa is to afford relevant information for the interested parties such as shareholders, customers, employees, competitor, etc. Rather than exhibiting book values of the assets and liabilities, soa considers the amount at which the organization can recover after selling off their assets and settling their outside obligations.

When looking at the similarities between Balance Sheet and Statement of Affairs one can say that both statements talk about financial position of a particular business entity in terms of liquidity. What is the difference between Balance Sheet and Statement of Affairs? balance sheet is prepared based on double entry system. Statement of affairs is a single and incomplete entry. balance sheet is prepared to present financial position of a business entity at a given date. Statement of affairs is prepared to find out the amount of capital either opening or closing. balance sheet shows assets at book value. Statement of affairs shows assets at both book value and market value.

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On the other hand, the results of the statement of affairs carry the level of insolvency,. The amount of capital that will remain after settling down all the liabilities to a given date. Despite presenting book values of the assets and liabilities, this statement presents the recoverability of the investment done after settling all the obligations by selling off its assets. What is a balance Sheet? Balance sheet, dissertation also known as the statement of financial position (for not for profit organizations is an indicator of the financial position of a given entity to a specific date. It reports aggregate balances of assets, liabilities and equity accounts as the end of a certain period, usually a year. Balance sheet measures financial health of a business entity.

business statement

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business statement
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