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This layer helps the mattress feel more like a traditional mattress. The middle layer is two inches of high-density memory foam. This is more like a traditional memory foam that will mold to the contours of your body for maximum comfort. The bottom layer is also a high density foam measuring six inches thick. This is the layer that gives you support. You wont sink into this mattress like you would in many other memory foam mattresses. The layers are held together by a cover that is made of a single piece of fabric. There are no seams at all which not only looks cool, but also offers a mattress edge that sinks to the same level as the middle.

Your bed will form over the slats and end up arched, making your mattress useless. Keeping your leesa mattress on the right type of frame will ensure you are getting the most out. How is the leesa mattress constructed? The leesa memory foam spongebob mattress is made up of three distinct layers of memory foam, each with its own special properties. The top layer is two inches of avena foam, a unique hybrid latex. Its an egg crate design, but upside down. It is specially designed to allow airflow through. Thats great news for people who tend to be warm when they sleep; it doesnt cause you to sweat. It is firmer than most memory foam and also has more bounce back. One of the reasons I was never a fan of memory foam was because, when you sink into it and then move, the memory foam would take awhile to regain its form.

best soft mattress reviews

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You may be tempted to sleep on it right away, but it is recommended that you wait 24 hours. Setting up your leesa mattress, leesa recommends putting your mattress on a platform bed frame. Different surfaces will affect how the mattress feels and performs. If you already have a box spring and dont wish to change your bed frame, you should add a bunkie board. That will keep the mattress level and make sure you are getting the proper support. You can use a slatted base frame if you choose. Make sure the slats are three essays inches apart and are not the curved kind.

best soft mattress reviews

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Yet, you will see that it dissertation did fit and that the box contains an incredibly comfortable mattress. Once you remove the compressed mattress from the box, you will need to take it out of the plastic vacuum bag that it is sealed. Carefully cut it open, and remove the mattress. It will start to decompress as soon as it comes out of the bag. Dont be put off by the chemical smell. That is normal for any memory foam mattress and it will dissipate quickly. Within an hour, you wont notice. You will need at least a day for the mattress to completely open up and be a uniform 10 inches thick throughout.

The remedy for that is a 100-day money-back guarantee. After you buy the mattress, if you dont like it, you simply notify the company, and they will give you a full refund. They will come to your house and remove the mattress, which they will then give to a local charity. You will not pay any shipping costs for them to take the mattress back. There really is no downside to shopping this way for a mattress. When your mattress arrives, you will be greeted with a 45-inch tall white box with a light blue leesa logo on the front. It usually takes about a week to arrive once you have ordered. Looking at the box, you will think that there must have been a mistake. There is no way a queen-sized mattress that is 10 inches thick could possibly fit into that box!

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best soft mattress reviews

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With this initiative, they plan to have over one million trees planted by 2025. Finally, they give extra time off to their employees and executives to volunteer in their local communities. Its not everyday that you can feel good about a purchase because you know that the company is doing good deeds for their employees, the environment, and those in need. Of course, if the mattresses werent so comfortable, it wouldnt matter. Nobody is going to buy an uncomfortable mattress because the company that makes them is charitable. It is a nice feeling, however, to know that when you slip onto an incredibly cozy mattress, a person in need is also sleeping comfortably thanks to your purchase. Direct from factory to you, not only has technology caught up with the way memory foam mattresses are made, it also has changed how they are sold.

Remember the days of going to a showroom and being pressured by a salesman into the most expensive mattress? Then, to save money and shipping time, you had to tie the mattress on the roof of your car and hope you didnt cause a major accident if it came off. Now, you can shop online and have the mattress sent right to your door. Not having a middleman in the process means you save a bundle. Since memory foam can be compressed, there are no coils in the mattress. You can have a full sized, 10-inch thick mattress sent to you in a box that is only 45 inches tall. The only downside is that you cant pair test the mattress before you buy.

I had envisioned being hugged by it and lulled to sleep. . Instead, i would sweat like crazy. Not only that, but I would sink into a hole that was hard to get out. . Technology has finally caught up with the promise of what memory foam mattresses should. . Thanks to mattress companies like leesa, i can finally have a memory foam mattress that offers support and wont make me overheat. . How good is the leesa memory foam mattress?

Read our leesa mattress review and see for yourself. Good Corporate citizens, before we get into the leesa mattress review, i would like to talk about the company. Leesa is a company that not only thinks about their bottom line, but also thinks about being a good corporate citizen. For every ten mattresses sold, one is given to a homeless shelter. That is ten percent of their sales going directly to help people in need. In addition, they have partnered with the Arbor day foundation to plant a tree for every mattress that is sold.

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My heart went out shakespeare to him and I gave him a sad smile. He returned it and held up his hand and said "Beetis-Buddies!" I high 5-ed him. His mom had tears in her eyes. Such a powerful moment. We chatted for a few minutes and found out he was. I have had a love/hate relationship with memory foam mattresses for a number of years. . you see, i really wanted to love my soft memory foam.

best soft mattress reviews

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best soft mattress reviews
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